CORAL GABLES (CBS4) – A South Florida student was so touched by the death of a young boy that she decided to try and help other young children by starting a grassroots organization called Knots of Hope.

Today, it has raised tens of thousands of dollars for kids in need – one bracelet at a time.

Priscilla Suzal-Wright, 17, it all started when her family adopted a boy named Kimante from the holidays through a program which helps kids in need.  She said they were essentially his Santa.

“He died when he was six, he was very tough,” recalled Suzal-Wright. “He was on so much morphine. He was dying and he knew it.”

Suzal-Wright said Kimante was in need of a bone marrow transplant. By the time he received it, it was too late and he died.

“I felt like the world was evil,” said Suzal-Wright. “He was so innocent and there was nothing anybody could do.”

Suzal-Wright said his death inspired her to do something to help other kids in need. She and her friends decided to make custom bracelets at events all over town; the proceeds of which go to the Miami Children’s Hospital. So far, Suzal-Wright’s Knots of Hope has raised more than $30 thousand for the hospital.

Last October the group received recognition from the City of Doral, which named a day for them, because of their dedication to raising money for kids in need and raising awareness for organ and tissue donations along with bone marrow transplants.

Suzal-Wright said Knots of Hope is just her first step toward helping kids in need. She said the day Kimante died she made another very big decision.

“I walked out of there a little destroyed. That’s when I decided I wanted to do something, that’s when I decided I wanted to be a doctor,” said Suzal-Wright.

Since its inception, Knots of Hope has grown. It now includes girls from Suzal-Wright’s high school Miami Coral Reef Senior High, Southwest Miami High, Terra Nova Environmental Research, John A. Ferguson High and Killian Senior High.

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Comments (31)
  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    This is absolutely Wonderful. That was beautiful on Priscill”s Account!

  2. Jo says:

    Haha too bad all of the girls quit knots of hope because of how they were being mistreated by priscilla and her mother. She’s doing a good thing, just isn’t as good of a person as you make her out to be. Take it from someone who knows her personally.

  3. #1 FAN! says:


    This mother daughter duo has succesfully turned a beautiful idea into a horrible joke publicizing Prisclla for university awareness.
    With ulterior motives, nothing can be right. Nothing can be right. And you both have acted like coniving teenage girls throughout the 2-year span of Knots of Hope (founded in June 2009).
    Through cheating, lieing, misuse and abuse they succesfully drove out half of this group, leaving only Priscilla with her sad followers. These people should not be trusted or respected. They have only misused their power.
    For a fact, they did not raise $30 thousand dollars for Miami Children’s Hospital, and have had a number of problems with a number of people and organiztions.

    Geunine kindness cannot and should not be measured by the amount of interviews or articles with your printed name, as you strive for. My only hope is that one day you can change, what’s sad is that it’s the only thing I really can hope for.

    Joann, you are right about one thing: One rotten apple definitely spoils the bunch, as is obvious through you and your shiny red, which definitely did not fall far from the tree.

    “Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.” J. C. Watts
    This is something you have both yet to learn…

  4. ssanchez says:

    Jealousy is indeed a green-eyed monster and I am disgusted by these childish comments that are laced with not only jealousy, but bitterness, sarcasm and a laughable number of misspellings and grammatical errors.

    I read this article and felt completely uplifted, only to be brought down by a cackling of ugly aspersions that are tinged with hate, resentment, immaturity and spite.

    I feel sorry for the commenters below who obviously have nothing better to do than to disparage and slander a charitable organization that is working to help children. Instead of taking the time to stalk and attack these do-gooders, their time would be much better served educating themselves and improving their writing skills.

    I have a better quote for you:

    “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  5. Madelin G. says:

    I definitely agree with the prior quote:
    “If you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all”.
    My daughter is currently part of this wonderful organization that has brought so many smiles to children and family going thru hard difficult times.
    My daughter also volunteers at Miami Children Hospital on her own time. Not once has my daughter been mistreated, this sounds to me like very childish comments and if a parent wrote this you my friend have no value and obviously do not know right from wrong to be speaking this way.
    On my eyes and am sure on many eyes this organization will have many good and wonderful outcomes and if girls left am sure it wasn’t because they were being mistreated it was either out of jealousy or them wanting the spot light when this organization was founded and created by PRISCILLA SUZAL-WRIGHT and her mother Jo-Ann which deserve all the highlights and recommendation they receive and as I recall all of the girls were always mentioned either by name or as part of the organization.
    Shame on you for writing such nasty comments that should be kept to yourself about these lovely ladies that I know personally, if you felt this way it was as easy as not being part of the organization from the get go. My daughter is proud to be part of Knots of Hope and she will continue to be part of it without any shame or jealousy you are missing the picture here what’s important are the smiles they put on a child’s face after spending time with them or on a parents face that is dealing with a sick child, these girls have a big heart for participating and giving their free time to be part of such a wonderful thing.
    I am a very proud mother, and keep on the good work Jo and Pricilla you are doing a great thing here don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  6. Jo says:

    How could you judge someone on how they type? It’s very easy to misspell words, not everyone can catch a mistake. Judging someone is just as morally bad as what you say we are doing and “slandering” a charitable organization, even though i have a great deal of reasons why i think what i wrote about priscilla and her mother. And don’t refer to our comments as jealousy, that is ridiculous. Like i previously stated, what priscilla and her mother are doing is a great thing, helping young children, and giving them hope to look ahead at a better life. I simply stated, although someone is committing a nice act, doesn’t immediately make them a great person. I’ve known priscilla for years now, and got to know her very well, probably better than most. I was never in Knots of Hope, but i do know that a large number of the ladies that were previously in the group were badly mistreated by Priscilla and her mother, who took the credit all for themselves, and forgot to credit the other members on working just as hard as they did. That is the reason knots of hope no longer has a large amount of group members, who were once Priscilla’s close friends. We have the right to share our comments just as much as you do, If you don’t want to read the truth about this group, then don’t read the comment board. How dare you say our comments are slandering a group, i can guarantee to you that a large amount of ladies, who were once priscilla’s close friends would not just quit the group for no reason, ask any of them and they will all tell you the same thing, they were mistreated by joann and priscilla suzal. Im glad your daughter and you haven’t found a reason to leave the group, and i hope that you don’t. All i have to say is, we have our reasons to “disparage” not the group, but the leaders of the group. And for you to write that we are bad people, you don’t know that, because i too am part of a charitable organization that helps young children, and the leaders of that group would never forget to credit those who work just as hard as them, and don’t assume just because someone misspells a few words they need to educate themselves, because we who are writing on this board are top of our schools. Don’t judge others by reading what they have to write and how they feel about someone, its wrong and you don’t know what they have gone through with priscilla and joann. Take your high end vocabulary and judgmental mind somewhere else, and don’t think just because you are speaking to young kids, you can out smart us!

  7. Knots Of Hope- Rocks My Socks! says:

    First off: Whoever wrote the two comments in response to the “sarcastic, bitter, jealous” comments have nothing to do but defend such a “charitable organization” they clearly know nothing about.
    Second of all: So glad that you “felt completely uplifted, only to be brought down by a cackling of ugly aspersions that are tinged with hate, resentment, immaturity and spite.” — You obviously don’t know these people and their manipulative lying ways. Good use of big words and though – makes you sound oh so mature.
    Finally: Who cares about these “jealous comments” if the super-star miss Suzal-Wright is so perfectly wonderful and sincere they shouldn’t affect her or organization at all. CONGRATS KNOTS OF HOPE! I wanna give a shout out to all the other girls in the group… oh wait? Who are they? No one will know, because Priscilla is #1. Keep doing what you’re doing!! Manipulating your way to the top, with insincere and fake charity.

  8. Knots of Hope mom says:

    I am the proud mother of a Knots of Hope member. All of us, including Jo and Priscilla, are in this organization to help others and not to receive recognition or credit. In addition, my daughter is extremely happy to be part of this group and has always been treated with love and respect. I have known Jo for over 25 years and I can truly say that she is one of the most giving and unselfish people I know. It makes sad to see how somebody can criticize her, her daughter, and the Knots of Hope group.

    1. Jo says:

      as it makes me sad to see my friends so badly hurt by their leadership that they would rather take their cahrity somewhere else and have to end close friendships…

  9. Knots of Hope fan says:

    Congratulations to Priscilla and all Knots of Hope members!! This was a great story detailing the beginnings of the group and what you’re about. It’s nice to see young ladies thinking about giving back to others less fortunate.

  10. BISHOP says:

    Amazing, it takes courage in life to take chances.
    Most of you who sit and criticize, you will never know what it is to have courage to take the first step towards anything amazing in life do to the fact that you are consume with fear of taking chances in life. Is human nature for the weak to give negative comments because is a lot easier to sit back and point fingers than TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF OTHERS. Those of you who are angry take a chance and build your own organization. In the mean time am sure Priscilla Suzal will on her way to become a doctor to actually make a difference.

    Priscilla Suzal who ever you are keep your chin up keep moving forward. You have the courage of a lion, and the heart of god. keep inspiring people, and keep touching peoples lives. Am sure sometime in your life someone tough you to overcome your fears. It makes this citizen Happy to know that young adults like your self are teaching others to takes chances and overcome fears. keep Doing Gods work and may all your journeys be blessed.
    Knots of HOPE key word here is Hope for all the criticizers.

    ” they are those who look at things the way they are, and ASK WHY…..
    I dream of things that never were, and ASK WHY NOT.”

    Robert Kennedy

    May be just may be if we all made a difference and less envy may be just may be this would be a better world.

    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jo says:

      But you don’t know her so….
      Thank you for caliing me a coward and unable to take chances in my life, however you do not know me either…

  11. YPAH says:

    How unfortunate that some people have chosen to use their voices against Priscilla instead of making a difference in a more positive way. If the young ladies that left Knots of Hope had truly felt a commitment to the work they were doing, they would have started their own organization but instead they choose to leave anonymous and mean-spirited comments. These remarks are clearly motivated by envy and should be seen by those who read them for what they are – the rantings of some very immature high school students who have too much time of their hands.

    Priscilla, we applaud your efforts! You are an amazing young lady with a bright future ahead of you! You will encounter many small people like these but do not let them deter you from your mission to help others.

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena …” Theodore Roosevelt

    To those of you that have posted negative comments – PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!!

    1. Jo says:

      Once again… I AM NOT AN EXMEMBER…
      I know the easy way out is to blame immature high school students, however did you ever think of the possibilty that other people could have negative opinions other than those students?

  12. Gooty says:

    Im an objective voice in this blog, coming across this story as I sifted through the news. Im looking at this from afar and Im really not taking sides. I am reading about the goods and bads of the organization and its leaders but I havent really heard what makes them bad (I obviously see the good being theyre trying to help people). Ive heard statements about members being mistreated but no details. What kind of mistreatment occurred? When did it occur? Who got mistreated (no names please, just )? I guess Im just giving you an opportunity to further explain. Thanks.

    1. Jo says:

      Priscilla has wanted to become a doctor recently (as shownin the video), and she was volunteering with the Transplant Foundation and decided to help fund them in their quest to raise organ awareness until recently. The idea was great. But as the years continued the pressure from her mom and from her self to raise college attention got the best of her and she started publishing articles without the names of the other girls, hardly ever did she awknoledge them, and soon it got too be too much for the young girls to handle the rude commetns and intimidation from joann and priscilla (mostly in their personal relationships)… It hurts me to see so many of them, that were once so close to her, feel that betrayed by her actions and unwillingness to change. Hopefully one day she can change, and the group can reach its full potential.

  13. CINDY says:

    As I read these comments I must say that I am truly sad. My daughter is a member of Knots of Hope and has known Priscilla for 6 years now and has NEVER been mistreated by her, or her mother, at any time.

    In addition to feeling sad after reading these comments, I am also disgusted that the girls who left the group would write such comments. But I am not surprised. It is exactly the type of thing self-centered ‘mean girls’ would do. Because although you may all be pretty on the outside, you are truly very ugly on the inside. And it makes me even sadder to say this since I know most of you. But don’t worry, the energy in the group now is so much more positive. All you ever really brought to it was negativity and drama! It’s actually better now that you’re all gone.

    You do not realize it now, but one day you will look back and see that the way in which you handled leaving the group, and then slandering Knots of Hope, Priscilla and Jo-Ann was wrong. By the way slander is a legal term. You might want to look that up on It is a legal term because you can actually sue someone for slander. So unless you intend to bring some type of action for your accusations, I suggest you “cease and desist”. And at least be brave enough to write your own name, instead of being an annonymous coward.

    1. Jo says:

      Again…. who said they are exmembers?!
      I have known Priscilla for a long time aswell, and the group of girls who decided to leave. They for a fact did not write this…
      If you are appalled by Priscilla and the group’s name being slandered (when in fact we have a right to our opinions), then you need to take a step back and realize that you are accusing those young girls of being ‘mean girls’ and calling them “self-cenetered” and “truly ugly on th inside”… now that is what you should be digusted about. Since you are part of KOH Im assuming you do know the story and I would hope that you would take a little more consideration in respecting my opinions about this group instead of labeling the previous members falsely. But I’m not surprised. It is exactly the type of thing I would expect from a koh member…

    2. Jo says:

      To add, Im sure the group has a much better energy… seeing as the only girls brave enough to stand up and fight against Priscilla with the thoughts of all the girls in mind are now gone (Yes Cindy even your daughters). Now their is no tension since everyone blindly conforms to what they say.

  14. Unhappy reader says:

    I am very upset to be reading all the nasty comments that ex-members and parents have written about Jo-ann and her daughter.I know them both and their family all my life. And I was proud when I found out about this organization that Priscilla had started. Because it hit home for me. I am a cancer servivor and a bone marrow recip. and donor and I wished that there was a KOH when I was going thrw my treatment. I have seen the girls give up there weekends to go bring awareness and to go and cheer up kids.. I have never heard of ex memebers being mistreated at all.. And I know for a fact that some of the ex memebers/great friends will spent weekends at Priscella’s house and always going out and stuff. So really I don’t understand why they would write such things. All the memebers of KOH are awesome young ladies. And I am glad to know them all.. And they all have my support…Jo ann and Priscilla keep up the great job you guys are doing.

  15. Juanky says:

    What a great organization that helps those children in need one bracelet at a time. As an educator it gives me great joy to see these young girls take time out of their teenage lives to dedicate their lives to making others better. Its a shame to learn such life lessons of resentment and bitterness at such a young age. I applaud the KOH girls efforts and to those families who assist and support their endeavors. At the end of the day the ones who gain are the children of Miami Children’s Hospital.

    There are many great things to expect from these girls in the years to come!

  16. Hmmmmm says:

    My question is why is only one girl getting recognized if it is an organization carrying out the work? It is a wonderful and charitable endeavor however, all those involved should be recognized and equally commended for their efforts.

    1. KOH fan says:

      The girls are all doing wonderful work, that’s for sure. But KOH is just beginning to be recognized for their efforts and people want to know how it started. It started with the founder and that’s Ms. Suzal Wright. I’m sure KOH will be around for many years impacting the community and the story won’t always be about its inception, but right now let’s applaud the founder and the group as a whole for their work. Way to go, ladies!

  17. Moe says:

    I truly feel that this is an incredibly noble cause and that everyone’s efforts should be applauded. More of today’s youth should take an active role in society, especially with a cause that is helping out so many people. KOH, Priscila, Joann, and anyone else who has helped are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts. No one is seeking out a Nobel peace prize, nor are they seeking more attention from the media for themselves. Rather, they are bringing these issues to the forefront and educating people. Educating people on how to become better community members, citizens, and people in general. Please do not bring personal vendettas to the table and take away the focus of what is truly important. The important thing is that whether one, or one million people were helped…..they were helped due to the fforts of KOH. That is were our focus should be. As a lifelong educator, I wish that more of our students would take an active role in regards to important issues, such as these. Again, I applaud all of KOH’s efforts and pray that these comments do not derail them from their goals!

  18. Virginia Mendez says:

    I think this is a fantastic organization that is obviously making its mark in the community. I personally know its founders and I guarantee that their intentions for KOH are genuine. However, if people have a problem with its members then take it up with them PERSONALLY. I am all for Freedom of Speech and we all have a right to post comments. But it is distasteful, to say the least, to post negative threads about people publicly, whether true or false. It may discourage future donations & it may negatively affect the future of many children in need which KOH is clearly supporting in a positive way. CONGRATULATIONS TO KOH!

    1. Jo says:

      true, but it is also anyones right to speak their opinion about a published news story. As you stated before

  19. Aslynn says:

    Congratulations to KOH Priscilla, JoAnn and the rest of the girls you all are amazing and are a true inspiration to our community! Keep up the good work and please don’t pay attention to those negative comments!! You should all be extremely proud to belong to such a great organization!!

  20. Jim says:

    I would suggest that you contact the organizations that they raise funds for with any inquiries regarding their work

  21. Just wondering says:

    Just wondering, I thought Knots of Hope raised money for the Transplant Foundation as I had seen on their fan page. I’m wondering how they just changed foundations and why girls would quit? Sounds sketchy in my opinion

    1. Felicia says:

      They were so involved with that organization and I followed all their great work there.. Maybe they decided to spread their wings.and beads. They seem to continue good work for Miami Childrens Hospital Foundation . I am wondering what happened too??

  22. Jo says:

    Everybody has their own opinion, and the right to speak it. While I agree it is a noble cause and idea, through my observations it has not been carried out in the most noble way. Cindy, who says the negative comments are ex-members? I have never been apart of it, only heard the story and through both sides. Those of you blindly defended the group can’t really say much because you do not have the full story. Maybe they left it anonymous because they wanted to be able to fully express their opinion without being personally attacked, like I am. You really cannot know each individuals experience, and those who are asking about details… the details need not be mentioned via the internet. This comment board was created for the oppurtunity of everybody to be able to share their thoughts. Please respact that.

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