LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – Pauline Robinson got the call a few days ago. Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective Frank Ilarraza told her investigators were on the trail of Omar Williams — the suspect wanted for murdering Robinson’s son and a woman in Lauderhill in 2004.

Ilirraza told Robinson to say some prayers. She did.

Wednesday she received another call from Ilirraza. This call told her that Williams was in custody.

Williams also had something to say to her so Robinson got on the call.

“He said he’s sorry,” Robinson told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “He’s sorry he did that.”

After 7 years of wondering, Robinson had quite a few things to say of her own.

” I said, ‘Why did you do that? Why you turn two families upside down? Why did you have to go to the gun? And he said he’s sorry. He just did it out of jealousy,” she said.

Robinson said she has many more questions about her son’s final moments.

“What did Michael say to him, what did my son say to him? Was my son begging him not do this? Not to shoot him?” she said.

Detectives say Robinson was only at Stobbs’ apartment to install a television for her. His mother said her son would anything for anyone.

“It cost him his life,” she said.

Robinson left behind a wife and two children — one of whom wasn’t even born when Robinson was gunned down.

Investigators tracked Williams down in Orlando and is being held without bond for the murders of Michael Robinson and Williams’ former girlfriend, Tanesha Stobbs.

Williams had been living on the run since the murders in October 2004. Detectives say Williams used an alias, lived in California and Texas, fathered several children to different women and even played on a soccer team in Texas.

In fact, a tip led U.S. Marshal’s to a soccer field in Texas where Williams was supposed to be playing a game a few weeks ago. However, Williams apparently became suspicious and fled to Orlando and the safe haven of a friend’s apartment.

Investigators say when Williams was arrested, he confessed to the murders and knew his life on the run would end at some point.

“He said sooner or later it was gonna catch up with him,” Ilarraza said. “He knew it.”

Williams is expected to return to Broward to face the murder charges on Sunday.

Robinson said for the past 7 years she has carried a wanted poster for Williams everywhere she went in case she spotted him.

Now she doesn’t need to anymore.

“My son gone and (Williams) is out there enjoying life,” she said. “But I’m just glad, relieved that he’s behind bars.”

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