PORT ST. LUCIE (CBS4) – The call to the St. Lucie County Fire District came as a surprise. The caller said something had been left outside the door of a Port. St. Lucie fire station, and what they found was a newborn baby,  inside a bag, left with a note allegedly from the baby’s mother.

The call came in as firefighter Stephen Beane arrived at work Thursday morning.

Beane found the baby girl, wrapped in towels and plastic bags, at the entrance of the fire station. Along with the baby was a note. “Please find her a good home. I’m sorry. Thank You. It was signed “Birth Mom” The note also gave the time of birth as 7:15 a.m. Thursday.

The baby was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce where Beane said she appeared to be in “pretty good health.”

The Department of Families and Children says the infant will be turned over to the Children’s Home Society for adoption.

Under the state’s Safe Haven Law, parents can leave newborns at a hospital, fire station or emergency medical facility within seven days of birth without penalty.

Comments (8)
  1. Linz says:

    Good, She did the right thing for her bio child and herself. Now lets see that the law doesnt try to harass or track her down and upholds its own law.

  2. Indhira says:

    At least she did the right thing… The only thing I dread is that the child is in care of DCF, and that has been proven to be as good as a death sentence, those people can’t keep track of their own heads, let alone other people’s children. I really hope that poor little angel gets a good home where she will be loved and cherished.

  3. John Fama says:

    This makes me feel really sad. How a mother can give up her little baby is beyond my comprehension.

    1. Maryanne says:

      There are plenty of scenarios that come to mind as to why. She iknows why she had to do it and I give her credit for it.

  4. LT says:

    So sad for the Mom, has to be so hard. I hope the little girl finds a great family.

  5. Amanda says:

    What makes me sad is the fact that this woman made a difficult decision, turned the baby over to the fire station, and now this story is being plastered across the US… (CNN headline video…) Ridiculous. She did the right thing, but she doesn’t need to be seeing this all over the place… Put yourself in her shoes. Shame on the News for publishing this.

  6. gloria says:

    Yeah for one person doing the right thing,thats what the law was made for and there are a lot of people who want a baby and cannot have one. At least this isnt another case of baby in trash,baby beside road etc ,those are sickening

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