MIAMI BEACH – (CBS4) – A 15-year-old girl who accepted a 34-year-old man’s invitation to his Miami Beach apartment told police he gave her three bottles of beer, vodka, cocaine, marijuana and four pills.

It turned out to be a dangerous combination.

Police said Felix Perez drugged the girl and then raped her. According to the police report, the incident occurred at his apartment on the 400 block of 78th Street.

Police say that on April 26th at about 1 a.m., Perez forced himself on the girl and allegedly told her, “I gave you something and now you have to give me something back,” the report states.

The girl told police that even though she was intoxicated, she knew what was going on. The girl said she lost consciousness after the alleged rape.

Perez allegedly told the girl that if she told anyone what happened he would “kill her and harm her little sister.”

The girl’s mother found her at his home. Police later arrested him. On Friday, Perez appeared before a bond court judge who ordered him held on a $25,000 bond.

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  1. m says:

    Why would a 15 year old accept ANYTHING from ANYBODY?

    1. maite says:

      i know my daughter wouldn’t.

      1. carol says:

        kids trust too easily…and they believe nothing will happen to them.

    2. Annabella Conrad says:

      BECAUSE SHES 15!!! SHE dosnt know any better!! the question is really y was her mom letting her go there! mom must of know cuz she “found” her there

      1. Love says:

        When I was 15 I I didnt go to any strange cars or strangers homes. She shouldve never went to a strangers place alone. Its not her fault she was raped but she couldve prevented it by never taking up the offer to this guys place.

      2. Phoenix Bird says:


  2. zeek says:

    teenage girls are naturally stupid

    1. carol says:

      teenaged boys arent exactly “brilliant” either

  3. Ms Grant says:

    So now we are blaming the victim? No one sees a problem with a 34 year old man raping a 15 year old girl? What if it were your daughter, sister, cousin or friend? A little compassion will go a long way!

    1. Tacnacs Ilcd says:

      if this where my daughter she would be in more trouble then the alleged criminal. compassion for what this girls parents are to blame for not bringing up this girl the correct way, to actually know what was happening and not stop it from the biginning tell you what… the girld is stupid and ignorant and the parents even more stupid and ignorant which by the way should be jailed of this child taken away from them.

      1. Ms Grant says:

        I agree the parents need to be held accountable for their 15 year old daughter being allowed in the company of a 34 year old man. But she was raped, why are people blaming her?? He gave her three bottles of beer, vodka, cocaine, marijuana and four pills. How could she possibly fight him off? Does he have any responsibilty in this or is he just doing what men do? HE WAS 34 YEARS OLD AND RAPED A 15 YEAR OLD CHILD! Why should she be punished? The article states that her mom picked her up from his apartment so they obviously know him. This is why rape victims remain silent. This poor girl is being raped all over agin in this blog!! So sad…..

    2. PhoneBill says:

      I think it goes without saying that the 34 year old man should be hung up by his…… you get the point.

    3. Jane Doe says:

      This is not a case where a woman was grabbed on the street and raped in a dark alley or car, or where a rapist broke into the home. Victims in those scenarios do nothing to put themselves in harms way. This one not only went to his place but drank alcohol as well which put her in an even worse situation by making it easier for the man to rape her. If she would have not went to his apartment or did not accept alcohol from him and left she would not have been raped. In this day and age teens are more educated about those things than we were when we were that age. I do not not blame the victim for being raped but am saying that she put herself in a bad situation.

    4. Tory says:

      No not blaming the victim, but you can’t expect evil in the world to be right. So in order mitigate that, our 15 year olds have to know not to accept an invitation to the home of a 34 yr old or drugs or alcohol either.

    5. Matt says:

      she also apparantly willingly accepted or , wait, dare i say it….may have even ASKED for the vodka cocaine weed and pills? given, a 34 year old even looking at a 15 year old like this is disgusting and a crime…but you cant honestly say she shouldnt be held somewhat accountable as well. i mean jesus christ, our country has completely lost sense of personal responsibility. and a 15 year old is WAY different than a 5 year old or something…she knew exactly what she was taking and probably knew his motives….shes not stupid. but nevertheless, this guy should be put away for a long time so he cant drug up any other dumb girls with no parental guidance in their lives.

    6. yokolee says:

      Ir they were no drugs involved and the sex act was willingly
      hE’S 34 sHE’S 15

    7. SoBe_Guy says:

      No one blamed the victim, but saying that little kids are dumb and do stupid things. Its the truth of the world we live in.

  4. phill davis says:

    cuban on cuban !

    1. jta says:

      give me a break you racist

    2. joe says:

      At least they weren’t cousins!

  5. Averial Criswell says:

    Can anyone tell me how this wasn’t a classic case of predatory rape? He appealed to the part in EVERY teenage girl; the need to feel “grown uo” and accepted. Teenagers have never been known for their intelligent decisions. After all, that part of the brain is still under developed. For ANY of you to shift the blame on to the parents (or worse yet, the victim) is HEARTLESS. Once upon a time, it was only candy that a predator needed. Today, the influences of say- Amy Winehouse or any other said drunken/drugged celeb- have made candy obsolete. He KNEW he was going to rape her, as per his statement of “giving something in return”. It is absolutely classic predatory rape!

    1. AndrewJ526 says:

      “He appealed to the part in EVERY teenage girl; the need to feel “grown uo” and accepted.”

      Is that so?
      So EVERY ‘old man’ can influence “EVERY” 15 year old girl to drink alchohol, take drugs, etc.?

      Sorry Averial, but you are clueless … are you a 15 year old girl too? 😉

  6. Alissa Jones says:

    So since my brother molested, and because I lived in the same house as when I was teenager does that make me stupid and make it my fault?????????

    1. Pepa says:

      You are still stupid, that’s for sure…

  7. observerfromupnorth says:

    The perp and the parent both need charges against them, parents for neglect and contributing to the delinquency or a minor. The perp needs chemically castrated as he knew what he was doing and with whom.

  8. mimi says:

    i agree with Janedoe hey listern at 15 they know what they are doing and most likely she wasnt a virgin already thats why she went on her own to this mans apt please people c’mon she wanted to get high and she knew better i dont blame the man at all they were both getting high thats what happens when a female a and male get high together oh please im so tired of men always getting the blame for these little whor$s and the Mothe please its obvious she knew where hewr daughter was listen there are many Mothers now a days that pimp their daughters out for money and crack everybody is at fault

    1. JAMES says:


      1. AndrewJ526 says:

        I know for a FACT that this would NEVER happen to my daughter, because:
        1) She will NEVER willingly go into some older stranger’s apartment.
        2) She has NEVER been interested in drugs.
        3) Her personality REFLECTS the teachings of her parents, as she is very RESPONSIBLE.

        The girl engaged in criminal behavior.
        Every 15 year old KNOWS drinking alcohol and doing drugs is ILLEGAL!
        Anyone who believes no fault lies with her, needs to be neutered themselves, so fewer idiots can be bred.

      2. joe says:

        Andrew….sure you know everything your daughter has done and will do! You sound like that Texas’ judge!

      3. AndrewJ526 says:

        Where in my post did I state I know everything my daughter has done and will do?
        And that is what your reply was all about … mocking some statement that doesn’t even exist in my post.
        And it took you 3 months to come up with it!
        At least you clueless, mindless, self-centered morons are good for something – a good laugh!

  9. james says:

    It is amazing how many idiots are in this world. The number of responses blaming the girl is ridiculous. Yes she had no business there but the guy planned to rape her and only got a $25,000.00 bond!!! He should have no bond and be locked up for the next 30 years!!!
    Why are people in south Florida so stupid?

  10. rpeti says:

    I am sorry but her parents should be held accountable too, she willingly went to his apartment and drank, smoked and snorted cocaine. what did she think was going to happen? 15 yr olds nowadays are NOT that naive. I am in NO way blaming her and I think he should be castrated, but I agree with the person who said that this is NOT the same as someone breaking into your house or forcing you into a car and raping you.

    1. yokolee says:

      No room for perverts in our society, no excuses

  11. pk says:

    so shes ‘hanging around’ this guys place acting like the ‘coolest babe’ on the planet, totally in control of herself (LOL) nipping on beer, tokes of weed, sniffs of coke, shots of 190 proof alcohol/likker. you know just getting acclimated to the life of an adult (who she thinks shes all grown up?), and all this at 1AM at night? yes, shes partly responsible, shes not innocent by ‘virtue of her age’ and yes, her parents are jerks or complicit in this in some way. did they know this guy or what? too many teens are quite naive to reality and have no clue to the responsibilities of bearing children (being one yet themselves!).

  12. Richard says:

    If he’s found guilty in a court of law, if the evidence of guilt is incontrovertible, the only just punishment is LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Not 15 years followed by probation, not house arrest with sex offender therapy. For a brutal, premeditated, drug-induced rape of a child under 16, he deserves to spend the rest of his life in maximum security prison with absolutely no chance of ever being released.

  13. Mellisa says:

    Omg I cant believe what im reading here. I am sure you all could care less about anybody else or what we have to say but for normal people, this 34yr old man shouldnt be handing out drugs. Regardless of anything. Also, keeping the company of a 15yr old. The age of consent is still 16 to 18 for a reason. Drugs are illegal for a reason also. I want her to know it isnt her fault. It take a lot of strength to tell your parents. There may be a few jerks on here but I believe your a hero. I wasnt able to prosocute at 13 because I was scared. You have amazing strength and Im sure this might help others know it is illegal and not their faults. It doesnt matter if you have had sex with the whole miami, she asnt at the age of consent nor was she in the mind state to consent. You know, I really hope it never is your daughter, but from my experience in school, you should talk to your kids. As for her parent, it doesnt explain detail so dont just assume. Maybe she called her mom. Kids rebel. Mothers cant lock their children in a room. Sorry.

    1. AndrewJ526 says:

      “Drugs are illegal for a reason”

      SHE CHOSE to take the drugs.
      Yes, drugs are illegal for a reason, and EVERY 15 year old KNOWS this!
      EVERY 15 year old also KNOWS that the LEGAL age for drinking alcohol is 21!

      And yet, you “want her to know it isnt her fault”

      So at what age do you believe a person who has the ability to obtain a permit to drive a car, a car being one of the deadliest ‘weapons’ on this planet when operated carelessly … at what age is a person held liable for BREAKING THE LAW???
      Maybe she drank some booze, took some drugs, drove home and ran over and killed a few people in the process, telling her mother what she had done … YOUR argument would be, no fault should be found with her, “it isnt her fault. It take a lot of strength to tell your parents.”
      I pray to GOD you belong to a very small set of people that think alike, or this country will become a third-world nation in 50 years, if it still exists even!

  14. thoughtfulguy says:

    A 15 year old girl is smart enough to know whats going to happen, first of all you go to a complete strangers house, and swallow the pills and alcohol and cocaine and everything else, that was offered. she knew what she was getting herself into. that girl has major issues and needs to go to a mental institution. like seriously.

  15. blah says:

    What kind of a mother do not teach a 15 year old to stay away from older men? Cocaine? those are not hardcore drugs a 15 year old kid start doing. Another scenario could be this girl was a rebel with a drug problem and perhaps thought she could take advantage of the old man. He ended up taking advantage of her. HOw you like that one. Nobody knows what’s inside the pot but the spoon that stirs inside….

  16. JOURNALIST says:

    ” The last house on the left” (Movie) should be shown to every girl at the age of twelve or maybe younger. It certainly would decline the number of incidents such as this. If you’ve seen it I’m sure you would agree. It was shown recently on a local TV station. Google it.

  17. Howard Camner says:

    $25,000 bond for a rapist of a minor? I find that interesting Judge.

  18. jta says:

    this day and age… the kid should have known she was putting herself in danger in even going to his house. definitely should have known better than to do drugs and alcohol. pervert should be put in jail for ever in general population so the boys could have their way with him without the benefit of drugs and alcohol to ease the pain he will experience. Then have it start all over again.. day after day. Just sayin.

  19. ftd says:

    Very similar to the Roman Polanski case. I’m sure Hollywood will rush to this perps defense. If only he could escape to France he would be home free.

  20. Calvin Hobbes says:

    $25,000? These judges are clueless.

  21. joe says:

    Now he’s gonna get raped…and without drugs!!!

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