MIRAMAR (CBS4) — The South Florida family of an aspiring rap artist who was killed in front of his family during a home invasion robbery will make a public plea for help in the solving the case.

The family of Raymond Adderly Jr. will join homicide detectives from the Miramar Police Department to talk about the unsolved murder which took place on December 14th, 2010.

Four months ago, several men confronted Adderley outside his home with his wife and kids by his side. Adderly was then slain inside his home in the 8300 block of Sherman Circle.

The robbers killed Adderly in front of his wife and three sons, ages 3, 5 and 7, just after the family had arrived home from a Christmas play, according to his brother-in-law, Gentry Chambers.

His mother, Kirtrina talked about the phone call she got from her daughter-in-law that night.

“I could hear her screaming for me to come and help Peanut (Raymond Adderly),” Kirtrina said. “And the little boys just screaming for their daddy and I was in disbelief at what I was hearing. I was thinking it was a nightmare.”

Police said his image might have led the killers to think he had more money, which wasn’t the case.

Kirtrina said the three boys are still traumatized and terrified by what they witnessed.

“As soon as it gets dark, they are so afraid,” Kirtrina said. “They just want to go to sleep. They keep asking for their daddy.”

For now, Kirtrina and Adderly’s brothers and uncles, all they can do is pray someone will come forward with a clue to solve this crime.

“Someone out there knows who did this to my son,” Kirtrina said. “It just won’t ever be the same for me again. To know my child is no longer here and the way it was done, and his life just snatched away from him.”

Police urge anyone with information on this crime to call Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS (8477).

Comments (2)
  1. yokolee says:

    Show us a picture of the rapper

  2. Jose Rivera says:

    If the wife witnessed everything, what else is there? She didnt see the men? She cant provide a description? I mean, they have their witness…

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