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MIAMI ( – The man accused of stabbing Florida International University football player Kendall Berry to death will remain in jail while he awaits trial, a Miami-Dade judge ruled Tuesday morning.

Quentin Wyche was asking to be released from jail on bond. Wyche, 22, allegedly stabbed Berry to death on FIU’s main campus in March 2010 with a pair of scissors.

Judge Milton Hirsch said that Wyche did not have enough ties to the community to be released from jail without being considered a flight risk.

Defense attorneys tried to argue that the judge was inexperienced and had only recently been appointed to the bench.

Judge Hirsch replied that if he was so wrong, the Third District Court of Appeals would correct him and he said, “They have better judges there.”

Defense attorney David Peckins said Wyche should have been let out on bond.

“He deserves to be out pending trial,” Peckins said.’We’re going to get the case ready for trial as quickly as possible and i expect him to be found not guilty.”

Peckins argued that Wyche acted in self defense after friends of Berry attacked him outside the recreation center. The fight allegedly began because Wyche allegedly stuffed a cookie in Berry’s girlfriend’s face.

The family of Kendall Berry was at the hearing Tuesday morning and breathed a sigh of relief after Judge Hirsch’s decision.

“We pray we’re able to stay strong and humble and let justice be done,” said Kendall Berry’s father Derrick Spillman.

“We are very happy with the judge’s decision,” Kendall’s mother, Melisscia Spillman said. “Just from my opinion, we haven’t really seen a change. I think there’s no remorse being shown. There’s nothing to show what caused you to go to this magnitude of murder.”

It will be a tough trial for prosecutors as they do not have strong evidence against Wyche, CBS4’s Evan Bacon reported.

Comments (10)
  1. BVC says:

    I just wonder if the defense attorney would think differently if this “SOB” would of kill someone from he’s family.

    1. informed says:

      What if this “SOB” was just defending himself from a MOB of enraged FOOTBALL PLAYERS ? WHATWHOULDYOUDO?

    2. s.smith says:

      in the case of self defense I believe that every man is found innocent, maybe if you were the person being beaten – you would think twice……

  2. Mike says:

    I went to FIU for four years and luckily I didn’t encounter anything besides the normal every day rude and arrogant people of Miami. After moving out of South Florida, I actually feel like I moved to a different country. Drivers are courteous, people actually speak English and smile, and the news at night does not have the entire broadcast based on hit and runs, murders, robberies, people pouring acid on children, etc.

    1. mary says:

      So, why are you still reading South Florida crime news?

  3. RENEE says:


  4. lennie says:

    thats my homie they got locked up i playd high school football wit q he is a good person wat would u do if u got jumped by 12 people thats wat thay should ask the jury

  5. Stephanie says:

    This is tru God is the final Judge…I have known Q all his life and he is a very respectable person. I am very sorry for the lost the bereaved family endured and my prayers goes our to them, but to keep this young man locked up is ridiculous. There is a lil bit of nosiness in all of us, so I know there were plenty witnessess that saw what happen. I pray that conviction overshadows you minds and bring u forth to tell the truth. It will set u and Q free….God knows all and sees all, and u definitely can’t hide from him…

  6. sheridan says:

    Quentin is a very good person–He has the same qualties as stated about the young man that was accidently stabbed, Quentin works in the community, assist with flagg football, life guard at the community center, youth counselor for summer rec, never disrespect his adults —- before the reisdents of Miami judge Quentin, get the facts about him. In fear and protecting himself, he has been sitting in jail as if he went out to hunt the young man down-

  7. Tiff says:

    For those of you who dont know first off Quentin is not from South Florida he is not a Miami Thug even though the media is trying to portray him as such. I grew up with quentin i’ve known him since middle school he is a intelligent respectful and easygoing man. The only time I ever saw him get angry is if someone did him wrong.Otherwise he was a class clown and a jokester always keeping others laughing and in good spirits..He was acting in self defense from being jumped by the football team what would you do if you were in this predicament ? I pray that God opens the judges heart for him to see that this was self defense.

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