Tri The Miracle Cat!

You know I love my animal stories!  Today I met Tri the Miracle Cat.  He got his name Tri, because he only has three legs.  He was dropped off at Palm Beach Animal Care and Control with a note saying the owners could no longer take care of him.  Not only was he missing a leg, but nearly all of his major organs (stomach, intestines, kidney, etc) were outside of his body cavity in what looked like a sack made of skin.  You could also see his heart beating just under his skin.

Tri was lucky he was dropped off where he was.  The head of animal control saw something in Tri that made her decide he was a cat worth saving.  That’s when The Coral Springs Animal Hospital jumped in and helped.  They did reconstructive surgery FREE!!! According to them, this type of surgery has never been done before, at least not to this extent, that they could find.

The cat is now happy, healthy and frisky and looking for a home.  Any takers?

Check out the story:     (copy and paste — sorry — I’m kind of low tech tonight!)

img 33701 Tri The Miracle Cat!

Tri's organs before surgeryTri before surgery

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