STUART (CBS4) – Three children were killed, five people injured, in an accident involving three SUVs on the Florida Turnpike in Stuart over the weekend.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 40-year old Steveroy Hansen was behind the wheel of his 1998 Ford Explorer on Sunday when one of the vehicles rear tires shredded about six miles south of the Stuart exit. Hansen lost control, the vehicle swerved toward the center lanes, hit the barrier and began to roll over.  As the vehicle overturned three children in the Explorer; Stephaune Hansen, 1, Steve Hansen Jr., 11, and a 12-year old girl whose name has not been released were thrown from it and died on the scene.

Two other children in Hansen’s SUV, 8-year old Abigal Hansen and 14-year old Olivia Scott, were taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Hansen, who was critically injured, was taken to Lawnwood Medical Center in Fort Pierce.

Hansen’s Explorer had Coral Springs on his license plate and he may have been heading there when the accident occurred.

The FHP said as the Explorer rolled it slammed into a 2002 Toyota Highlander driven by 39-year old Satnarine Burton. Debris from when the it crashed into the center barrier slammed into a 2001 Ford Escape, driven by 50-year old Barbara Ellen, in the northbound lanes.

Burton and Ellen, both of whom were wearing their seat belts, were treated for ‘non-life threatening’ injuries.

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  1. Eric Hunter says:

    Since this was a 1998 Explorer, I hope the tires will be looked at if they were from the notorious “tread separation” lot that came with this car and were the subject of a recall a few years ago. This was an incredibly horrific scene, with dying children strewn over both lanes of the turnpike and if Ford/Firestone are responsible, they should be obligated to make this shattered family whole again.

  2. Elena says:

    I read someplace that the SUV had several different tires. Being that the car was a 1998 I doubt it very much that it had the original tires that caused rollovers a few years ago. So sad that these children were thrown out of the car because the older ones were not wearing seatbelts and the baby was not in a carseat. Perhaps they would have not died if they had been protected.
    Parents please be sure your child is in an approved carseat, booster seat or is wearing a seatbelt according to weight and height, it could save their lives.

  3. Francine Brown says:

    unfortunately mistakes were made or in another article it was mentioned that the seat belts may not have been worn correctly. Whatever the case this poor family will never be the same. This area on the turnpike is very dangerous there are always accidents here. Many of them fatal. This father may have to live the rest of his life without some of his children and the other sibling without the rest of her family. Hopefully they don’t remember what happened. I pray for this family and the other families involved with this accident and lost someone. It is sad and I hope the families can recover from this tragedy. RIP

  4. Mimi Baynham says:

    The two young boys that died were dear to my heart. It truly hurts to have Shayne and Stephaune taken so soon. I thank God for the time we shared together. They were like my sons, they were “my babies”. i will keep our memories near and will continue to uplift their mom. I pray for strength for myself and their family daily , I pray those reading this will do the same. Also pray for Abi and Olivia this is even harder for them. i Love them all and I miss my boys.

  5. Tom says:

    Regardless of what tires this vehicle had the FORD EXPLORER’s of this age, are extremely dangerous! Why don’t people get the PICTURE! Recall these VEHICLES. We had a neighbor who became a quadriplegic because their explorer FLIPPED over! Hopefully they won a nice settlement. FORD recall those EXPLORERS!

  6. Crime Dog says:

    Seat Belts SAVE lives

  7. clayrenoit says:

    “SAFETY FIRST” The dad should be CHARGED . a baby not in his car seat. that sucks. kids not wearing any seat belts…What a joke on daddy…take his but straight to jail…do not pass go you killer you jerk

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