MIAMI (CBS4) -A Southwest Miami-Dade man has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for a January 2009 drunk driving accident that claimed the lives of all three children of Hector and Mirian Serrano.

Forty-three-year-old Gabriel Del Risco, a father of two children, bowed his head in court at the Metro Justice Building and shed tears as Circuit Court Judge Rosa Rodriguez announced the sentence.

Prosecutors had asked for a maximum 45-year sentence or 15 years for each count of DUI manslaughter. They noted that Del Risco’s blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit and that he had a lengthy driving record including arrests for DUI and driving the wrong way.

Prosecutor David Gilbert said Del Risco even fought with and spit at a paramedic at the accident scene on January 25th of 2009 after the accident.

Authorities say Del Risco had just left a bar before the accident on U.S. at Southwest 211th St.

They say his Chevy Trailblazer SUV slammed in to the back of the Del Risco’s minivan, killing all three children.

In court, Del Risco apologized to the Serranos, saying through a translator, “I beg them for forgiveness. I knew I was going to drink but I didn’t think that I was going to drive.”

Del Risco even pulled up his shirt, showing the scar on his chest from injuries he suffered in the accident.

Del Risco’s defense attorney Michael Catalano said he thought that Del Risco desrved some leniency since he was cooperative with investigators and had shown how sorry he was.

But Mirian Serrano testified for nearly 30 minutes about the children that she lost: four-year-old Amber, seven-year-old Esmeralda and 10-year-old Hector and how much she loved them.

“I think about them all the time,” she said outside the courtroom after the sentence was handed down.

Del Risco will face another hearing on May 11th in regard to another charge involving a battery on the paramedic who was treating him on the accident scene.

On Thursday night, CBS4’s Peter D’Oench caught up with the Serranos as they visited their childrens’ gravesites at a Naranja cemetery.

“I want everyone to remember them,” said Mirian Serrano. “I don’t want their deaths to not count for anything. They were angels.”

D’Oench also interviewed them at their Leisure City home, which is a photo-filled shrine to their children.

“Every day is so hard,” said Mirian Serrano. “I think these angels taught us to love. I say thank you to God for the blessing of having them. It was a blessing.”

“Our children were the best thing we had,” said Hector Serrano. “We will feel this pain forever.”

The Serranos had hoped that Del Risco would have received the maximum 45-year sentence.

“I believe in truth and God and justice,” said Hector Serrano. “I don’t think there was justice and the right thing here.”

Mirian Serrano did say she was glad that Del Risco would be expected to serve at least 85 per cent of his 30-year sentence, as required by law.

“Nothing they do to him will give me back my kids,” she said. “Nothing. I can only thank God that we had them for awhile.”

Comments (19)
  1. m says:

    Get rid of this no good piece of caca. He should nto be breathing at all. For his carelessness and stupidity, 3 innocent children are not here.

    1. ML says:

      You shouldn’t express yourself that way of someone that you dont know; He didn’t kill them intentionally. He’s a good man who made a terrible mistake and is paying for it now.

      1. Vincent Marinello says:

        Good man my ass….He was allways driving like a moron and should have gotten 50 yrs….You make me sick when u say he’s a good man..Good men dont get drunk and kill the way he did…wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. phantom says:

        yea right you say tha t cause it wasnt your kids. He’s a piece of caca and worse. Hope he cant never sleep again, only see thefaces of those 3 children whenevr he closes his eyes.

      3. MV says:

        A good man does not have an excessive amount of DUI’s.. You should learn from your first DUI not after you get a couple. He did kill 3 innocent kids. Would you think different if it were your children?

  2. BOB says:


    1. Vincent Marinello says:

      Hell of a mistake…..I saw the crash scene and he had no concern for anyone’s safety…he is where he belongs in a cage………………………………..The young girls he killed will never have a life….wake up

  3. D. Marino says:

    Bob, This piece of trash made quite a few mistakes before he was arrested and me thinks if he didn’t kill these poor innocent people, he would be still be out there, driving like an IDIOT. He deserves the hell he is about to live! God or no god. Watch OZ and you’ll see.

  4. Vincent Marinello says:

    This man was a drunk and should have been locked up way before this happened….throw the key away…The inmates wiill Kill him in prison because of his crime so say bye the bye……………..

  5. Mary-Eve Vendryes says:

    It was no mistake – he chose to drink until after daylight, and then chose to drive impaired. Something he did before and would continue to do given the chance.

  6. MAGGIE GARCIA says:

    There is no excuse for driving drunk and much less for taking innocent lives, he gets 30 years–but he is still alive. What about those three angels he killed–you could defend he didn’t mean to do it, but before he got drunk he should have known it was a matter of time he would ruin someone’s life. Why is it drunk drivers never die–but kill innocent lives???!!!

  7. Alex Lamazares says:

    Can’t help but feel sorry for people who need to bring God into every wrong committed by man. This individual KILLED three innocent children and shattered the lives of many friends and families who loved them and cared about them. Why do we have to feel sorry for him? His reckless behavior got him where he is.
    If there was to be a fair punishment for his actions, he should have died in the accident not the children

  8. Fed Up with Idiots says:

    Thirty years? With good behaviour, he will be out on the streets again in two years. Drinking and killing more children. The only crime here is that there is no longer a firing squad. This poor excuse for a loser is a cancer in society.

    1. irish kevin says:

      I doubt he will be out in two years. For what he did, 30 years, maybe out in 15 or 20 years, makes me believe that justice will be served. IMHO

  9. Momof3 says:

    I think it’s pathetic that someone would say he is a good person. Good people don’t kill others and ruin the lives of their families. It was his choice to drink and drive. If it were your children you wouldn’t feel that way. I hope he never makes it out of jail!


    they should make a new law,you drink and drive and kill someone by accident,they should ban your driver’s licence forever and give you 50 years mandatory with no early’s time to take care of these stupid no good DRUNKS.and make sure they don’t harm anybody else.

    1. STD says:

      We don’t need new laws, just new JUDGES. This judge couldn’t even give the PARENTS of THREE DEAD KIDS WHAT THEY WANTED – 45 YEARS!!! She’s a disgrace.

  11. Mike says:

    I understand his family is concerned about him and saying what a great person he was – the point is if he was such a great person he would have been more concerned about the safety of others and not have gotten behind the wheel of a car when that drunk. I can assure you this was not his first event of drunk driving either, and by the comments here, the guy sounds like a sad case. It should like every other idiot in South Florida that has no concern for others and thinks they are the top of the food chain – just the kind of idiot that does stupid thing which cause others hardship and to suffer with stupid laws that would otherwise be common sense- which obviously this sad excuse for a person had none – no common sense and no respect for others – sound like he is where he belongs.
    Not just that, but it’s another bad representation for all the hard working Hispanics in South Florida!

  12. STD says:

    Three kids DIE and he’ll be driving again. A really dumb judge…

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