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MIAMI ( – As drivers across South Florida and the nation continue trying to pinch every penny possible to buy their next tank of gas; Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is renewing a push for E-85 gas.

Wasserman-Schultz was in South Florida Friday touting the cheaper gas both in grade and in price. She was specifically highlighting U-Gas, which has stations across the area that sell E-85 at prices of 25 cents per gallon less than regular unleaded.

“This gas station is one of 23 in South Florida owned by Urbieatoil that sells E85,” Wasserman-Schultz said about a station in Southwest Ranches, “a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline that can be used in eight and a half million cars and trucks already on the road today in the U.S.”

Ethanol is a blend of grain alcohol and gasoline and at a quarter a gallon cheaper, it could be the thing that many drivers need. But it’s still a hassle to find E-85, even for drivers who can use it.

“It’s very difficult,” said driver Tony Soto. “I have an app that tries to locate the E-85 gas stations because they are few and far between.”

That’s where researchers in South Florida are trying to help by making ethanol production even more economical.

“We are looking at ways of reducing the cost with biomass, anything green,” said XXXX. “This is seaweed, it grows in the water here. We can extract ethanol. This is the future we can bring to the plate.”

Still, even with ethanol being touted, most cars can’t use the fuel and that means more pain at the pump for the majority of drivers.

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  1. Mike Hunts says:


    E85 gasoline is about 10% cheaper at the pump….. but only a fool would purchase it more than once.

    If your car gets 21MPG on Gasoline at 3.90/gallon…. do you really think it is cheaper to get 15MPG at 3.60/gallon?

    E85 burns faster and is less fuel efficient than gasoline. Same vehicle as above… 300 miles will cost you $72 w/E85…. with Gasoline… 300 miles costs $55.

    1. STEVE says:


  2. Tim3500 says:

    What a joke! We the american people subsidize the ethhanol producers 78 cents for every gallon they produce,and are food prices are suffering from the ethanol also. Your tax money at work folks. Mrs. Wasserman is probably siding with Obama about the Israel situation also. The jewish folks in her district need to give her a call

  3. WSknowsNothing says:

    Wasserman-Shultz does not know what she’s talking about:

    1. Mike Hunt is 100% correct in his comments above.

    2. Boat cannot run on E85.

    3. Some small gas powered tools cannot run on E85: I just bought a brand new gas powered pressure cleaner, and it states that it cannot run on E85.

    4. E85 comes from corn, which is diverted from the food supply, which contributes to food inflation.

    A politician trying to be an Engineer and an Economist, amazingly ridiculous. Next, she’ll claim she can walk on water and create nuclear fusion in her toilet bowl.

  4. CRX-HFdriver says:

    I drive a Honda CRX-HF which on 10% ethanol has reduced my mpg by 10% compared to real gas. 85% should reduce it by ~25%.

    In town my car gets ~47 mpg on pure gas, ~43 mpg on 10% and calculations show it would get ~35 mph on 85% ethanol.

    10% ethanol+gas is(was?) $3.90 right now, if 85% is $3.60 it would cost me $8.13 to drive 100 miles on 10% and $10 to drive 100 miles on 85%. That is NOT a good deal for the consumer. I’d rather EAT the corn than drive on it.

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