Hundreds Rally In Hallandale Beach For Peace In Israel

HALLANDALE BEACH (CBS4) – Hundreds gathered at Gulfstream Park Monday night to peacefully protest the brutal murder of a family in Israel, reportedly at the hands Palestinian terrorists.

Exactly one month ago, attackers broke into the home of Udi and Ruth Fogel. The murderers first stabbed the couple, them moved to their four and five year boys and their sleeping 3 month old daughter, killing them all.

“We’re all here because we are astounded that something like this could happen,” said demonstrator Diana Sragowicz.

The former chief of staff for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Miami-based Consul General for Israel spoke at the rally, condemning the increasing attacks on Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

“We are calling on the international community to put the pressure on Hamas to cease the violence, because there will be no peace as long as terrorists activities continue…and organizations operate freely within Palestinian territories,” said Ofer Bavly, Consul General for Israel.

The activists hope news of their peaceful demonstration will raise awareness and prompt solidarity in calls for justice.

  • osmel

    Well, cant be peace without justice. first they have to live Palestina, then let talk about peace

    • Larry

      Israel continues to expand settlements in the Palestinian territoires despite international condemnation of this practice, including the United States, and then they say they want peace, No justice No Peace..

  • Carlo

    Thank god for Israel, a peaceful country that is attacked every day and yet continues to give jobs and services to the attackers.

  • jorge

    sorry thats israels rightful home …..

  • Marc R

    The so-called building of existing “settlements” are just an excuse for killing Jews! What was the excuse before 1967, before Israel won the war and took BACK the land of the Jewish people? The justice must come from the leaders of the so-called Palestinian people who have stolen billions of aid dollars and kept their people in poverty and slums. There is always a good excuse to blame the Jews!

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