MIAMI ( – Bill Parcells, former Dolphins executive vice-president, finally admitted this week that he messed up in draft Pat White and not drafting Matt Ryan. But he gave no endorsement of current Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and said not drafting Matt Ryan came down to one simple factor.

“Not quite as expensive,” Parcells said.

That’s essentially what it came down to, money; that and Parcells was afraid to select a quarterback at the top of the draft.

“Took maybe the sure thing, a position of less margin for error, left tackle,” Parcells said. He continued saying left tackles have a better draft record than other positions.

So, Parcells decided to draft Chad Henne in the second round because he was cheap. Not because he was the quarterback of the future, but because he was cheaper than Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco.

Jake Long has been a stalwart left tackle. He’s a perennial Pro Bowler and is the foundation of the Dolphins’ offensive line. But how must Henne feel getting that kind of endorsement from the guy who drafted him.

And what must Dolphins fans think as they watch Matt Ryan become a franchise quarterback and Joe Flacco turn into a franchise quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens?

For comparison here are the stat lines for the three respective quarterbacks:
Matt Ryan – 885-1456, 10,061 yards, 66 touchdowns, 34 interceptions
Joe Flacco – 878-1416, 10,206 yards, 60 touchdowns, 34 interceptions
Chad Henne – 582-953, 6,246 yards, 27 touchdowns, 33 interceptions

So Parcells took the money Huizenga lavished on him to bring the franchise back and turned the team into an average NFL team. Then, he took the money and ran back to ESPN when things began to get challenging.

He built a good team in Dallas, but couldn’t win the big one. He built an average team in Miami and then took off when fans and the media began to turn up the pressure.

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  1. Annias says:

    When Parcells was in charge these same writers sang his praises. The Miami Dolphins are an irrelevant franchise because they never pick the surefire superstar in the draft. They have not drafted a star since 1997. They have not drafted an offensive all-pro play maker since the 80’s. At the end of the day a football game is a product. South Florida its time to stop buying. Treat this team like their the marlins and you will force results.
    Where else can a team try to replace a coach and end up giving the old one a lucrative extension.
    Where else can a team consistently draft players several rounds too early and expect them to contribute.
    The team that needs to be evaluated are the executives.

  2. Annias says:

    If anything this team is a joke because they have stuck with Henne so long and gotten rid of so many other players in that same time frame. They should Draft a real college star like Ryan Mallet. Even if he fails at least he came with some sort of realistic expectations.
    If they draft one more “who’s that” pick we should let this team relocate.
    The next time they try to market themselves as the only undefeated superbowl champion they should be forced to compensate every person who paid to see a game since 1972. This is ridiculous.
    This is South Florida some of the most talented football players in the world come from here and none of them are ever brought in by the Dolphins.
    New England and New York will continue to beat the pants off of these Dolphins.

  3. joesr says:

    @Annias…you are so right. The product stinks. I had season tickets for many years and gave them up after my prices doubled when they reclassified my row to the “Loge”. I’m sure this draft will be like the others…moving down to pick up more average players that don’t pan out. It doesn’t matter anyway…the ownership is more concerned with star image than football. I’ll stay away until Dolphin management wakes up.

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks Bill!! So you basically screw us, take a TON of money, and move on!! You suck!!!!

  5. Andy Carr says:

    i was once a rabid fan but acceptance of mediocrity has bored me. The management cares little for on field success. I can’t fault the selection of Pouncey but await bold moves to bring us the team the legacy of 72 deserves.

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