Trump Stump Draws Crowd In Boca Raton

BOCA RATON – ( -Donald Trump seemed to feel right at home before a Boca Raton Tea Party Tax Rally on Saturday addressing the issues the crowd feels strongly about. 

Trump says he’s pro life, opposes gun control, favors sealing our borders and is against President Obama’s health care legislation. 

But Trump says what needs to be remedied immediately is the way, in his view, foreign countries are taking advantage of the U.S. 

“If I run and win, our country will be respected again andChina, OPEC, and all of the many nations ripping off this great country of ours will be dealt with very, very differently,” Trump told the crowd. 

Thousands turned out in a small downtown park Saturday to see the debut of Trump on the stump. 

A day earlier, Trump sounded like a man preparing to run for the nation’s highest office. 

He was at a Centennial celebration for the Town of Palm Beachat Mar-a-Lago Friday criticizing President Obama’s foreign policy, healthcare plan and questioning the President’s birthplace. 

“He’s the worst president in the history of theUnited States,” Trump said in a ballroom glittering with gold accents and inlays. “He’s been a terrible president. It’s very important that he be replaced.” 

Trump even took a swipe at former President George W. Bush. 

“If it weren’t for George Bush we wouldn’t have Barack Obama,” Trump said. “(Bush) didn’t have a great presidency especially at the end and because of his actions and because of his aura it was very tough for a Republican to win (in 2008).” 

The questions continue to swirl around a possible Trump candidacy as a Republican for 2012. Trump refuses to commit saying he’ll decide by the beginning of June, which leads some to believe he is flirting with the presidency as a way to boost ratings for his show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” 

Trump dismissed that allegation too saying he’s so serious about a possible run that he cannot commit to an extension of the show. 

“I cannot make a decision yet and that’s a big commitment because you’re talking about a lot of money —  even for a rich person,” Trump told reporters.

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