SUNRISE (CBS4)  – South Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz returned to South Florida Tuesday to show her support for the Urban Area Security Initiative, which could be severely curtailed in the new 2011 federal budget.

Wasserman Schultz was a signatory on a bipartisan letter that sought to keep 39 high risk urban areas from losing funding used to “coordinate efforts against homeland security threats.”

But, much of the focus on Wasserman Schultz is for her newest role, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

President Barack Obama selected Wasserman Schultz for the job last week much to the surprise of the congresswoman.

“When it became a possibility, and I was asked if it was something I would have an interest in; I said yes that I would,” Wasserman Schultz said. “But there were a lot of other people who would be interested in it also. So I was actually quite surprised.”

Wasserman Schultz already has quite a bit on her plate. She’s a wife, mother, Congresswoman and now DNC chair. Still, she said has plenty of energy for the new job and is humbled, honored, and ready to get to work.

“I’m a gimme the ball kind of person,” Wasserman Schultz said. “I am someone who very much wants to be fully immersed in trying to advance our agenda.”

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  1. TSR says:


    Dear Ms. Wasserman Schultz you were elected to Congress as a representative for this District … You are supposed to represent all the people in this District as their representative to Congress … This is NOT a part time position … it IS a FULL TIME responsiblity …

    By accepting the position as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee you are NOT fullfilling your responsibility to represent our District fulltime …

    In fact, you are moving from a position of representing all persons of this
    District … to a position were you are a POLITICAL PARTISAN 100% of the time … as the face of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY …

    You were elected to represent all the people in the District, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, Independents, or non voters … you were not elected to represent any political party !

    You can NOT properly represent this Disrict … which requires your fulltime attention and responsibility … and hold the Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committe …

    Choose one position or the other … to do both damages the Districts’ representation in Congress.

    1. phyllis says:

      Get over it!

  2. TSR says:


    We need good people … we do not need SUPER PARTISAN politicians …

    Unfortunately DWS has moved to the latter … it appears that she can not see

    the diiference between representing all the people in the Distict in Congress and

    representing a POLITICAL PARTY as a SUPER PARTISAN …

    The District needs her FULL TIME attention in Washington …

    NOW more than ever … instead she chooses this time give us PART TIME

    attention … so she can become a SUPER PARTISAN

  3. steve says:

    aother Rich person going after the , and lapdog for Nancy

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