MIAMI (CBS4) – While Congress and the President celebrated the $39 billion in cuts to the 2011 federal budget, many were waiting on the details of the expected draconian cuts before making a decision. The cuts were finally revealed Tuesday and will have a deep impact on the Sunshine State.

Jackson Health Systems, and other public hospitals, stand on the verge of collapse. But don’t look to the federal government for help if community health care centers are needed.

According to a spreadsheet of the government cuts in the 2011 budget obtained by the Wall Street Journal, community health care centers are set to lose $890 million in funding when compared to what was requested.

But that’s just one of the many health and human services funding cuts are coming from.

The new budget deal will cut $1.1 billion from HIV/Aid, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention. Research into emerging infectious diseases lost $277 million.

And as more people struggle to pay skyrocketing medical costs, the USDA’s WIC program suffered major funding reduction. The WIC program provides grants to states for supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income women.

WIC will see its budget slashed by $855 million.

When hurricanes start to take aim at Florida, FEMA will have to work more with less. FEMA First Responder grants were cut by $816 million and the FEMA National Predisaster Mitigation Fund lost $50 million.

And speaking of hurricanes, NOAA’s operations, research, and facilities budget lost $115 million, while NOAA’s procurement, acquisition, and construction budget lost $849 million.

Everglades National Park will remain open, the National Park Service will have to make do with a cut of $112 million to its funding. Climate change programs will lose $116 million and the U.S. Geological Survey will be cut by $48 million.

South Florida is a popular destination for tourists, but the TSA is not immune to the budget axe. TSA Aviation Security lost $340 million.

In addition, despite many calls for immigration reform, the budget will have cuts of $239 million to U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services in the Homeland Security department.

When it comes to energy and water, don’t look for much research into renewable energy. The 2011 appropriation for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy lost $550 million. But, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission did get a $76 million hike in funding.

Even the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will see a significant budget cut. Compared to what was initially requested, the FAA Facilities and Equipment budget will be cut by $234 million.

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  1. Larry C. says:

    If Wacko D.C. had not put the foot down on the petal on spending for some of the most “IDIOTIC” things that the people of this nation did not need, LIKE the so-called Health-Care Law. There is so much garbage that Wacko D.C. can get rid of, and as for me, and my house we are part of “WE THE PEOPLE”, and we make up the the electorate. Get your house in ORDER WACKO D>C> Every single family in this nation lives on a budget, why can’t we get one done up there? The blame game is over. Get the cuts in place, and do not delay anymore OKAY!!!!!

  2. Tom G says:

    I do not understand it. Cut all aid to illegal aliens and we will save over 100 Billion dollars a year across our country. I think Chairman Moabama is trying to save their vote for the next election..

    1. Michelle Carfaro says:

      Probably not considering non-citizens cannot vote, obviously. . . The ‘billion dollars’ is an interesting (but pretend) number imagined up to scare you. The truth is that immigrants (illegal and otherwise) more than make up revenues from assistance programs in taxes and purchases. (Yes illegal aliens pay taxes, in fact more than you or me)

  3. Matt says:

    Another place where money can be saved is Foreign Aid. Ladies and gentlemen, you would not believe how much money is wasted(putting it mildly)by the USA with buying influence. Buying influence also means US Corporations setting up sweat shops in countries where we want to gain influence or a US presence. The USA uses these jobs as a back-door way of gaining political clout(hold these monies/jobs)over the ruling party of a government where normal diplomatic channels don’t or won’t work.

  4. E. J. Marquez says:

    The US is the only country in the world where illegal aliens can retire without having to put anything into the system. Where else can you find such a deal anywhere else? I am for suspending SSI, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits to those aliens which have not put a day’s work in this country. Just think how much we will save!

    1. Carlos Rodriguez says:

      Just to to let you know…illegal aliens do not get social security benefits or Medicare <—–these two programs require payments into the the social security program, but you are right on the SSI (Supplimental Security Income) program and medicaid program which are programs that are funded through the federal dollars alloted to each state.

  5. rayboy says:

    Where do you get the figure of 100 billion a year? Made it up?

    If we just get rid of the tax cuts for the rich, we will save over a trillion in the next ten years.

    How does an illegal retire? Do they get social security, medicare, or what?

    It isn’t the illegals who caused the problems. It’s the bankers with their greed in the housing market and the fact that the average CEO today makes about 250 time as much as the average worker.

    I love how the lemmings are duped by the rich righties and blame illegals and teachers for the frigging econmomic problems

    1. JJ says:

      i’d like to see where the $100billion figure comes from myself

    2. speachless says:

      Have you not been listening? It doesn’t matter what the tax rate is; as long as we have loop-holes and exemptions people will use them to pay little to no taxes. We have to change the tax code not the rate. And, do you know that not only do people in the lower income brackets not pay taxes but we will “refund” money that they never paid into the system. A person here from Germany with a spouse and 2 children who earn less thant $40K a year will pay maybe $566 into the system and get over $3K in free money from the IRS as a “tax return.” It boggles the mind doesn’t it. Welcome to the land of FREE.

  6. Tom says:

    @speachless is on the right track.. we need to get rid of Income Tax and the IRS.. all ‘taxes’ should be collected through sales tax .. no loopholes on sales tax and everyone pays their fair share. You have more money, you buy more product and, in turn, pay more taxes.. simple and fair ..

  7. Sandra Dorn says:

    It is very easy to fix the Federal budget. Here is the new “Green Budget”:
    Every person and company pays 15% income tax. There are no longer any deductions or itemizations. Money located anywhere in the world is taxed. Individuals can take 5% off of that if they vote in the Federal Election.
    No Federal subsidies are paid to any company that is profitable.
    No Federal agency can hire more than 800 people in Washington DC.
    The Pentagon gets $300B per year.
    Any other country that gets Federal military or social aid gets a bill for it and if they can’t pay it will turn into an interest bearing loan.
    Every resident of the US gets $300/mo. for medical help. It is no longer legal for a medical provider to operate if they do not provide at least three $300/mo. insurance programs. It is illegal for a medical provider to use exclusions. If you make over $300,000.00 per year you do not get this.
    Every agency must post its use-of-funds budget online for comments 6 months before they get to use their money. The Federal OMB office would have police authority to prosecute abuse.
    Believe it or not, that would pretty much fix our budget problems!

  8. Izzy says:

    This is beyond sad. Its a horrortrip. Stop spending money on the “war of terror” —-open your eyes. Spend your money on your own people. Education. The working class going to the doctor without paying it off for 5 years after. WIC? desperately needed. Planned parenthood? even more so. The problem is here and always will be: GREED. Uncontrolled government spending. A minimum wage employee giving money to medicaid? ABSURD!! The cost of living has gone up by so much that the average “income” doesn’t balance out to even the least bit. Immigration laws? all messed up. I’m an immigrant but the wet foot dry foot rule is beyond illogic. People abusing the system while others pay for them with their 7.31 an hour “salary”…..Its a disaster and never ending…..and ALL OF IT STARTS WITH GREED!!! And who suffers??? The people that need it the most,… for the idiots that dont give two sh*** about them……humanity, what is up?

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