FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – The crew of Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas picked up some unexpected passengers on Saturday as it made its way back to home port.

Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said as the ship was sailing back to Ft. Lauderdale, around 2 p.m. the crew spotted a makeshift boat with a yellow tarp; onboard were nine Cubans’ – eight men and one woman.

The Hinch family said they were hoping to see the sights when they booked the seven night cruise but they hadn’t expected that the rescue of Cuban migrants from the middle of the ocean would be part of the itinerary.

“I was actually really exciting while it was all happening,” said Colleen Hinch. “The captain made an announcement so everyone went over to the side to see what was happening. We turned around and there was a little tiny boat that didn’t look very sea-worthy.”

cubans rescued Allure Of The Seas Rescues Cuban Migrants

Five Cuban migrants wait their turn for rescue. (Source: Savannah Hinch)

Hinch said she thinks the ship’s crew got to the just in time.

“They had like broomsticks for paddles is what it looked like,” said Hinch. “So really rickety and not very safe looking; very, very small.”

“I think it would be very scary to be on that boat cause its very small,” said Hinch’s daughter Savannah.

Cruise ship crew members in a launch rescued the migrants and brought them back to the ship where they were given food, water and medical attention.

Hinch said the passengers were told the migrants have been at sea for eight days and were anxious for food and water.

“It was great that they were rescued and everyone cheered when they were rescued and they were waving at us,” said Hinch. “You know it was really good.”

The Coast Guard was notified and the migrants were turned over to them around 4 p.m.

Sunday morning the Allure of the Seas arrived back in Port Everglades.

The Coast Guard did not say where the migrants were on Sunday, but odds are they would be repatriated after being interviewed.

Comments (24)
  1. Sherry says:

    Just what is needed, 8 more mouths to feed.

    1. NJ AirForce Wife says:

      Sherry, perhaps you should pick up a dictionary. Do you know what repatriated means? It means to return a person back to their country of origin. There are 8 mouths to feed over the course of like 3 days. One (maybe more) of those meals courtesy of a cruise ship which you were not on, so nothing came out of your pocket. So, exactly what are you complaining about?

      1. retphxfire says:

        Thank, AirForceWife, both for your family’s service and your response to sad sherry. Always Bue Skies for your husband!!!

      2. V Johnson says:

        Can I get an AMEN !!! = )

    2. NoRa says:

      Like we cannot afford to feed a few more people with all we waste, and perhpas decreasing our own waist size might be useful! People like you, you nkow teh unthinking kind, make me wish we could trade for a few caring eager to work migrants!

  2. George Stewart says:

    Kudos to the crew of the Allure, I was on that sailing and when the captain announced that they had been rescued I was in a conference room and we all applauded. Being a Canadian, we only hear of the desperation of some people to reach US soil but to witness it first hand is heartbreaking. There, but for the grace of God, go all of us.

    1. Nora says:

      Thank you George! Well said!

  3. Faye Andrew says:

    Making the news

    1. Susy says:

      Madeline Gutierrez,

      For your information, my family knows of and agree with my opinion because we have had to deal with these selfish individuals first hand. They are mostly scammers, greedy and envious people. I can say what I want and believe in what I want because I have first hand experience from both sides of the fence. I was born in that country and came over here over 39 years ago and we came the legal way. I stand by what I say about most of them coming over here for financial reasons. If you are so adamant about your stand on the issue, I volunteer you to take in the next batch personally and leave my tax dollars alone. While my family busted their rump working for what we have, they are given money for things you wouldn’t even believe! So don’t you try to “shame” me for my opinion. I’m a little too old to be bullied or talked down to. I suggest you go stand by the shore line and go grab the next raft full and bring them home.

  4. Jose oconor says:

    Send them all back, they are economic refugees not politically, applied to them the arizona law champion by the republicans, in Miami they all vote republican anyways, so wet or dry you going back!!!

    1. Susy says:

      I agree with you and I am Cuban. I came to this country in 72′ and not for economic reasons like most do today. Back then, we had to apply to come to this country unlike those of today that sneak in. They are a financial burden if anything. And as far as that ‘wet foot/dry foot” law, that is nothing short of a joke!

      1. Madeline Gutierrez says:

        I wonder if your family knows you’re making this kind of comments. Shame on you!

      2. retphxfire says:

        Susy, things haven’t improved since ’72, in fact they are worse. Lucky for you and your family, too bad you only listened to the narrow-minded and selfish souls after you arrived. Why is it that some immigrants become even more selfish and clueless after they arrive then the home-grown xenophobes. Everyone here is either a recent immigrant or descended from immigrants. I wonder how many could defend their history? As for financial burden, did YOUR family bring money, etc. when they arrived?

      3. IRB says:

        I am Cuban too and came here when I was just a year an a half old. My family came here and never got any public assistance. Do you know why? Because they were proud people and saw that as handouts. It seems like all these new Cuban arrivals take a Public Assistance 101 course in Cuba on how to scam this government. Although people in Cuba are deprived of many of our luxuries, many come here and expect to have all these same things with little effort. The “wet foor/dry foot” is a joke. People from Haiti have it much worse then Cubans and they are all deported whether “wet foor/dry foot” or not!

    2. retphxfire says:

      Look up repatriated, educate yourself in other ways, also. Its ‘anyway’ not anyways. You should have paid attention in school. How sad that you don’t understand the situation in Cuba.

      1. Susy says:

        For your information I am very well aware of the current situation. Given the fact that I have a lot of family still on the island. You are wrong on two key points. One, I have not listened to anyone else’s rants or opinions. I’m a grown woman who is more than capable of making her own. Secondly, my family did not bring over any money at all but guess what? We were not given a single dollar! My dad found a job the first day here and we lived in a studio apartment (3 people mind you) for seven years! Any other questions? Bring them on, I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you. I have no issues with immigrants, only those that come for financial reasons.

    3. Miguel Gomez says:

      Leanrn to write and type

  5. walk like an egyptian says:

    I agree Susy; you can tell the difference in attitude by when they arrived. I have many close Cuban friends that have been here since the sixties. These people are just opportunists. The get free health care, yeah rationed food, free education.. wah wah wah..I am 4th generation American and tax payer and I cant get health care or food assistance from “MY” country, but they are handed everything and are cocky about it. I have heard stories about them bragging to fellow Americans on how Ill just go get more foods stamps for free, while we struggle in this ecomomy with peanut butter sandwiches for lunch…

  6. Yendry Toboso says:

    i think they shouldn’t be sent back first, because they risked their lives for hope of a better life, second they were rescued by the us cruise ship which belongs here and last but not least the coast guard knows perfectly that if they didn’t catch them on the water they cant send them back because they don’t have any proof, they didn’t see them, they were aboard already when they got there….please people all of you who came there and saw this, help them they need help 2, they are humans, and always remember we didn’t come here to the world for no reason, we were sent by someone and that its god don’t judge them whether they are Cubans or not they shall stay

    1. enufisenuf says:

      Yendry Toboso,
      So we can send them all to your house to live with you and let you be financially responsible for feeding them, clothing them and providing for their everyday needs and not US taxpayers.

  7. ftmyers says:

    I happened to be on the ship, the Royal Caribbean, Navigator of the Seas on May 1st which picked up 8 men and 1 woman under the same circumstances.(maybe this is one in the same incident). The Coast Guard asked the ship to pick up the refugees, because they were not in the area. I was told they were dropped off at Key West, where the Coast Guard would transport them back to Cuba. I was also told that it is common place for cruise lines to rescue these folks. Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.

  8. Migel says:

    Florida is already overrun with illegals from Cuba. It is just a matter of time before Cuba becomes the number one tourist destination for Americans,while Florida slips into the abyss of over-taxation, crime and bankruptcy. Thus becoming the next Mexifornia!

  9. Sav rules says:

    Hey they had broomsticks

  10. Yendry Toboso says:

    you really don’t know whats going through the ocean in a shaft made of wood, you think they do it because they like it, no. they want to have a better life and escape from the country to help their families. The bible says we are all the same, doesn’t matter where your born or race color nothing, we are all the same we should help this people because their doing it for the own good, they have no future in Cuba

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