Chilling 911 Call Released In Lauderhill Police-Involved Shooting

LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – A 911 call is revealing new details about a deadly police shooting in Lauderhill.

Police say the person who made the 911 call in the early morning hours of March 29 — requesting police to respond to a man with a knife — is the man they wound up shooting.

Lauderhill Police say Cedric Telasco made the call.

Minutes later, police showed up at his family’s home on NW 49 Court and Telasco was gunned down.

Telasco’s mother said her son showed no signs of wanting to die.

“No mother should go through what I am going through,” said his mother, Nadege — she would only provide her first name.

She wants to know why Lauderhill police shot and killed her son in her front yard. Telasco’s body lay where a small memorial now sits.

“I know that my son was in his bed 10 minutes before (the 911 call) and I was in my room and I heard sounds and I hear my son screaming,” she told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “If I felt that my son was in an emergency, when I saw him 10 minutes before (the 911 call) I would have stayed with him.”

The 911 call released Wednesday by Lauderhill police is providing some insight into the moments leading up to the shooting.

Here is a transcript of two parts of the call, which lasts about one minute and 45 seconds.

Telasco: He’s just standing in front of his door. He has a knife.
911 Operator: He has a knife?
Telasco: Yeah
911 Operator: And do you know what he’s doing with the knife?
Telasco: I’m not looking over there anymore

Seconds later:

911 Operator: Is this your house?
Telasco: Yeah.
911 Operator: Do you know who he is?
Telasco: No. I don’t know who he is. Just come and I don’t know — do what you have to do.

Police will not say what happened next, citing an ongoing investigation. They also will not say how many officers opened fire.

Lauderhill Police Captain Rick Rocco said Telasco had a history of mental illness and had been hospitalized previously and was on medication.

“Whatever circumstances led to his Baker Act, one of the things he was angry with was that, at least in the police report, was that he was angry at…I believe his mother for having Baker-Acted him some weeks prior to the January 2010 incident,” Rocco said, in the hours after the shooting.

But Telasco’s mother described her son as full of life, with hopes of attending school in the fall to become a mechanic. She said she saw no signs of him being agitated or suicidal just minutes before the phone call.

“I never heard anything like that,” she said.

She is requesting that an outside agency step in to review the police shooting.

“I want an investigation from another body than the people who actually murdered my son,” she said. “I want the truth.”

The officers involved returned to road patrol duty on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the family of Cedric Telasco is planning his funeral for Saturday. He will be laid to rest at St. Clements Catholic Church.

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