Fun in the Sun on Mother’s Day

I realized this Sunday, Mother’s Day, how fast time is flying by.  The boys are already 29 months old (yes …I still say give their age in months.)  And this Mother’s Day we spent the weekend in Key Largo with my dad visiting from Chicago, who know goes by the name “Baba” in our house.  Don’t know how the boys gave him that name but it just sort of happened.  We rented a cool pontoon boat from Pontunes in Key Largo.  The pontoon was perfect because we ended up having a floating day care – with Colt and Cades two best friends who joined us as well.  It has an area that’s referred to as a “playpen” where you can feel comfortable letting the kids hang out because everything is padded.  Thank goodness for that!  By the way, Pontunes also has this huge pirate ship that they give people rides on for free.  What’s the catch you say?  I asked the same thing …and they told me that it’s just something they are doing right now so I suggest you take advantage of it while you can.  And then you can have a bite at their Tiki bar …try the fish tacos.  Delicious.  Anyway, we were out on the water and Colt had fallen asleep in my arms and I realized that I needed to take a mental picture of this exact moment.  Because everything just seemed so perfect.  And that they were getting so big, so fast.  It was one of those moments that I wish I could have stopped time or put in a bottle to recapture when I was feeling blue.


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