MIAMI (CBS4) – The U.S. Coast Guard has noted an increase in the last couple of months in the number of Cuban migrants intercepted at sea as they made their way to the U.S.

The U.S. Coast Guard said on Wednesday that in the last two weeks they picked up a total of 59 Cuban migrants. Forty eight have since be repatriated, another nine were taken to the Guantanamo naval base because they may quality to resettle in another country. Two were brought to Miami because they were legal residents of the U.S.

“There have been far too many cases where people have died while making these unsafe sea voyages. Our primary concern is always for the safety of migrants in distress at sea, so the Coast Guard will continue to patrol to find and rescue migrants from these unsafe situations, as well as protect our nation’s borders by deterring dangerous and illegal activity,” said Coast Guard Capt. Peter Brown in a written statement.

A Coast Guard spokesman says April saw the largest number of migrant interdictions with 125. From October of last year to May 1st 2011, a total of 365 Cuban migrants have been picked up by the Coast Guard. That is a big increase compared to Oct. 2009 to May 1st 2010 when a total of 135 Cuban migrants were intercepted.

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  1. Mike says:

    I live in a Condo. Eight years ago everyone spoke English, were nice, quiet people and hard workers. A few weeks ago the family living under me were arrested for dealing drugs out of their condo and had about 10 illegals living there. They spoke no English, were rude, always parked in my space and refused to move, etc. Now, this is basically the mentality of all my neighbors. I have been trying to sell and move North back into the United States, but like most of Miami, I can’t sell.

    1. Frank says:

      That’s how all of Miami was. Very proper people. Now all that come in raffs are rude obnoxious people who demand for everything but give nothing back. You can’t beat them cause they will sue and win.

  2. Rico says:

    Miami is basically a third world county that just happens to be in the United States. Frank, I agree. Cubans think they have brought culture to Miami, but in reality they have made it a cesspool. Romero Britto & Gloria Estefan make me

  3. misspink6 says:

    I do believe that Miami is turning into a mini Cuba but we cannot generalize that comment for every Cuban that comes to the U.S. I thank God that my parents were able to come during El Mariel and they were blessed with an oppotunity to live a new life. If you lived in Cuba, I’m pretty sure ALL of you all would find the first boat ride here. And I am sorry to say, but what makes MIAMI “Miami” is the mix of cultures that we have here and whoever doesn’t like it should leave. I’ll stay here sipping pina colada, dancing salsa, and chilling on our beautiful beaches. I LOVE MIAMI!!

  4. Grovelocal says:

    Miami is a city. A city with a unique location.
    Miami is the city that connects N. American culture to S.American culture and the various cultures of the island nations. We are the place closest on the map to where freedom starts so this is where they come for freedom. Unfortunately they don’t want the culture that is (was) here. People want what they are used to.
    I feel the biggest problem we have here is there is only one culture represented politically and it oppresses all the others. It does not seem to matter who I vote for because the people in Miami don’t vote the issues, they vote the last name.

  5. Grovelocal says:

    Misspink, actually, if I lived in Cuba I would fight to make it better instead of running away.
    You also say how you like the mix of cultures but you only reference Latin things. There are more cultures in Miami than just Latin one.
    And then you say if I don’t like it, leave.
    So if I don’t like your culture I should leave the place I was born 50years ago? That’s called invasion, not a mix of cultures.

  6. misspink6 says:

    @Grovelocal – You would “fight”? Really? and the activities I mentioned are the things that “I” enjoy the most. To other people it can be canoeing, fresh-water fishing, biking… all I’m saying that you can do anything you want here. You are accepted as you are. Whether your cuban, muslim, jewish, or american it doesn’t matter. As you know, everything evolutionizes, its not invasion it just an evolution just like Texas and Los Angeles with Mexicans or Puertoricans and NY, things change, people change, and cultures start mixing, then creating new things. Thats my opinion.

  7. Grovelocal says:

    Yes, I would fight for my freedom. If you need an example of people fighting against impossible odds just turn on the news tonight. Everybody is doing it.
    And I used to love canoeing but too many close calls with motorboats ignoring maritime law while blasting salsa and screaming in spanish almost killing me put a stop to that.
    I haven’t been biking for awhile since I had an accident which destroyed my left knee. A bunch of guys going by in a car screaming Spanish threw a bottle at me and hit me in the head.
    And the attitude of “if you dont like it, leave?
    Like said, I would stay and fight.

    Turning something into a clone is not evolution.
    Turning everything Latin is not creating new things.
    And talkin about mexicans in Cali vs what’s going on in Florida is apples and oranges. And I don’t think the Reconquista movement is looking for a “blending of cultures”

  8. irish kevin says:

    Keep them coming!
    How would this great nation survive without them?

  9. RHL says:

    I am glad I am not the only one who has felt the rudeness of a culture that has come to America for “a better life”; yet continue to disrespect those who have opened their doors for them. I recently relocated to Miami and am looking to leave….Grovelocal, Frank, Mike & Rico I would have to agree with you. I am all for diversity and a blending of cultures but when one tries to impose theirs on another there is no blending going on there; it just becomes rude…. I think if you are coming to the USA to live then adopt their way of living. Bring something worthy of adding to the culture here in the US and not try to move out “old” and in with the “new”. This is America the last time I checked.

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