WILTON MANORS (CBS4) – Kids In Distress serves those described in it’s name. It’s a safe haven for foster kids and promotes healthy families in the community.

“We’ve come across children that have been abandoned abused, left on the street. When I came to kids in distress I knew how important it was,” explained Randy Pelham, a Foster Parent and volunteer at Kids In Distress.

“Kids either go two ways when they’re on the street. They can either go bad and be a problem in the future or people can intervene now and they become successful down the road,” said Pelham.

Randy was inspired to get involved with the organization after dealing with cases of children in need through his job as a police officer.

“A couple of the kids that I encountered in need are my children now, a little boy and a little girl, six years old,” Pelham shared with CBS4’s Nicole Maristany.

In addition to finding permanent homes for children in foster care, Kids In Distress also provide a continuum of care for the families they serve.

“We just opened 12 operatory dental clinics and an optical clinic on our campus,” explained Mark Dhooge, the Chief Operating Officer of Kids In Distress.

The holistic approach translates into positive outcomes for families like Pelham’s.

They made not only made it easy for us to get involved, they made it easy for our family to be successful,” said Pelham.

Click here for more information about Kids In Distress or call Neighbors 4 Neighbors at (305) 597-4404.


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