TALLAHASSEE (CBS4/NSF) – A state immigration bill that would require employers in Florida to use the federal e-Verify system to check potential employees immigration status appears dead for 2011, but an alternate version that protects employers who use E-verify, but does not require them to do so, may emerge Tuesday.

Florida Senate leaders are trying to work out details of a bill that would allow law enforcement officials to seek the immigration status of only those they arrest, a stricter standard than a House proposal that allow suspects to be screened.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Senate President Mike Haridopolos said he hoped to have a vote on the immigration bill Tuesday, a pledge his rules chairman said was likely but no slam dunk.

Haridopolos repeated that recipients of financial assistance and other state services should be screened for immigrant status. He also said that employers who choose not to use E-verify, a federal immigration database, would run the risk of criminal and civil penalties.

The statement appears to back up the notion that the Senate would not require employers to use the system that has come under fire from some quarters for being inaccurate.

If the senate approved the version being discussed, it would have to reconcile with the House proposal (HB 7089) that would allow officials to seek immigrant status on suspects of criminal investigation, an easier threshold to reach House members have been waiting for the Senate to move on the issue. SB 2040 is scheduled for debate on Tuesday but language has not been finalized.

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  1. MiamiMex says:

    This is good.

    Verifying “immigration status” protects the legal immigrants.

    The rest of you out there, please go through what we did to do it right.

  2. IT UP TO USE says:

    ’employers who choose not to use E-verify a federal immigration database, would run the risk of criminal and civil penalties
    ‘. We need to report and call ICE if you know anybody hiring illegals ALIENS

  3. jack ostrander says:

    I Paid 10,000.00 usd and took 2 yrs, lots of forms and fee,s, interviews. finger prints, health checks, police checks. and my chinese wife has her green card and would be happy to show it at any ROAD BLOCK Checking IDs. whites, blacks, BROWNS should be required to show IDs. The Real Ones not the Fake ones that will get you arrested and deported.
    If you want to be in american then do it the right way like we did.
    If you walk across the border or smuggled in that is illegal and you should be arrested and deported. one story recently about arresting 4 that have been arrested 3 other times for NO IDs. shows that they just keep walking across the border over and over. illegal i am against. pay the fee,s and forms then you are allowed. no free babys either. you are not a usa citizen.

    1. Maryanne says:

      I also went through the imigration process and can tell you people who are here illegally often have an easier time coming here legally than my family did. Many times they are even processed quicker. As for checking for ID those who get their greencard need to carry it on them for identification according to immigration. If they can ask those here legally to produce and there are many hispanics who are here legally then they should be allowed to ask anyone who is here illegally. We all already get asked fior ID at airports, to gain access to certain government buildings, and during routine traffic stops or when in a car accident.

  4. JAQUEBAUER says:

    Thank you Mr Jack Ostrander for your testimony. You are a true American.

  5. observerfromupnorth says:

    Your are in American speak English, no one want to see your comment. And if Anistia, Va. allows for illegals to stay while breaking the law then that State need to have all federal funding removed from them at once and all elected officals removed.

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