HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) – The Hollywood Police Department is searching for the person responsible for a deadly hit and run accident and they want the public’s help.

The accident took place on Friday, May 13th at 9:18 p.m. on the Sheridan Street draw bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway, just west of A1A in Hollywood.

A bicyclist, identified as Willmar Galeano, of Pembroke Pines, was riding his bike over the bridge when a white van hit him from behind. Cameras mounted on the bridge captured the impact and the van driving away.

“The guy struck this person that was riding the bicycle,” Hollywood Police Department. Lt. Norris Redding said “He went some three feet in the air over a railing and landed on the other side of the bridge. Another two feet, he would have been over the bridge and into the water.”

Galeano was seriously hurt and taken to Memorial Regional Hospital where he died of his injuries two days later.

Police have now released the surveillance video and 911 calls hoping someone will recognize the van and lead to the driver’s arrest. The calls revealed the chilling last moments for Galeano.

“Oh my God, he had one breath and now he’s nothing,” said the 911 caller. “He’s not breathing, no.”

If you take a close look at the video on the top right, you can see there was a man fishing. Police are seeing if he can give them any clues into who may be have been behind the wheel of that van, which now likely has damage to the right side.

“I been watching that video all day today and it’s really disgusting how he did it,” said Will Galeano’s brother Carlos. “This is a person, this is a human that they killed, they didn’t kill an animal, they killed a human.”

“At this point we don’t know if it was a female or male,” Redding said. “We don’t know their race, or ethnicity. We have no information on the driver of that vehicle. “

Bike riders in the area told CBS4’s Ted Scouten that even though cars and bikes are supposed to share the road, many choose to stay on the sidewalk.

“I can’t count them (close calls),” said cyclist Deborah Sharp. “I’ve been riding a long time around here and I can’t count how many close calls.”

The van is described as a newer model, white or light colored, Chevy passenger van (possibly the Express model) with high-mounted rear taillights. The van may have damage to the front right bumper, grill and headlight area.

Carlos is hoping that by now, the person in the tape will realize what they did and do the right thing.

“His conscience have to be killing him right now,” Carlos said. “I’m sure in the last couple days, he probably got no sleep and I hope it stays like that until you turn yourself in.”

If you recognize the van or have any information about the accident, please call the Hollywood Police Department at (954) 967-HELP, the Traffic Homicide Unit at (954) 967-4570, or Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.

Comments (34)
  1. TheTibetanMonkey says:

    Another hit and run? A cyclist this time? I guess we got more predators than prey in this town. We need to organize a safari and go hunting…

    Remember though many cyclists are out there are going without lights. We just got home late last night, wearing helmets and lights. I saw a cyclist without lights and wearing black! Don’t be camouflaged. Stupidity is not rewarded in the jungle.

  2. Dave says:

    Give him the death penalty. Drivers here are the worst; basically because they can’t speak ENGLISH!!!!

    1. Sheri says:

      What does speaking English have to do with poor driving skills and leaving the scene of an accident?

      1. Shlomo says:

        You must be one of the immigrants

  3. wisetibetan says:

    Hey, neither do cyclists!

    Jesus is riding a bike to get to work. He’s from Mexico, you know.

    1. Melanie Buchanan- Reid says:

      I agree with you to an extent. I don’t necessarily think that their lack of english has anything to do with their non ability to drive but I do believe that a lot of people are allowed to enter this country ILLEGALLY, get posession of a driver’s license ILLEGALLY and begin driving on our roads without really understanding our driving laws. I think WE ourselves are to blame for it. Our driving license bureau hires people who will take cash payoffs from someone who arrived in this country on yesterday and walk out of the department of motor vehicles with a brand new drivers license today. It is unknown whether this person was asleep behind the wheel, drunk, or hit this person intentionally. I do not want to make racial slurs towards others because they hurt no matter who they are directed to.

      1. Jane Doe says:

        Many illegals drive without a driver’s licesne as well. I was almost hit head on by a woman on Park Rd. She was driving a minivan and had kids in it and I actually drove on the grass to avoid being hit. She turned around and drove off.

      2. Carrie says:

        No insurance, no license. That’s probably what Dave meant. There is so much riff raff in Miami that we really don’t know who is legal and properly driving. He knew he hit him; how could you not hear and feel a thump (sorry for the detail). This driver should be found and brought to justice.

  4. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

    Well, this state is good to live because of the weather, but you can’t go out because of the drivers. In other words, people live in the cage and drive a cage.

  5. Melanie Buchanan- Reid says:


  6. Phil Landers says:

    It may have been a hit and run but Mr. Galeano was weaving out into the road a bit. IMO he shoulda been up on the sidewalk. That make 2 hit and runs in Broward in the past 2 weeks.

    1. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

      The theory –almost ignored– goes that bikes are vehicles. Some cyclists actually propose that you do this weaving to signal you need more *space* but he sure was going straight when he was hit.

      Other dangers lurk on sidewalks, not least the dangers *the cyclist* himself poses for pedestrians. But everything is upside down in a Banana Republic.

  7. maggie says:

    Bicycles and cars do not belong together on the roads…. common sense people

    1. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

      And bikes and pedestrians don’t belong together on sidewalks. What a dilemma!

  8. martinho d'sa says:

    @maggie, i agree with wise tibetan that no way should u have bikes on sidewalks. i have seen bikes hit people on sidewalks. Bikes are classified as vehicles, and whilebucicylists should have lights and reflective clothing at night, i have been almost hit several times as a cyclist in the daytime./ Many drivers are callous or do not pay any attention.

    1. Phil Landers says:

      I have traversed that stretch of road many times at night by bicycle (on the sidewalk) and I’m still here to tell the tale. You are not allowed to stop on a bridge in a car because you cannot see over the rise. That is also why there are double yellow lines so that you cannot pass on a 2 lane bridge. If he were on the sidewalk in this situation we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If a pedestrian got hit by the cycle they would live. If a bicycle gets hit by a van, not so much. Your logic is flawed (those who do not agree with me) and it shall be your undoing if you continue to follow it.

      1. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

        The chances of getting hurt are actually GREATER on the sidewalk, if only not fatally. But good luck explaining that to pedestrians who are themselves victims of cars.

      2. Phil Landers says:

        In 45 years of living and 40 years of cycling I have NEVER had a collision with a pedestrian, vehicle or otherwise. You are like one of those politicians that thinks they can regulate stupidity. There is a time, place and situation for everything and that situation in the video called for being on the sidewalk. Whether riding or walking the bike over that bridge. There is a difference between riding a bicycle on a crowded sidewalk and the one pictured above for there is no one other than the guy fishing. You (WTM, and I’m severely questioning if you have any wisdom) are trying to quantify a mute position to make yourself feel better. Feel free to distribute your “wisdom” to anybody else but me because I want to live ;-/

  9. fabian galeano says:

    He was my brother i hope people have sympathy and not leave stupid comments,it doesn’t matter if he was an american citizen or from Lithuania he was a human being the least the driver should have done was stopped and checked he will get what he deserves,my brother had lights on the front and back of the bike.

    1. Lou says:

      Hope they find the SOB guys.

    2. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

      I have made that point. To many drivers we are cyclists, not human beings. We are harassed or openly attacked.

      Actually many people react with greater horror when an animal is killed. Their usual reaction is, “The cyclist shouldn’t have been there.”

      To be honest, I’m riding a lot of sidewalk at the moment in order to survive and not be attacked. Blasting the horn is extreme harassment, and I just go into endless international debates about TAMING TRAFFIC.

      1. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

        “Wisdom” is what is appropriate to do in every situation. Again, he probably trusted the law and drivers and that was his mistake. He was at the right place if only he ignored this is a jungle ruled by the law of the jungle, and you want as much distance as possible between you and the predator. Sometimes they just don’t care, or are distracted “on the phone.” Questioning the latter while driving is the first step in the right direction.

  10. Alex Galeano says:

    hello my name is alex galeano and that was my uncle that got hit by the car and he was a good man he was coming back from the store to his house if anybody has any info on this hit and run please contact the the police in hollywood flordia

    1. irish kevin says:

      Alex, did he have lights on the bicycle?

      1. rosa says:

        yes he have lights in the front and in the bach. You can see in the video

  11. tincup says:

    That van looks like one of those multi-passegers that ferry people to the ports. Police should start looking there.

    1. Jane Doe says:

      Good point. They also use them to drive kids to school and put magnet signs on the vehicles or drive illegal immigrants to some jobs. I will check out the ones in my condo complex for damage or ones that are missing.

  12. rosa says:

    Fabian & Alex I’m sorry that you read some inappropiate coments

  13. TheTibetanMonkey says:

    “The Wisdom of Riding Sidewalks” (SURVIVOR’S WISDOM) must be questioned, notwithstanding the veteran survivors. Every DRIVEWAY and every INTERSECTION is a conflict area. It is at intersections that cars either don’t see you or pretend not to see you. Then your trip becomes so WINDING & GRINDING that eventually you give up and buy some jalopy, thus becoming part of the problem not the solution.

  14. Carlos A. Galeano says:

    Carlos A Galeano
    I do believe in justice and the person that killed my cousin will be brought to JUSTICE just like any one. That is nothing but a simple MURDER.
    You can see very clearly the bike has lights on back and front of it, ” NO EXCUSES”.

  15. maggie says:

    O h and a pedaling bike can no way be compared to a vehicle. Not in weight or speed.. It is like riding a trike on a nascar track. Common sense!!!

    1. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

      “Common sense” is to TAME TRAFFIC and make the drivers responsible for hitting cyclists like in Holland –unless it’s proven the cyclist was at fault, of course.

      Let cyclists TAKE THE LANE (the whole lane) and let drivers safely pass on other lanes.

  16. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

    We should have LIVE CAMERAS everywhere as proven by this accident. Without this shot it would be even more painful not to know. The plates should have been recorded by the camera.

    We can have a combo red light camera/speed camera/live camera at different places.

  17. WiseTibetanMonkey says:

    I want to add something else to the cameras idea. Imagine we had his license plate. We wouldn’t be fussing about ever catching the guy.

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