HOMESTEAD – (CBS4) – A Homestead man faces two counts of cruelty to animal charges after police say he tied two dogs to a tree and let them hang there until two people saw it and threatened to call police.

Jorge Guzman-Zubiaur, 49, faced a judge Monday morning who ordered him held on $20,000 bond.

Police say two people screamed and yelled at Guzman-Zubiaur to bring down the two dogs that appeared to be in distress when the incident occurred sometime at 6 p.m. Sunday at 16001 SW 281st St.

“Both witnesses stated they screamed and yelled at [Guzman-Zubiaur] telling him to cut the ropes and free the dogs,” the police report states.

After they threatened to call police, Guzman-Zubiaur agreed to free both dogs. It turned out to be too late for one of them. Police say the Doberman pinscher died because of the cruel treatment.

The other dog – a Dalmatian – was injured and taken by animal services.

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  1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    Let’s tie him to a tree, until his friends make Bail (=$2,000) and see what happens to Jorge Guzman-Zubiar.

    Another suggestion is for Jorge to go to ANIMAL SERVICES, too

    1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “I worship the quicksand he walks in.”
      – Art Buchwald

    2. drmichaelgray says:

      Great idea!!!

      1. drmichaelgray says:


        Let’s tie him to a tree, until his friends make Bail (=$2,000) and see what happens to Jorge Guzman-Zubiar.

        That is the GREAT IDEA I am speaking of.

      2. rych says:

        Jorge should get elected dog catcher

    3. Nate says:

      I wish people felt this disgusted and alarmed about abortions. Imagine hanging a baby from a tree instead of aborting it in a doctor’s office. It’s really the same end result

      1. cs says:

        You are an idiot, keep your stupid ideas to your self.

      2. david says:

        ummm no its not the same you scared follower of god. All you are just nut jobs who are scared to death of living life to the fullest. I wish there was a hell so you could go there

      3. Suzanne says:

        Fortunately we don’t have to choose.

      4. Steven says:

        Very true. These idiots will cry about a few trees being uprooted, but babies tossed in a trash can? Eh, no problem. $250, please.

      5. msc says:

        Well said Nate! There’s more anger vented at the killing of animals than the delay slaughter of babies in this country. Very sad.

      6. Robert Smith says:

        I don’t think he’s an idiot. It’s not THAT different. One doesn’t necessarily have to be a religious nut to agree with the science that abortions are still killing. I guess it’s easy to just accuse someone of being a religious nut than actually think about what they are saying.

      7. G says:

        How does striving to save the life of an unborn child imply being a religious nut? All life should be respected. Period.

      8. Tom More says:

        It would be nice to have a conversation with a pro-abortion person about why they believe a new born baby has rights but just moments before birth they do not.

        Unfortunately they don’t talk. They yell irrationally. It’s as if they’re incapable of having their beliefs questioned, though they accuse others of blindly following dogma.


      9. y snider says:

        I wish some one would have aborted this animal abuser!

      10. Jason Ryan Windon says:

        I disagree, the dogs are more than a bundle of stem cells…

      11. Kelly says:

        You are pathetic. God left something out of your soul, Nate.

      12. CSM says:

        Actually, allowing a child to be born to someone who can’t or doesn’t want to take care of it and raise it with love is more equal to hanging a baby from a tree than an abortion is. How about you stick to the topic and keep your comments about the female uterus and what they do with them to yourself? That’s a great idea, Nate.

      13. vicki says:

        This is an article about abuse of dogs not abortion, but since you brought it up how many children that were brought into this world by mothers that couldn’t care for them have you adopted? Since you’re against abortion, I can only assume you’ve opened your heart and home up to the children that were born instead of being aborted. Y’know, those babies that are addicted to drugs at birth, have severe disabilities, are the product of incest and rapes, and were gifted onto women whose men abandoned them when they got pregnant. How many have you helped? Are you also one of those people who complain about ‘welfare mothers and the drain on society that they’re creating’ ?
        Unless you’ve ever been in the horrible position where you need to consider having an abortion, you shouldn’t have a decision about it.

      14. Bullfeathers says:

        How many of those non-aborted babies have you adopted so far?

      15. alrightythen says:

        Nate, ever been raped and forced to have your rapist baby?? let me know when and we will talk.

      16. Kat says:

        Lovely, leave it to some rabid pro-lifer to come on here smacking of self righteousness. How about the unwanted children in this country who are abused and neglected and living in poverty without health care because idiot conservatives could care less about the kids once they are on the ground. Wake up Nate, hypocrites like you have no right to speak until you reconcile your pathetically contradictory beliefs.

      17. Michael says:

        # Tom More: No one is “pro abortion”. Abortion is ugly and sad. People who are pro choice wish for less abortion, just like you do. We just think it isn’t murder, and that it shouldn’t be a crime.

        And why do we believe a newborn baby has rights but just moments before birth they do not? That is kind of like asking why can’t a person consent to sex a few hours before turning 18. You have to draw the line somewhere, and the law says you can’t consent unless you’re 18, and it says you have rights once you are born. Rabid anti-abortion people think that a few cells should have rights. Most reasonable people don’t. Reasonable people can see that cells should not have rights and babies should have rights. Just like 18 year olds can consent to sex and 17 year olds can’t.

      18. David Bruce Feldman says:

        one has nothing to do with the other…oh, its ok to hang dogs, but not babies…are you nuts…

      19. Marie says:

        Nate, is there a reason why you think that if someone is outraged my animal abuse that they may not be outraged by abortions as well? But this article is about animal abuse, NOT abortion.

      20. Stuart says:

        So strange how people here can humanize an animal while at the same time dehumanize a person (a few/mass of cells). Mass killings of people always start with a process of dehumanizing the victims. Over a million unborn baby humans are killed out of public sight each year – if this was observable by the public the humanity could not be disguised and the practice would stop. Auschwitz was put in the remote Polish countryside for a reason…

      21. stan says:

        this is about animal cruelty! not about abortion.Can you read?
        Why peolpe bring abortion issue all time- any subject,always abortion.

      22. Heather says:

        An embryo isn’t a baby. An embryo also isn’t as developed as a dog. For example a dog is capable of learning and experiencing pain. An embryo isn’t. It’s not until the later stages of pregnancy, long past the embryo stage(and the legal period for an abortion), that the nervous system is developed enough for the fetus to experience pain. If you’d bother to look at census data, read local laws, and read research based articles about prenatal development you’d understand that A. baby killing isn’t legally happening (you can’t legally abort a healthy fetus that is considered “viable”) and B. a dog, or a farm animal for that matter, is much more deserving of sympathy than something so completely undeveloped.

      23. KansasGirl says:

        Heather, how do you know a fetus doesn’t feel pain?

        Good grief, you are a truly sick individual.

    4. Rych says:

      naughty dogs cannot be allowed to get away with mischief. These dogs did not want to listen to Jorge when he scolded them. Once when I was visiting my friend Jorge, the Doberman would not stop chewing on the couch. No matter how many times Jorge said “no no Chulo!” he would noi stop. Sometimes a rolled up newspaper is not enough.

    5. Frank says:

      Look, I am serious here, I am Korean, born and raised South of Seoul. Asians from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Korea etc., eat tens of thousands of dogs every single day. I don’t know why moderators deleted my previous posts. Here in America, thousands of Asians eat dog, what this guy dud is nothing.

      1. Kat says:

        Just because lack of civility exists in certain cultures doesn’t mean that it should be condoned or excuse ILLEGAL acts of animal cruelty. Asian cultures have traditionally treated animals brutally. It doesn’t mean that it is acceptable.

  2. Homestead resident says:

    Was the Dalmation taken to Miami Dade Animal Services? I am interested in finding this dog a loving home.

    1. kelly says:

      you better hurry i hear that they are cosing to “clean” and killing all animals broght there, espically large dogs.

      1. Homestead resident says:

        I checked the MDAS database of adoptable pets and they do not currently have any Dalmations listed. That’s why I’m wondering exactly what facility they took this one to.

      1. Curious says:

        Was the Doberman Pincher that this man killed also your dog?

      2. rych says:

        hot dog!

      3. Patty says:

        Why was this man hanging YOUR dog? Why was it left in a yard of a home that no one lives in? Why weren’t you there all those nights while he whined barked and cried because he was hungry and lonely? I fed your dog as did the other neighbors! You should be in jail too! I watched “your dog” die…She was a beautiful dog! The man claims he was giving them a bath. How do you give a dog a bath with no shampoo, the house has no electric did it have water? I saw no hose! I WATCHED THIS DOG DIE A TERRIBLE DEATH! I Hate myself because I could not save her.

    2. keith says:

      The dogs will be held until after the criminal trial is completed. I’m sure they will need a foster home for the Dalmatian though.

      1. Thank you says:

        I admire Patty for calling the police to protect those dogs. She took action and protected animals that could not protect themselves. She saved the life of one of the dogs. We should all be so brave to stand up against cruelty- against animals or against people.

      2. ben dayhoe says:

        Where are they holding the dead dog?


    hang that fool.don’t take him to jail.

    1. Kenneth Campbell says:

      I say hang him too but by the toes and not the neck. Let the crows finish him off.


  4. Don says:

    Now, Let’s hand him from a tree and see how long he last…………

    1. yami sanchez says:

      probably longer than u

      1. Sendthemback says:

        just another illegal mexican that should not be here. you both should go back. we dont need you.

      2. Davy Sprockett says:

        Send all those stinking illegals back ariba, ariba, undelay, undelay – I’d rather have ALL of Mexico’s dogs in America than 1 worthless illegal. blech

      3. Crystal says:

        why didnt u stop him, are u proud, cuz ur sick if u are, and u should be in the cell with him!!!!!!!!

      4. janet-Dog lover says:

        Apparently you are a heartless no good. Like the other post states, go back where you came from.. you aren’t needed here. You have no soul

  5. FYI says:

    What about the other charges?
    Sex: M Race: W Eye: BRO Weight: 210 Lbs
    DOB: 02/05/1962 Hair: BLK Height: 5′ 8″
    Booking Information
    Jail Number: 110025187 IDS: 2556858 Loc: PTDC
    Date Booked: 04/10/2011 Time Booked: 22:41

    Case(s) Information
    Case Number: F11009452 Bond: $ 20000**
    Comment Case: CNT1&2 10000
    Warrant Case: F10017792 Desc: See remarks below Bond: N/A **

    1. zenbuckaroo says:

      They also love to eat kimchee. I love kimchee. am I Korean too?

  6. Oscar says:

    He should be hanged from a tree by his testicles.This man is a monster.He is also a coward.He should try to do it to man his size and see what happens to him.But what can you expect from a man from Homestead of all places.

    1. Itchik says:

      Then why don’t you explain? Tell us how hanging a dog from a tree is a way of “saving” it. Explain. We’re waiting.

    2. UPSTANDING citizen says:

      Of course he wasn’t. He was a drug dealing scumbag and deserves to rot in jail. I hope he’s thrown away for years. As for worthless property owners such as yourself, Hopefully if you visit they can drag you in there with him,

    3. Jason Ryan Windon says:

      Yami, he is a coward… and i am willing to bet not that well educated either. please explain your extremely stupid comment to us all. And instead giving him the treatment the dogs had, let he and I have 10 minutes with no rules or consequences…

    4. janet-Dog lover says:

      Yami, learn how to spell. I bet you cant even speak english

  7. Idea says:

    We should gather people like this guy, the fraudsters, and other felons and load up a boat and ship them back to Fidel if they are found guilty in the court of law. A reverse Mariel Boatlift. That way the hardworking honest Cubans can live in peace without those people making them look bad.

    1. Guess Who says:

      All two of them?

  8. judyf2 says:

    Where is this guy from??? – hanging dogs from trees is a common practice in SPAIN! When hunters are done with their dogs (Galagos) for the season they hang them from a tree to die because they ‘can’t’ afford to feed them until next hunting season. It is a disgusting practice and one major reason I will never travel to Spain.

    1. carmelo salmantino says:

      The following quote is untrue
      “hanging dogs from trees is a common practice in SPAIN! When hunters are done with their dogs (Galagos) for the season they hang them from a tree to die because they ‘can’t’ afford to feed them until next hunting season. It is a disgusting practice and one major reason I will never travel to Spain.”
      There are things to criticizie about the Spanish perhaps, but I never saw galgos hanged. Galgos don’t need to be fed – they hunt rats, mice, rabbits, squirrels, etc and feed themslkesves in the wild when not working as greyhounds/sighthounds. They are impressive dogs.

  9. Carlos says:

    Yall need to jump on the multi-culturalism wagon ,man. You closed minded types are not embracing other cultures as you should. Be inclusive, celebrate our differances!

    1. gman says:

      Carlos you get it, LOL, but remember the Obama doctrine won’t apply in this case, they are only dogs afterall.

    2. BillinCA says:

      He’s in our cultural atmosphere, so he needs to follow our laws. If you want to celebrate culture differences then you need to go where that activity is acceptable to it’s society and doesn’t goes against the laws of the land.

      I am no PETA wacko, but c’mon, are you really defending this guy’s actions?

    3. jerryjeff says:

      You need to jump on the wagon that ships you out of the US.
      I am sick of people playing this “multi-cultural” card like it’s the new “race card.”

      1. Carlos says:

        Dang, Jerry Jeff,we had a big “diversity” class in my workplace to teach me all this a couple of years ago ,,,are you suggesting that some cultures are supierior to others?

    4. D-Vid-Edit says:

      How about, this is the USA….you’re welcome to come here legally, but you damn well better learn to assimilate and obey our laws. You can celebrate your culture and be proud of where you’re from, but don’t forget where you’re living and to honor the free country you reside in.

      Hanging animals from trees and abusing/killing them is not accepted in the USA. Don’t like it Carlos, then you know where the door is.

      This goes for any culture/race/creed…. celebrate but assimilate into our country.

      1. Kelly says:

        I’m about as left of center as you can find, but I agree with you DVid-Edit. We are a nation of laws, responsibilities, and ethics. Observe these, or go away. BTW, I suspect that “Carlos” does not believe what he is saying, and is just trying to whip up frenzy, but I think that you are taking the conversation down the correct road.

      2. janet-Dog lover says:


        You said it perfectly..I salute you

  10. Jakl says:

    Hang him by his testes

  11. Abe says:

    He has the right idea. I wish they were rottweilers, pit bulls, or bulldogs. These animals have no place in a civilized nation. They kill kids and babies every year. They also attack and kill adults. All of you that love them and are sympathetic to them should be shipped off to an island with your dirty, nasty, filthy, and disgusting dogs. I hate when I go for a walk and I am confronted with someone’s pit bull that got loose.

    1. localsavage says:

      You are an idiot. I have a bulldog and it is scared of it shadow. By far the nicest dog I’ve ever owned.

    2. Maine Man says:

      how could you say such a thing they should hang you and him like he did those dogs. the dogs you listed are good dogs most of them are raised to fight by drug heads who think they are cool to have a fighting dog

    3. Greaser says:

      I’d love to see my rot eat your face

      1. Frank says:

        Rots taste great! Nothing better than baked rot with a side of rice!

    4. jerryjeff says:

      Look up the stats ABE, chows and poodles are more prone to attack/bite. Most of the cases you hear about dealing with the three breeds you mentioned are because the OWNERS raised them to be savages. Four of the friendliest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of meeting were American Standard and Staffordshire Pits. YOU should be shipped to an island.
      I’ll bet you are a “cat person,” huh?

      1. tig says:

        True, had a chow and very mean. had to keep a constant eye on him. never bit a woman, but hated men.

    5. Ray says:

      Kids and babies should be seen from a distance IMO. I love dogs a lot better, including Rottweilers, pitbulls and especially bulldogs. I own a Belgium Malinois. I’ve never had a dog get loose on me in the over 30 years of owning dogs. I know there are many irresponsible pet owners and I’m sympathetic to those who want to enjoy a peaceful walk without being harrassed by loose dogs. BTW, I’d rather be licked by a dog than your diseased child where I can surely catch something. IDIOT.

    6. Kandi says:

      Ahhh yes and here is the idiot who must bring up Pits. I had a Pit for a long time, nicest dog ever never hurt a soul, now I have a purebred Dachsund and guess what he did when my 8 year old sons friend came over to play? Why yes he bit him!

      1. Dina says:

        Why don’t we ever hear of cocker spaniels, boston terriers, etc. killing anyone? Obviously, pits are bred to be killers….and it will eventually turn on someone. As for getting bit by a dashshund, a little bite is not like the damage a pit can do.

    7. Lily says:

      Stupid people create aggressive dogs. Are you sure you don’t own any Abe? You seem pretty stupid.

  12. Snoop dog says:

    Should have smoked some of that ganja and listened tp Pearljam…
    one, two, three, four, five against one
    five, five, against one
    said one, two, three, four, five against one
    five, five…five, five…five against one
    torture from you to me
    abducted from the street
    i’d rather be…
    i’d rather be with…
    i’d rather be with an animal

  13. Htos1 says:

    You motherf’er!Let’s hope you meet inmates with my attitude,animals and children are NOT touched,ever.

    1. lee says:

      Right on! Bless the beasts and the children

    2. Steve says:

      Except when they are “inconvenient” are we abort them.

      1. friend of unborn says:

        Glad that someone remembers the babies that are mutilated and murdered daily in this country. Killing dogs is wrong but babies …that’s legal. This will catch up with us. Thanks Steve

      2. Kelly says:

        Look. Nobody really “likes” abortion. Nobody enjoys seeing a fetus terminated. But when a woman who doesn’t have another choice does this (and its almost always before nerve endings even exist), its between her and God.

        Torturing a conscious, fully developed dog is different. Do you get the difference? Are you capable of grasping the difference? Jesus.

  14. NeoKong says:

    Sounds like a little drug abuse was going on here.
    Nobody does that sober.

  15. CMOM says:

    GMAN, these are living and breathing things. We humans who are supposed to be smarter should know better. Inhumane behavior against animals is perverted!! NO matter what your culture — shows cowardice!!

    1. Carlos says:

      In his culture this may be perfectly acceptable. Diversity makes us stronger. Don’t be judgemental, man.

      1. lee says:

        Well then he has no soul

      2. KansasGirl says:

        Carlos, you are sick.

      3. Dina says:

        No! Celebrate RIGHT ACTIONS, not EVIL PRACTICES. NO! Diversity does not make anyone stronger. It is just the opposite, for a divided house will not stand. I don’t care what the PC people say. It has never worked and never will. Assimilate! If you don’t like our laws and our ways, leave just like you came in.

      4. Brian says:

        No need to assimilate,eh Carlos?As Americans our differences do make us stronger but to come here with no intention of assimilating makes us weaker.Honor killings,sharia law in the muslim world cannot and will never work here for example.

      5. Frank says:

        Yes, maybe he is Asian. Maybe he likes to eat dog, c’mon, get a grip.

    2. lee says:

      Sure doies. It also shows that he has no consicience.

  16. jerryjeff says:

    I’ve said again and again…The OWNERS need to be licensed, not the animals.

  17. Ryan says:

    I hope this bag of human feces suffers in his last moments. I hope he cries and begs for his pitiful life. I hope in his last days he realizes what a waste of life he really is.

    1. Eric says:

      Dude – get a life. It was cruel but it was just a dog. Take an anger management course – you have the same problem he has.

      1. Amber says:

        Next time it’ll be “just your kid”. Loser.

      2. Kelly says:

        You ARE a loser, Eric.

  18. rob4 says:

    Another illegal immigrant carrying out his barbaric customs, debasing our country and probably in the long run lowering our standards. Just deport his ass. Oh wait. The Obama Administration won’t allow us to do that….

  19. John says:

    What’s wrong with these crazy animals that pretend to be people. Man, put these creeps in shelters and let the dogs have their homes. How about a law that says, cruelty to animals, lose your residence it happens in. !!! Be enough mnoney then from the sales to care for more animals. And put these creeps in jail or on the street where they belong. They make me sick !

  20. leo says:

    The cops that arrested him should be busted for racism. After all he is an illegal immigrant. They were obviously discriminating against him.

    1. Punisher says:

      You are an idiot….he wasn’t busted for being a immigrant…he was busted for what he did to those dogs. People really need to read what they write before they post it…because some of these posts are really stupid and childish….posts should be about the article at hand….he didn’t hang babies so lets keep the kid comments out of this.

      1. Ruright says:

        Leo was joking!

  21. LeeRoy Brown says:

    Should have mandatory enlistment for such cruelty. Then send him to Afghanistan for a few tours of duty checking dirt paths for mines.

    1. Amber says:

      The military doesn’t want pieces of crap like this, come on.

  22. morgang says:

    Take him out.

  23. AAA says:

    Funny how everyone demands the most severe of punishment for this man…for what he did to a couple of “dogs.” Yet, there is no outcry half as powerful as you people’s for child abusers/sex offenders. Only in the wonderfully PERVERTED state of Florida.

    1. D-Vid-Edit says:

      AAA, you’re obviously not a dog owner. I believe most of us would react the same way if he were hanging children from tree branches.

      Pets give love unconditionally, they didn’t ask to be hung by the damn tree, and certainly can’t defend themselves against this third world turd.

      I must admit, there’s just way too much strange $hit that happens in Florida for me to ever consider moving there. I don’t know how people can live in a state that makes the news so often with oddball horrific stories.

      Los Angeles is bad, and we have our freaks, but damn Florida, you get the prize for dysfunction. Nice beaches with white sand but some f’d up people for sure.

    2. Amber says:

      Animal abuse and child abuse are related, they start with animals and move up to kids.

    3. Kelly says:

      I’m unclear–You’re pro-animal abuse, but anti-child abuse? I think that moral, responsible people should strongly be against both.

  24. Robin says:

    I truly hope he dies.

  25. JT says:

    Carlos/Abe–you are sick sick men. The fact the you can justify or ENCOURAGE this monster’s actions is beyond the pale. Have you ever owned a dog???? They are more loving, compassionate and loyal than any human could ever hope to be. YOU two and this man are the dirty, nasty, filthy, disgusting ones, not the dogs. And carlos this is AMERICA. Not mexico, not spain or any other country where they torture animals. You wanna be in this country? Live by OUR laws and respect OUR customs.

    Homestead resident, if you do find any info on the dalmatian, please post any ways to help on this thread. If you do decided to adopt him/her, I am sure many of us here would be happy to help you with costs.

    1. Carlos says:

      Are you saying,, diversity,,,really does not make us stronger?

      1. BillinCA says:

        In this case, yes!

      2. Kelly says:

        I’m saying that you are deeply, deeply flawed as a human..

    2. lee says:

      Welll said! We are lucky to have the company of dogs in this world. I can’t imagine my life without them.

    3. Punisher says:

      People like carlos and Abe just write crap like that to get a rise out of everyone …the best thing we all can do is not say anything about the stupidity that flows from their lips.

  26. Joe says:

    Well that was a common training practice for guard dogs back in the day. Not that it was right, just common. And it was done out in the open for anyone who passed the trainer’s property to see.

  27. JT says:

    Of course diversity makes of stronger. Diversity that is positive and encourages growth. Not diversity that tortures, is illegal and offends 99.9% of a given culture. Am completely blown away that you are pulling the race card on this — we are talking about a life! In this country, animals are family to be loved and protected.

    1. Carlos says:

      I didn’t mention race, YOU did. I was taught about the value of multi-culturalism. So do you think there is a racial component to this issue?

      1. KansasGirl says:

        Why would you defend the action of this racial make-up? You are a large part of the problem.

  28. bobbcat says:

    @Homestead resident “I checked the MDAS database of adoptable pets and they do not currently have any Dalmations listed. That’s why I’m wondering exactly what facility they took this one to.”

    I wonder if they wait a few days to list them. I’d check the database a few more times if I were you.

  29. Russ says:

    We need a huge national purge. Lower all threshholds way down and jack up all punishments until people like this either learn to behave, or are no more.

  30. Stringfellow Hawke says:

    Serial killers start by killing animals. Just saying.

    1. Roger says:

      Serial Killers start by killing animals as CHILDREN. This man was no child.

  31. Alec says:

    I don’t condone this guy’s actions but I find it a little unbelievable that stories like this cause such reactions when every day, babies are tortured and killed through the government sponsored act of abortion.

  32. Wondering says:

    Interesting how the comments are all in English. The Galgos revelation makes me curious as to what the non-Anglo take on this story is. Seeing how white non-hispanics are a minority in Dade County, wonder how long before the laws change to make this practice legal.

  33. forever says:

    u know wat f u

  34. Steve says:

    Meanwhile, across town, an abortion doctor is crushing skulls, tearing limbs from torsos, cutting spinal cords with scissors and injecting caustic chemicals into helpless babies because the mother couldn’t be inconvenienced with another puppy -er, I mean baby! Couldn’t be inconvenienced with a baby!

    Where’s the passion now?

    1. Roger says:

      Crawl back under your rock Steve.

      What does that have to do with ANYTHING regarding this story.

      Every issue is about abortion to you? You need therapy.

      1. Steve says:

        It has nothing and yet everything to do with this story. I’m observing the great passion everyone exhibits (rightly so) about this animal cruelty.

        The infanticide practiced in this country is every bit as horrific as was what was done to the dogs. I wonder where’s the passion for the defenseless unborn??

      2. Merc says:

        Steve…compassion is not a zero sum game. Outrage over cruelty to God’s creatures and unborn children is not mutually exclusive. Why is your heart not big enough for both?

    2. Frank says:

      You are correct sir. My Asian friends and eat dog all the time, get a grip people! All this outrage over a dead dog? Geeze, I’m getting hungry.

      1. Merc says:

        Get a life. Not all Asians eat dog.

    3. Punisher says:

      I don’t think it was you that I commented on earlier, and I don’t feel like scrolling back up so here we go….you are an idiot…this says nothing about a BABY and abortion it’s talking about a DOG. I myself do not believe in abortion unless it’s in a case of rape….if you are man/woman enough to make it then take care of it…but this is about a DOG lets leave it at that. Tired of people always throwing the abortion thing in the ring….not everything revolves around abortion…..What am I going to have for dinner tonight….oh abortion….what movie am I going to watch….oh abortion….the people that do this to themselves will pay in the long run just give it time.

    4. Lola says:


      when you grow a uterus I’ll let you do with it what you choose. In the mean time, stay out of my business! And, no a fertilized egg is not a baby!

  35. jon says:

    Beat him to an inch of his life with a metal shock collar. I offer to do it.

  36. Jack Meyhoffer says:

    Another foreigner who comes to America and can’t/won’t adapt to our society. Ship this piece of human garbage back to whatever craphole he came from. I’m sure that he’s contributing nothing to our country.

  37. Bob says:

    If he was black he could be playing pro football in a few years

    1. David Kramer says:

      I was NOT expecting that one! LOL

  38. Bill says:

    This piece of crap should have his brains blown out.

  39. Ti says:

    Ahhhhhh more of that “culture” everyone is talking about. Celebrate Diversity!!!

  40. Liberal D-Bag says:

    This guy just moved to the US for a better life!

  41. David says:

    Hanging is cruel no doubt. This man’s actions were revolting. But remember, these are DOGS. Hundreds of thousands of human babies are aborted every year. Where’s the outrage over that? Even birds and animals protect their own.
    Are DOGS really more valuable than humnan life? It seems that’s where society has gone to.

    1. Marge says:


      Yes, dogs are more vauable. Do you know any dogs that commit rape and murder, conduct wars, rob people and businesses, trash the environment, commit fraud and identify theft, pollute the oceans, lie, cheat, deceive, and murder other animals in the name of hunting?

      1. Steve says:

        You’re right Marge; humans are filth. Say… you’re a human… aren’t you?

      2. Punisher says:

        Actually Marge dogs rape all the time…you really don’t see a female dog at the club saying hey take me home….and murder..yes again….seen that one but hey you got me on the last few….but yes David needs to let it go….he is not the one that is being judged when the time comes….I hate when everything gets tied back to abortion. Don’t believe in it personally unless a woman is raped….but hey to each their own.

      3. Bill says:

        Punisher, I’ll fill in the rest. conduct wars? yes, when dogs do that it’s called a pack. rob people? try leaving food unattended on the table trash the environment? A dog”s idea of waste control is to let somebody step in it. Fraud, ID theft, lie, cheat etc. is something they CAN’T do-there’s no proof they wouldn’t if they could. As far as murder in the name of hunting, they are carnivores, that’s how they live.

  42. J G says:

    The guy is an ass*hole, plain and simple, he should be hung by his nuts if he’s got any.

  43. Jude says:

    Disgusting and tragic!!! Anyone one who could do this to a defensless animal like he did should be locked up forever or better yet, let’s hang him from that same tree!!! I hope he gets the harshest punishment allowable by law (which laws should be more harsh-that’s for sure). People who can hurt animals, easily hurt children , etc. He committed murder! Dobermans are loving, loyal companions. Why didn’t he just take them to a shelter so someone else could have them as a companion!! Or does he just like torturing animals & killing them. I hope he goes straight to HELL and to his just deserve.

  44. Roger says:

    I sincerely hope none of you people wear leather or eat any kind of meat.

    1. KansasGirl says:

      What does that have to do with hanging a pet? Pffft.

    2. Steve says:

      Mmmmm… got a juicy ribeye in front of me now. Just right… Medium Rare, hot and juicy.

      There’s room for all of God’s creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes.

      1. David Kramer says:


        Concern trolling is awesome, then bring in the humor, you guys busted me UP!

    3. Noelle says:

      I sincerely agree,
      everyone wants to jump on the “save the animals” bandwagon but, they go home and devour HELPLESS, INNOCENT animals everyday.
      I’m not disputing the fact that they haw a right to be upset about what this man did but, if you’re going to get all righteous about hanging these dogs, then get righteous about all other types of animal cruelty.

  45. Rod Anders says:

    Lotta people here too stupid to catch Carlos’s satire … apparently.

    1. Carlos says:

      Thank you, Mr. Anders for paying attention. Most of these folks think this story is about dogs.

      1. David says:

        Hey Carlos, do you believe in Multi Culturalism, do you think that all cultures are equal? What about canibals? Are they as equal? LOL

  46. sandalwood says:

    We need a death penalty for animal abuse.

    The best thing those witnesses could have done is took the dogs down and used the rope to hang him. Save the taxpayers a lot of money and would have saved a lot of future dogs from him. Sorry POS!

  47. angry says:

    Another macho-man Latino. Never a fair fght…..latin men are cowards. I have Spansh blood and am ashamed of the culture. Spanish men dress up as clowns and mutilate and torture simple dumb beasts then hack them to pieces for the crowd to cheer. Latins are predisposed to animal torture…don’t believe it read Spains news it is in theDNA It is a pathology.

  48. Lonni says:

    It’s times like this that I think it’s a real shame that the Founding Fathers forbade cruel and unusual punishments, because this guy cries out for one. I’ve been looking for a dobie to adopt. I wish I’d gotten there in time. I’d have loved to give that dog a home. As far as the man goes, whatever punishment our nation will mete out, it will be far too mild. But there’s always what awaits him in Hell!

  49. mojokabobo says:

    What shoddy reporting. How about answering the question we’re all wondering?!? Why did he want to hang the dogs???

  50. PK says:

    More outrage about killing animals than all the human killing around the world. Third world gets away with murder day after day. Maybe PETA needs to help out the human side as well.

  51. ANIMALAURA says:

    I’d give a thousand dollars to see that creep hanging from a tree!

    1. drmichaelgray says:

      I would add a second thousand!!!

  52. drmichaelgray says:

    Carlos…. great job of showing how insane the multiculturalism crap is when taken to the extreme. YES!!! Some cultures ARE better than others!!!

    You are being sarcastic, right?

  53. Destry Labo says:

    Is there a petition started somewhere to send this guy to prison?

  54. Brutus says:

    Isn’t multiculturalism grand?

  55. Ronaldus Magnus Reaganus says:

    Hey, Maybe he can throw a football good, then he will get a nice multimillion dollar contract to throw a ball around for the cr@ppy Phila Eagles and everyone will think he is such a terriffic wonderful person like Mike Vick. We all know that if vick was a regular non wealthy typical dirty animal of his ilk then he would be in jail forever. this dope here is on 20K bail, and will rightfully do time and have his worthless life turned upside down. Just never ceases to amaze me because ol Mikey vick…..aka “the dark one” on the eagles gets to still be a superstar and he had animals all over his property buried like some sick serial killer. But hey…he’s a rich athlete so Jay-Z, Usher, Snoop-Dog, and the rest of those savages from hell who happen to make some money will always support “their kind”. AWFUL liberal hypocrisy…..guaranteed this guy was a big Barry O supporter and probably had a big Obama/Biden sticker on his 78 Pinto.

    1. Noelle says:

      @Ronaldus Magnus Reaganus,
      You should watch yourself when it comes to the racist comments, This article is about how a sick man tortured 2 dogs, not about how “the dark one” plays for the eagles. GROW UP! If animal cruelty means this much to you, STOP EATING MEAT! But, it seems that you’d rather bash an entire race then realize what this article is really about which is JUSTICE for this particular mans crime.

  56. RuhRoh says:

    Looks like the Philadelphia Eagles found a back-up quarterback to Michael Vick.

  57. GPAB says:

    This is the first time i have ever visited this site. I am appalled. Is EVERYONE from this area of the U. S.this illiterate?
    I don’t believe one of these people could string together two sentances.
    And wonder why we are in trouble….

    1. Mike Merryman says:

      You spelled “sentences” incorrectly.

      1. Steve says:


      2. David K says:

        Also, did you read THIS sentence?

        Is EVERYONE from this area of the U. S.this illiterate?

        I think he forgot a comma or semicolon.

        I think pseudo English Professors should not throw stones in glass houses.

        I also think people that agree with slaughtering humans should quit being such concern trolls for animals. LOL

  58. Mark Brown says:

    beat the hell out of him

  59. Brian Andrejicka says:

    Hmmmm what am I doing today? Uh gettin up, shavin, having breakfast,morning paper, and oh yea…I gots to hang me them dogs from my tree over yonder…yep,that just about does it for this mornin!

  60. Brian Andrejicka says:

    himmm, what am I a doin today? Think I’ll hang me them there dogs from my backyard tree over yonder…then its off to collect my check from Uncle sam for doing nuthin this week1 I loves this here country!

  61. Mike says:

    This is the problem with foreigners- they don’t come here to become Americans- they come here to live the same way they did in the Third World, thus bringing Third World standards and attitudes here. In whatever country he came from this behavior was probably acceptable. Like environmentalism, humane treatment of animals is a First World idiosyncrasy and this person probably still has no idea why people are so upset with him.

  62. welfare_immigrant says:

    Who said the US economy needs immigrants like this because of their respect of American culture and their “hard to find” skills? No, obviously they’re dirtbags and are only here for the welfare. It’s also true they’re usually rogues in their country of origin. Is that a Cuban hyphen I see between his two last names or is he just politically correct?

  63. Rick G. says:

    Hang the SOB slow until dead

  64. Gerry Mostenlilly says:

    Dexter will HELP this man See the Light!

  65. Tennessee Budd says:

    You have to love reporters who can’t speak English–it’s “pinscher”, not “pincher.”

  66. FreedomScribe says:

    after hanging him upside down from a friendly tree limb, and then after flogging him in the face with Walmart plastic bags filled with dog poop (the kind we use to clean up after our beloved pets), then give him a life sentence as Michael Vick’s “houseboy.” They’d most likely end up killing each other. Yea!

  67. Guess Who says:

    Why are we importing this third world garbage? Brown stubbies are known for their cruelty to animals…….and drinking while driving.

  68. LoneWolfArcher says:

    If he had wanted to be LEGALLY cruel, he could have gone into the abortion industry. He could have specialized in late-term abortions!

    Amazing how upset people get over this but don’t bat an eye at the 1.5 million yearly abortions in this nation.

  69. KR says:

    Let .s hope he don’t have kids sterilize him now. he sounds like a real tough guy.
    Not a weak minded individual . oh yea what his race?

  70. Rodriguez says:

    Pretty sure what he did isn’t illegal.

    He should sue.

  71. Bob says:

    A better idea on how to handle this creep? Let’s send him and his family back to the country he came from; problem solved.

  72. Invalidcharactr says:

    Here’s the difference between abortion and hurting animals:

    Infants are gross.

    Dogs are precious.

    Abort a fetus. Fine. One fewer screaming crotch-maggot out inconveniencing the rest of the world until it turns into a human (if ever. Most don’t evolve to that point).

    Touch a dog and I’ll kill you.

  73. deb says:

    FIrst-Funny those that commented on abortion are guys-hmmm-maybe if men wore condoms and took the responsibility to do so at all times during sex, did not use their penis as a weapon, and did not think they have power over a woman’s body-you cannot decide for a woman-and maybe those that have children should drop them off at your door step to care for. It is the woman who is left with the responibility of taking care of the child-not the man who was a major part of inseminating and getting the woman pregnant. This is not an easy decision for a woman to make and can cause serious complications.
    Second-The dogs did not deserve this treatment-this is a reflection of society and how cruel, inhuman and uncaring we have become. Humans think they can kill-we have become a killing nation-we fight in other countries over the very same crimes that we commit in our country-who are we to put forth our beliefs when in fact they are not followed in our country?. We are a throw away nation-have lost respect for all living beings. Humans have choices, animals do not.
    Third-You may agree or disagree with the choice of abortion-you have that right-but a dog does not have a choice nor a voice-you may argue that a fetus does not have a voice-but a woman does and this fetus is growing inside of her body-not yours…….Shelters are fulll of unwanted dogs and children are left in foster homes and adoption homes. They too are unwanted. So you tell me what is the answer????????

  74. The Karma Vigilante says:

    Someone from his local area needs to pay him a surprise visit. Make a plan and carry it out.

  75. Patty says:

    Hold on let’s not lose the issue here please….Thiis was a horrible horrible crime that my family witnessed. This happened too close to my HOME, my sanctuary, the one place I should feel comfortable and safe. How do we stop things like this from happening in our communities?

    1. kelly says:

      Yes it HORRIBLE

  76. BTEETS says:

    I’ve noticed that all the pro-choice communists have already been born and have a chance to form an opinion. I wonder if they would be pro-choice if they were aborted at birth. I don’t think so…

  77. Jim says:

    Everybody is concerned about the dogs, where are all the tree huggers? Doesn’t anybody care about the tree????

  78. kelly says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people,my god why does one topic have to turn in to another about god , pro choice , and all this , THIS IS HORRIBLE and i don’t find any thing funny about this (JIM)

  79. Howard Camner says:

    Another psycho. What goes around comes around, nutcase.

  80. deroy says:

    removal of the material.
    maybe the ears too.

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