MIAMI (CBS4) — Bored with your bunions? Are your arches less than golden? Do you have an Achilles heel? More and more women are turning to cosmetic foot surgery in order to look better in shoes.

Women’s shoes have become a 19-billion dollar a year industry and with the rise in popularity of high heels, more women are tip-toeing, literally, towards getting feet that won’t hurt at the end of the day.

It’s called the Cinderella Procedure and it involves narrowing the foot medically.

“I had the beginning of bunions,” said 63-year-old Natalie Fleming. “It limited me to what shoes I can wear so if I was walking or standing any length of time, my feet would be killing me,” explained Fleming who will finally be able to wear high heels on her daughter’s wedding day.

Call it vain or call it pain, Natalie sought help from foot surgeon Dr. Ali Sadrei who created the Cinderella Procedure.

“It’s a kind of surgery that involves addressing the form and function of the foot,” said Dr. Sadrei.

Basically, the procedure narrows your feet and gets rid of bunions.

“It is cosmetic in the end but it just look better and inside it’s just a lot healthier and it’s going to last me the rest of my life,” said Fleming.

For the perfect ten, toe shortening will fix hammertoes. If you want to get rid of that fat on your body, you can put it on your feet.

“We transfer fat from one part of the body to the ball of the foot so the patient can wear their shoes without discomfort,” explained Dr. Sadrei. “Doctors like me are saying here’s a newer procedure that allows the patient to have less risk, easier recovery process, and we can intervene preventively.”

Some insurance covers bunion surgery while adding padding to the bottom of your feet can cost 5-hundred dollars or more out of pocket. Toe shortening can cost anywhere from 5-hundred to 15-hundred dollars per toe.


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