DEARBORN, Michigan  (CBS4/AP) – A judge has ordered the jailing of a Central Florida pastor after he refused to pay a $1 peace bond over a  planned demonstration outside a Michigan mosque.

Terry Jones, pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, told jurors Friday in Dearborn, Michigan that he isn’t responsible for what anyone else might do in response to his protest outside the Islamic Center of America. Jones is in Michigan to stage a Good Friday rally and protest outside of the center in Dearborn, a heavily Muslim city near Detroit. The center is the largest Mosque in Dearborn.

Jurors decided that due to his past actions, the rally had the potential to incite violence. As a result, the judge ruled Jones must pay $1 peace bond to ensure he would not breach the peace.

Jones refused, and was taken into custody.

Dearborn denied Jones a permit to protest outside the mosque and offered alternative sites. Jones has said he won’t post bond and says he won’t change the protest location.

Jones appeared in court earlier along with the Rev. Wayne Sapp, who burned a Koran last month in Florida under Jones’ supervision, setting off violent protests in the Muslim world.

While Jones’ anti-Muslim actions have drawn widespread condemnation, the ACLU of Michigan has defended his right to protest, saying the city of Dearborn is trying to deny Jones his constitutional rights.

Comments (14)
  1. bobbyb says:

    So every month now this guy needs to be in the spotlight – no matter how many people might die to make him happy. And not such a great decision by the ALCU.. I thought you couldn’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater and be covered by freedom of speach.

  2. Joe Regular says:

    Careful, Rev. The clerics are gonna issue a Fatwa to kill your butt.

    1. Stevec says:

      and then this spawn of Satan can rot in hell with his father.

      1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:


  3. ALSEVEN says:


    1. Amber says:

      I consider the Islam religon to be a joke when they think its justified in their “Holy Quran” to kill others when their book is burned. In the bible from what I have read and fully believe in that we believers in Jesus don’t take revenge but it is God whom takes revenge on the earth. All I see is that the Islams are trying to take revenge and thier god is nothing because it don’t exist. Judgement is already here from our True God and God will justify all deeds that were done in the flesh.

      1. Iva Big'n says:

        blah blah blah said the bigoted “Christian”

  4. Ada says:

    this guy needs to get a damn LIFE!!!!

  5. tony G says:

    well in this tough economy i found a way to save money I go the local mosque I get them to give me a copy of the koran for free and then I use it for toilet paper

  6. Luis Santamaria says:

    All religions organize very well to do the same: TO COLLECT MONEY AND SPREAD HATE. They promise glory and happiness in another life coming after death, but their pastors, clerics, rabbis, mullahs and the like, they enjoy also this life, financed by all the idiots that follow them.
    If you believe in your god, so it be, you do not need intermediaries or lobbysts to access him.
    Ah!!, this world would be inmensely better if all religions just fade away and disappear.

  7. Dave says:

    you wonder why michigan is broke, they charge $1 to protest, then arrest you when you don’t pay it. It probably costs hundreds of dollars a day to keep this idiot incarcerated. And that folks is how you go broke!

  8. ranger says:

    luis I agree muslims are wacky, religion is the biggest ponzi scheme there is

  9. danny says:

    they jailed him over $1…that is just so stupid.

  10. Cell Therapy says:

    General population please.

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