MIAMI (CBS4) — Have you ever seen a driver do something dangerous, illegal or rude? A new mobile app called “DriveMeCrazy” could help keep drivers accountable.

Philipe Inghelbrecht developed the app, which currently is available for free for iPhones. Inghelbrecht said the goal is to help hold bad drivers accountable by “giving drivers feedback, but also by calling them out in public so they know they should behave a bit better on the road.”

How does it work?

Users speak or type the offender’s license plate into their mobile device, and “flag” the other driver. You can write a “virtual ticket” or leave a voice message. The app can also be used to compliment or thank another driver. The message and the corresponding license plate are then posted on the app’s site for all to see, including parents, police and insurance companies.

“It doesn’t mean they can use the data, but if they (insurance companies) want to take a quick peek at your driving record, as reported by a fellow motorist, they can do it,” said Inghelbrecht.

Privacy advocates are concerned for another reason.

“You combine this with things like Foursquare and Facebook and the GPS on your phone and Fastrak and you have quite a complete picture of your physical location and traveling habits,” said Rebecca Jeschke of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The app’s founder insists it’s making the roads safer. Drive Me Crazy already has over 20,000 driving reports and they’re not all bad. It can be used to report polite drivers.

Comments (3)
  1. mimi says:

    Let me tell you the jerk that came up with this stupid shi- is a moron. Thats not going to work because anyone can say so and so was driving like that anyone that wants to hurt somebody else with their Tag # they can say they saw them driving recklessly ie. what is happening here what happened to FREEDOM you know the movie MAD MAX well we are sort of turning into that there is no privacy it sucks its not right its not constitutional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mimi says:

    Hey Philip I. stay in the San Francisco Bay area pls dont bring your bright ideas to S. Florida I read all about you please this idea the app is totally ridiculous it makes me upset and its not because i drve bad on the contrary im a safe driver and not because i say but that is how my drivers license is its just the privacy issue that really bothers me

  3. Phil Landers says:

    I have a 400 hp car that will pull .9 lateral G in a turn and *FHP on speed dial already. Try me . . . . . (I’m also a professional driver on several levels with so much accreditation I’m working on a 2nd wall)

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