Simulated Terrorist Attack Puts Miami Police To The Test

MIAMI (CBS4) – If there was a terrorist attack in downtown Miami, would the city’s police and emergency managers be able to handle it?

On Sunday morning they put it to the test in a simulated attack on the Consulate General of Israel headquarters on North Biscayne Boulevard. Dubbed “Operation Alliance” the event measured the response capabilities of the police department’s police tactical units and the Office of Emergency Management.

Overseeing the drill were Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito and Ofer Bavly, the Consul General of Israel to Florida and Puerto Rico.

  • johnny walker

    Miami police is used to shooting unarmed civilians so I don’t think they would do good in a terrorist attack. They are not soldiers and have no combat experience. They are not used to having someone shoot back at them.

    • ja

      Maybe people should learn to do what the cops ask them to do…Then they will stop getting shot…

      • walter inman

        hello i don,t know where you been needs to get of reailty check you have good and bed cops out their they won, t treat you any different like from the rest of folks in the eye we all suspects they will do you the same way like do the rest of the peoplesoff duty they rob rape &chid molesters.

    • JPO

      Its always good to “analize’ on the side lines ,Its harder when you are there ,since everyone has a comment ,We should wait until the results come out before making any comments.

    • Willy Vaugh

      As a soldier stationed here in maimi and having daily interaction ( I worked out with them each morning) with the police of this community I feel your comment is of the highest ignorance. Your police dept. is very professional and about the only positive thing that your community has. If you are upset about the crimes and the fact that they have to respond to the criminals with deadly force, look at your fellow citizens and the lack of any type of social standards. I see nothing but selfish acts with only the peppering of kind deeds being done. It is evident in everything you experience here, from the terrible cut-you-off-hit-and-run driving walking past someone with out greeting or acknowledging them. I have experienced the rudest, snobbiest, and overvalued sense of self-importance me first attitudes anywhere in this country I have been, visited, or lived. That is pretty horrible saying that I have been coast to coast north and south, with only three states in the US not experienced. There is no golden rule in maimi, more like a foil rule.

  • Leo Cordero

    Yea right, we have to to take good care of our good friend ISRAEL, why not the peruvian consulate?

    • idioteraser

      Because the Israeli one is the most likely to be attacked you IMBECILE!

      • yokolee

        How about the ‘two state solution’?

  • Dave

    come on, reality check here, if anyone attacks the Israeli embassy they would have their families slaughtered by helicopter gunships, their houses would be demolished by bulldozers and a jewish family would build themselves a new home in its place. I’m sure the miami police did fine during this event, someone has to eat donuts and drink coffee.

    • yokolee

      Good post Dave!

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