HALLANDALE BEACH – (CBSMiami) – Two men who are hearing impaired exchanged signs while inside a Hallandale Beach nightclub early Saturday morning.

But one woman misinterpreted sign language for gang signs and police say Barbara Lee began “throwing gang signs,” according to the arrest report. The men signaled Lee to leave, but the 45-year-old woman returned to Oceans 11 at 800 N. Federal Hwy. with 18-year-old Marco Ibanez and another juvenile.

Just before 5 a.m., police said, a fight ensued that ended with the two hearing impaired men being rushed to the hospital with stab wounds.

The men were identified as 33-year-old Sean Shuland and 31-year-old Alfred Stewart.

A club security guard also tried to intervene, but was also injured. Cristiansen Matthew, 25, was cut when Lee allegedly broke a champagne bottle and sliced his hand and head open with the sharp end, Hallandale Police wrote in the arrest report. A fourth person Yessenia Duarte, 20, was also injured in the fight.

Both Lee and Ibanez have been charged with aggravated battery charges. A juvenile suspect was also detained by police.

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Comments (23)
  1. observerfromuonorth says:

    These 2 should never be allowed in society again. Period if they have to be then someone needs to be held accountable for releasing them when they do this again.

  2. Charles says:

    I would really like to see this part: “Barbara Lee began throwing back gang signs”

    Does this idiocy really exist? “Throwing gang signs”?

    Have we reverted to the days of the cave men?

    1. gang says:

      Where have u been gangs r everywhere

    2. NMB305 says:

      Unfortunately you are right.

      Gang members should be put in jail permanently. There they can get all the thug love they crave.

      Gangs can drive down real estate values faster than any tax or recession.

    3. Sal says:


      I would really like to see this part: “Barbara Lee began throwing back gang signs”

      Does this idiocy really exist? “Throwing gang signs”?

      Have we reverted to the days of the cave men?

      lol I live in FloriDUH and Barbara Lee is an intellectual compared to COUNTLESS “Redneck” Christian conservatives I have met in this state.

  3. lp says:

    if it isn’t the biggots, its the hebs
    remember caleb 6 million were exterminated!!
    have you not progressed???

    1. Lily says:

      Lol. Great reply.

  4. paddy says:

    On April 17 Jimmy Pagano was stabbed to death at Fishtales in Fort Lauderdale. Now I read about this senseless stabbing. I hope this is not a growing trend in south Florida watering holes. Both of these incidents happened in the wee wee hours. Alcohol and mental issues are always going to cause wounds and death.

  5. Ben says:

    WE all need help. These gang signs are well apart of California but I did not know here.

    1. Buc says:

      Miami has Latin gangs, Haitian gangs, bloods, crips, and even mafia/drug cartel ties. I’m not sure where you people live where you thought this wasn’t going on down here. Its not new.

  6. Thats my sischina black says:

    That is my sister and she was assulted by these deaf but not helpless dudes that beat her up. Yeah its a bad situation but no all the facts before u run your mouth. If men beat u up ur son would freak out too.

    1. abootnkiki says:

      you call the police and get them arrested instead of yourself ,dummy!& we arent talking anywhere about anyones son getting beat up,it was a 45yr old woman who went to get her teenage thug friends to help her settle an argument or fight

    2. Bob says:

      You lie. Your ‘sista’ was definitely looking for trouble.. and SHE CAUSED IT. Hope she stays in JAIL.

  7. lp says:

    such negativity and pointless insults. as for gangs and crime-name a city in the u.s. where such things do not exist!!!

    1. Gloria says:

      Well let’s put it this way… nice don’t work when speaking about GANGS. Gangs = NEGATIVITY!!! just to put it mildly.

      1. lp says:

        neither does apathy. provide, educate, inform, elect to make your voice heard. not just place blame elsewhere.

  8. Hallandale Resident says:

    Welcome to my Hell!!!!! See what kind of people I have to put up with here???

    1. lp says:

      are you chained or bound to e bed post or balcony railing? fhave you no resolve of your own?!? if you dislike what happens around you, how about M-O-V-I-N-G!

  9. Sal says:


    if it isn’t the biggots, its the hebs
    remember caleb 6 million were exterminated!!
    have you not progressed???

    The salvation of this incredibly backwards state has been the “Yankees” with the Jewish American Yankeees being the greatest politcal asset.
    If up to me “Yankees” would not have to pay state tax while redneck “Christian” conservatives would have to pay twice as much.

    1. lp says:

      biiggotry and selfrightousness!!!
      you and caleb forget who you are. the beauty of it all is that in the u.s. one has freedom of speech to speak the idiotic rhetoric that one wants!!!

  10. Randy Fleming says:

    Exactly ‘WHY’ I’m ‘pro choice’ , pro ‘Planned Parenthood’. Faulty genetic information should be stopped at the source. Eugenics IS a valid/viable science..Margaret Sanger knew this , too.

    1. lp says:

      i guess the theory of eugenics missed you.

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