HALLANDALE BEACH (CBS4)- After the car he was riding in stalled, 15-year-old Lukeson Lemorin decided to get out of the car and help.

It turned out to be a deadly decision.

That’s because another driver attempting to avoid the stalled vehicle changed lanes to the left and struck Lukeson, of Miami.

Lukeson a passenger in the stalled vehicle was on the side of Interstate 95 on the northbound lane when 35- year-old Robert W. Ferguson’s 2009 Ford Taurus struck him on Friday night minutes after 11 p.m.

Lukeson died at the scene. No one else was injured, and the stalled vehicle was not struck.

According to police, the incident was not an alcohol-related. The cause of crash remains under investigation.

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Comments (9)
  1. Benoit says:

    Haitians who broke their junk car down and always ride in the fast lane, no matter how slow.

    In Europe, all passengers who get out of a car are required to wear a bright green safety vest. May have made a difference.

  2. Lyza says:

    Loss of a young life is always tragic especially him being so young, be careful what you say! HIs parents just lost their child, that is a dead child no matter what race or nationality he is. I pray for his family I am sure they are grief striken.

  3. Jane Doe says:

    The driver should have seen what was in front of him from a distance where he would have been able to slow down enough without hitting the vehicle of having to swerve to avoid it. Then again I wonder if those driver of the broken down vehicle put the 4 ways on.

  4. Danny says:

    it happens. just an accident. We always expect others to “see” everything, but sometimes accidents happen no matter how small or how big. The guilt for him is enough.

  5. Steve Daily says:

    In Miami we have great drivers… not. The majority of the drivers are from South America/Kuba and can care less the laws of the road. All they are concerned about is how fast they can speed to a red light. Also, these “drivers” drink large quantities of Jupina and munch down on churros when they should be paying attention to the road.

    1. tom says:

      You mean Cuba? Perhaps? I have never seen Cubans eat churros, in their cars nor Jupina. What I see is ignorant people like you causing just as much traffic disruptions because your to busy trying to getting back at the Central American who cut you off. To get out of a car on an Interstae like that is suicide, obviously this kid wasn’t thinking. Its a shame though. Assuming their was no traffic, at the sign of the vehicle stalling I found it odd that this person could not pull over in time, after feeling loss of power.

    2. betty says:

      Sorry to disappoint you but with a name like Robert W. Ferguson he is neither South American nor Cuban… just one careless driver.

    3. Betty Page says:

      Dear Mr. Daily, your ignorance knows no bounds neither does your racism. This article was about a young man, a boy actually, who was struck and killed. And to show how bad your reading comprehension is, the person who struck him was named Fergurson, a name that is of Scottish origin.

  6. Steve Daily says:

    Thank you to all the genealogists on this board. No, I don’t get back at Central Americans that cut me off in traffic. If I did that I’d never get to where I am going and I’d probably be in jail. I am not ignorant, but I write the truth that no one can handle in Miami/Cuba. We have a bunch of drivers in Miami that just got off the banana boat and the first thing they do is get their license when they reach the shore. So, this is why Mi-Jami has so many accidents. I hope my post clarifies this to all the traffic investigators who are also on this board… si.

    I have a question for “Betty Page”, are you as old as Betty Page??? If you are you should not be driving!

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