MIAMI (CBS4)- Police on Friday arrested a drug dealer for baking marijuana into cupcakes and selling them to high school students.

“It’s harder for the police to be suspicious because it’s a cupcake,” said Police Chief Orlando Martinez de Castro to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald. “They can carry it and the police can’t tell unless you eat them eat them and get high.”

The narco-baker arrest was part of South Miami Police Department’s “Operation Spring Cleaning,” a crackdown against drug dealing in the city. South Miami police, working with other law enforcement agencies, arrested 11 people in the second such sweep in six months, according to the Herald.

This time around, police confiscated stolen property such as laptops and cell phones, as well as machetes and more than $3,000. They also confiscated 1.5 pounds of hydroponic marijuana, which they believe was being baked into cupcakes and sold at local high schools, though police aren’t sure which ones.

The cupcakes were chocolate flavor and individually wrapped in aluminum foil. Police think the entrepreneurial pastry baker, whose identity was not released, was buying more than $2,000 worth of pot a week. Not all of it was used in baked goods, though.

“They can be a little creative and put it in a cupcake,” said department spokesman Maj. René Landa. “I don’t know if that guy had a girlfriend or something to come over and help him.”

For two months, officers investigated suspected drug dealers in South Miami and made purchases of marijuana and cocaine. They identified 14 different suspects. Of those, police arrested nine, plus two additional suspects not previously identified.

The operation included the execution of two search warrants carried out simultaneously around 6 a.m. by SWAT teams from the cities of Miami and Coral Gables.

“The recidivism rate on narcotics is very high. So the arrests today are just to take them out until they come back. We have to continue,” said City Manager Hector Mirabile.

The drug sweep is just one component of “Operation Broken Windows,” an effort including police and code enforcement officials to improve the city’s Community Redevelopment Area by cracking down on code violations and illegal activity.

“Those residents who live in that area feel intimated. They feel secluded. We want to clear the streets so they feel secure,” Martinez de Castrosaid. “I’m going to continue to do it until we push it out.”

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Comments (10)
  1. RICK says:

    It is obvious which High School is likely to be one of them … Felix Varela High School. You can’t walk on the track and field without finding pot there or right across the street from it at Hammocks park.

  2. RICK says:

    They should release the names of those arrested so those in the community can reach out to Police if they have additional information.

    1. Carol says:

      You are 100% correct on that because maybe they would know more about this then we even know.

  3. Stonedcrab says:


  4. Carol says:

    This is scarey now children can’t trust cupcakes!!!

  5. JOSE69 says:

    I want to see his name and face please, this is Miami every want something…

  6. JOSE69 says:

    I Report the Illegal fraud the the Police last years they Never do anything I call them so many time the LT never at his Office, I mean Miami is NOT a good place to Raise you Children.
    I believe COP know those Activity very well.
    Can somebody tell me where to Report Insurance fraud please ?
    give me the phone # thank…

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

      Please release those pictures…

      As you can see CAROL is overwhelmed, tooooo

    2. abootnkiki says:

      miami is not a good place to raise children because of people like you jose69 that come here and cant write english or speak it,resulting in the inability to get a job and resulting in criminal behavior to make ends meet;dont blame it all on the police blame it on the u.s.a being a free country and trying to give people an opprtunity to freedom and making better lives

  7. Deedee Gorriona Lopez says:

    Ohh… South Miami! Why don’t you waste your time on real crimes?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the baker was the same age as these kids, a fellow student, or at most a year or two older! The kids buying these cupcakes were more than likely well-aware that they contained THC. If anything, it should be up to the parents and school to seek mental health treatment for kids who are actively looking to get high and not perform well in school. It is NOT up to the police to do that. Marijuana is not a crime!

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