The Broward Sheriff’s Office sent a letter to the Governor’s Office advising them that the city of Lauderdale Lakes owes BSO more than $5.8 million dollars for law enforcement and fire services.

“It is the understanding of the BSO that it is appropriate to notify your office regarding concerns that a city receiving public safety services from the BSO via a municipal contract is experiencing financial difficulties tantamount to a financial emergency,” the letter reads.

As we’ve reported on this blog, Lauderdale Lakes is way behind on its’ payments to BSO. They owe for three and a half months of services.

In the past few months, Lauderdale Lakes officials laid workers off amid a burgeoning budget crisis. City leaders said the revenue they were expecting from property taxes did not materialize.

BSO said it continues to provide law enforcement and fire services to Lauderdale Lakes. However, BSO says, “the continued delinquency with its payment obligations for such services is a serious matter that may impact public safety within the City of Lauderdale Lakes and the surrounding region.”

BSO asks the Governor’s Office for guidance on the matter.

UPDATE: I just received an email from the Governor’s office. A spokesperson said the Inspector General just received the information and is working to verify it. After that, the Governor’s office will reach out to city officials and determine what happened and what’s being done to resolve the problems.

  1. Aletheia says:

    How about the $1.7 million that’s missing from the City’s Community Development Fund? They finally hired an independent firm to investigate the City’s finances. The State needs to shut down this inept, corrupt City.

    Still, the City Manager, her senior staff and their propped up cronies continue drawing their full salaries. Even as no new projects go forward in the City due to lack of funds.


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