CLEARWATER ( – A woman was hauled off to jail Friday morning after she burst out with the comment, “She killed somebody, anyway”, as she sat in a gallery for jury selection in the Casey Anthony trial. After a brief hearing, the judge convicted her of contempt of court.

Judge Belvin Perry was questioning a prospective juror when the woman burst out with her comment. She was quickly subdued by bailiffs, and the jury selection was recessed while the woman, who was not identified, faced a brief contempt hearing.

Clearly angry, Judge Perry told the woman she had endangered the selection of the potential juror, who defense attorney asked be excused for cause. Sobbing, and barely able to stand at times, the woman repeated apologized and said she had been in mental health medication since she was 14.

She told the judge she had been in court on a domestic matter, and came into the courtroom where jury selection was underway in the Casey Anthony murder trial, “because I ain’t never been here and I just wanted to see what it looked like.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” the woman sobbed. “I’m sorry. So sorry. Please don’t punish me, I’m really sorry.”

In addition to a host of prescription the woman said she was taking, she told Judge Perry she visited a methadone clinic every day. She said her sole source of income is Social Security payments for her mental illness.

Judge Perry told the woman that if she were not disabled, he would have sentenced her to 179 days in the Pinellas County Jail on the contempt charge, but he decided she would face only 2 days in custody, and after holding a hearing to qualify her for help from the Public Defender’s office, he ordered her taken from court.

The potential juror was excused.

Jury selection has concluded and opening statements will begin on Tuesday at 9 a.m. in Orlando.

Comments (13)
  1. Dave says:

    Is that Jenni Craig??

  2. Sheri Anne says:

    Get Real…This women knew exactly what she did..If she was on meds since she was 14,and she took them at 6am, she should of been calm ..Most of her tears were crocidile tears.
    Her excuses were pathtic..I mean come on she went into that courttoom becasue she wanted to see what it looked like as she never saw it before..NO..She came in to tell Casey Anthony she is a killer and she did that.

    THe only thing she was sorry for is she could not get away from the room fast enoujgh.,,
    Enjoy the 2 days in jail, you earned it..

  3. Robert McCully says:

    I have every sympathy for this poor woman and where does this idiotic Judge come from suggesting that nayone should receive 179 days in Jail for saying what she did?
    There is surely huge emotion attached to this trial from each and every decent person on this planet.

    1. Tacnacs Ilcd says:

      sympathy ??? this so called woman is a drug addict and not a mental patient with issues if this was just an outburst in a court room this woman needs to be committed for 6 months in jail and then 6 months in an institution if she has mental issues.

  4. Jennifer says:

    She was a MORON she deserved 179 days! If you can’t behave in public then don’t come out of your house.

  5. tkc says:

    probably was paid by the defense to act out and disrupt proceedings.

  6. nina says:

    She needs to be in a mental ward the way she behaved..I agree ,if she took her meds at 6.she should of been calmed or else the meds are not working!!To act the way she did ,she either is one good actress or she truely has some major inssues…

  7. nina says:

    Cirrection on spelling..issues**** ..Sorry

  8. Ashley says:

    She should have got 179 days! Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. She wasn’t sorry she just wanted everybody to feel sorry for her those excuses were all dumb! I agree ignorant people shouldn’t leave the house if you don’t know how to act!!!!

  9. KED says:

    Anyone that disrupts the trial, including jurors, should be put in jail for the duration of the trial plus 30 days. It is probably the only way to get a respectful trial for all parties. If not, we will see a lot more unnecessary drama as this case plays out.

  10. R. Hy says:

    LOL, she justs wants a little attention. Chanel 4 thought this was big enough news to post it:)

  11. jenni says:

    I said she was placed there by someone on HLN. Then when she went outside they were no where to be found. (Later a potential juror said ‘someone in black.. the detective’ told them something.) Anyways if she was not PLANTED there, she is such a loser and that’s what she gets.

    Karma was swift. I do not sympathize with Casey Anthony but she hasn’t even had a trial yet, so the woman was out of line. She had her meds that morning and she had priors when HLN did the update. She looks like one of those losers who bark at people online and make offensive comments hiding behind the computer screen. Well looks like she got caught. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!

    I think it’s worth mentioning how Casey is facing the death penalty and she’s calm but this woman was facing 2 days and she was crying–bawling because she couldn’t keep her fat mouth shut. What a moron.

  12. Jenni says:

    BTW I am not a Casey Anthony supporter, but I do believe she deserves a fair trial and that woman was trying to sabotage that. Her excuses were lame. Sounded like she was saying ‘im a handicap, pity me!’ Maybe 179 was a bit much, but she should have gotten more than 2 days for her shenanigans!! People like her make me puke.

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