Woman Hired For Sex Act Allegedly Robs Man

KISSIMMEE (CBS4) – A central Florida woman who tried to collect what she was owed for performing a sex act on an 88-year old man has found herself behind bars on a number of charges, surprisingly – prostitution is not one of them.

Kissimmee police said on March 11th they received from an elderly gentleman who said he had been assaulted in his home by 41-year old Tanya Ross, according to The Sun-Sentinel.

The man told police he had met Ross in February and had offered to pay her if she performed oral sex on him. He then refused to pay her. The man said she grabbed $50 from his pocket and demanded a ride home.

The man told police Ross got violent when she returned to his home on March 11th to collect the rest of her money.

He told police she grabbed him by his throat and robbed him. He was only able to get way after spraying her with pepper spray. That’s when he called police.

Officers questioned Ross who admitted she had performed oral sex on the man in exchange for $100. She said she had gone back to his home to collect the rest of the money she felt she was owed.

Ross, who was arrested last week, faces a number of charges including battery on a person 65 years of age or older, grand theft from a residence and home invasion robbery.

Source: The Sun-Sentinel



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  • billyjobob

    my mom was smart she had me hid under the bed when the trick took his pants off i was to get the wallet and always leave some in the wallet we did great till she hung herself in a shack in del rio ,

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