Alleged Davie Cinemark Flasher Arrested

DAVIE ( – A Pembroke Pines man has been arrested for allegedly exposing himself in and around the Davie Cinemark movie theater.

Christopher Thompson, 36, was arrested at his home Thursday night.

He was given $145,000 bond on charges of indecent exposure, impersonating a police officer, battery and false imprisonment.

In April, investigators say Thompson stopped a boy and girl who had been kissing inside the Cinemark Theater.  He flashed a badge and told the girl she was in trouble for her behavior.  Investigators say he took her into the theater and exposed himself and made sexual advances.

He allegedly obtained the girl’s phone number from her cell phone and then called her house pretending to be a pizza deliveryman and asked for her address.  That’s how police say they caught up with him.

Authorities tell CBS4 News that there was a similar incident the month before at the same theater.

“Wow, it’s a shock,” said Glenn Frankline, Thompson’s neighbor. “He didn’t seem like the type.  He has two little girls.”

In court, Thompson’s attorney said he is on worker’s compensation after getting injured in his job as a Miami-Dade County sanitation worker.

When the judge asked Thompson who will help with his bond, he answered, “I’m gonna ask my parents.”

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  • hangman

    What did he say I’m a cop look at my night stick. I guess they found a movie ticket stub in his pants .

  • Jerry Talerico

    They need to throw out this garbage!

  • Mr Dude

    Someone must’ve did this to the perp when he was their age and he’s perpetuating the trauma on himself and others. Needs a psychiatrist ASAP.

  • Carol

    This man will graduate to rape if they don’t get off of the streets and get him the help he needs TODAY because something happened to him when he was a child and all of that he needs the help to sort that out.

  • Concerned Citizen

    OMG…this is too scary. This is why teenagers should not be unsupervised at the mall, movie theaters, amusement parks, etc. Predators are everywhere, and parents need to be vigilant. Trust NO one with your children!

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