FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – A Broward County middle school employee is under investigation over allegations that he had an inappropriate conversation with a 14-year-old student about sex.

The teen is also alleging that the employee — a campus monitor at William Dandy Middle School in Fort Lauderdale — propositioned her for sex earlier this year.

The employee — who we are not naming because he has not been charged with a crime — has been removed from his position at the school while the School District investigates him for alleged inappropriate conduct, according to a District spokesperson. The employee has been reassigned to a position away from children.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department is also investigating the man. A search warrant reveals the department is investigating the employee for potential lewd and lascivious conduct.

In the warrant, the employee “admitted to openly talking about sex around (the 14-year-old student) and other children at school.”

According to the warrant, in late February or early March the school employee confiscated the student’s cell phone. The student said when she got her phone back she realized the employee downloaded three pictures of her in a bathing suit.

The student also told detectives that the employee “was trying to set her up with a threesome involving (the employee) and his girlfriend.”

The employee spoke to a police detective and admitted taking the student’s phone but said he only sent ring tones from it to his phone. He also told investigators he responded to several text messages but did not know who he was sending the messages to.

Parents picking their children up from William Dandy Middle School were disturbed by the news.

“If he was caught doing that or if he admitted to doing it, he shouldn’t be allowed to work around kids period,” Charles Lambert told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

“Fourteen years old?” parent Lordeus Smith asked. “That’s kids. That’s kids. That’s not right.”

CBS4 News requested the School District evaluations of the employee. They show that he has worked for the District since at least 1997. He consistently received satisfactory ratings and was described as an asset to the school.

Detectives requested to search the cell phones of the employee and the student making the allegations. We do not know what investigators uncovered.

Comments (13)
  1. SUCKDHATBOY says:

    Aye Mr.Gainer next yall lol !

    1. Lala johnson says:

      BOL then mr.whitherspoon

  2. carol says:

    wow…i would NEVER work in an environment where an accusation…even a false one, can ruin my life.

    1. just a thought says:

      Stop being closed minded N judging poeple for other petty mistakes, Unless u feel guilty about something u done ??? so if u have kids ?? if & when they make One mistake should ppl say bad things of U ?? for not parenting correctly in the world eyes…… I say H to the E L L, Hell No. EveryOne at the End of the day makes there Own Choice. ……… I just saying, U do U (worry about yourself) N u B a okay. no matter where u live, work, or anything !!

  3. Jose R. Puig says:

    There are not enough words with which to describe my feelings regarding this incident! But I will definitely say the following: what is the world coming to? And what is our society coming to? Just when we all thought that school was a safe place! I mean really/ An employee openly talking about sex to 14-year-old! After all, she is just a child for goodness sake! A child! What’s next? School employees having sex with students in the hallways! Again I say, what is this world and our society coming to?

    1. Jose R. Puig says:

      Please disregard my request to repport my own comment it was done by accident

  4. Lala johnson says:

    Duhh who dont know that to be honest when i heard this i thought it was a rumor but its true……………

  5. Lala johnson says:

    Im just happy that im leaving that schoool this year seniors bbe

  6. Ro says:

    I’m just a child , just like that lady said . And it’s really sad . Because there are kids walking round school not on my side , saying it’s not all his faught . I think that is so Itiotic & very disturbing . But .. hey , every body dont think like me ………. Oh yeah , and Ringtones??????? Really ! LMAO . That’s the lamest excuse ever !

    1. Heart says:

      @Ro…..right ! like you and that lady said you are just a child , but children shouldn’t have inappropriate pictures in their phones. And not to take any sides or whatever, but coach kelly is always on his phone minding his business not messing with nobody. besides when i was going out there, he never took nobody phone he just always told me to put it away. Oh and not to get you mad or upset but when i was at dandy and still to this day people saying you “WILD”

  7. NiSHA says:

    smhh . i would of never thouqhtt stuff likeee this will, come as closee as my middlee school, jus when i thought dandy was ah good school, and all the security were there to protect us . wow, thats i negative, mybe its true cause every since i ben at dandy since 2007 coach kelly always be on his phone. lmao , why would he take somewun phone and send ringtones. wow

  8. Jessy says:

    All theese girls this man been messing with … And i know half of them ! im glad the lil girl came out and told . Why would a 14 year old wake up one day and say , Im gonna accuse my security of innapropriate talk today …. Doesent make sense . Mr.kelly stay messing with the girls at dillard , smh . Sombody needs to throw him UNDER the prison .

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