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MIAMI (CBS4) – School bullies have gone from making threats on campus to threatening our children’s lives.

A recently released study showed kids who are bullied or who are bullies themselves are more likely to be at risk of having poor grades or using drugs or alcohol.

A group of South Florida women are doing what they can to send the right messages to today’s children by using a new product called Cloud 9 World, which showcases cartoon animals with matching virtues printed on them.

“We thought that through animals, we can really make them understand the virtue they represent,” said Maria Candelaria Smith.

Each animal represents a virtue. A group of ants shows the virtue of cooperation. Love is depicted by bears hugging. Individuality is represented by the zebra

“The values are what make people good human beings. I believe that is lacking,” said Smith.

The idea behind Cloud 9 World came from three South Florida mothers who bounced ideas off of each other while spending the day outdoors.

“Once you are a mom, every child is your child,” said Smith.

The South Florida based company sells hats, journals, and t-shirts each with an animal and virtue. There are 24 in all, like a place mat which shows a horse with the message of confidence.

Giving is also a virtue shared with the founders of Cloud 9 World.

The non-profit “Shake A Leg” and 3 other charities will receive 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the products.

They unveiled the 25th virtue with CBS4 news which was “generosity” represented by a cow.

“We receive so much from cows constantly. We take so much from them,” said Smith, describing the meaning of the latest addition.

With all these products, moms hope to make kids better adults.

“To reach teenage life already completely aware and living those virtues within them,” said Smith.

Cloud 9 World plans to expand by releasing a series of books in June.


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