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When your child turns 2, all of a sudden you look at your house with a new set of eyes.  Instead of a kitchen cabinet you see a hard, sharp corner.  Instead of a step-up from one room to another, you see a place where your child can fall and hit their head.  Instead of a pantry door, you see a way for your child to get their fingers stuck.  Everything in your entire house should just be labelled “DANGER” in red, flashing, bright lights. 

So instead of doing that, I called in the expert.  Patti Laird, the founder of Safer Kids and Homes, came over and in ten minutes had determined how she would toddler-proof our entire home.  Patti’s a former school teacher, so she knows very well the various situations kids can get into.  On those dangerous pantry doors she put these sliding things so the boys can no longer open them (also helps to stop them from eating those cookies they know are in there, wish that worked for me.)  She also fitted our cabinets with better child safety devices since the ones we had installed were not doing the trick.  And she put these sliding locks at the top of some doors so we know the kids can’t open them.  It’s amazing that there are so many devices for so many things – now we really don’t have to worry.   And they come and do it for you …because we all know that if I just picked up the items to do it myself I’d still be looking for that one hour to take care of it.

Patti is also the one we can thank for teaching my husband how to install car seats correctly.  NASA should hire her to install the seats for their astronauts and they’d probably be more protected.  She’s so careful at determining where everything should go.

So …before you pad every hard corner in your entire home, or put a siren on every dangerous door, give Patti a call (or head to their cute store.)  Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better.  And the cost isn’t as bad as you might think.

  1. Sakshi says:

    Can I ask why CL is the csontant person who gets abused here at LP?It only looks like abuse because he’s unable to hold up his comments to scrutiny and so he acts out when people challenge them.

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