TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) – A Florida House subcommittee advanced a bill that would completely overhaul Florida’s elections law. The Government Operations Subcommittee cleared the bill on a straight party-line vote of 9-4.

The new bill, sponsored by Representative Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala), includes requiring county election supervisors to take direction from the Florida Department of State.

It also would prevent a voter from changing his or her address at a polling place and tighten oversight of third-party voter registration groups like the League of Women Voters.

Republicans in 2008 claimed malfeasance with groups like ACORN for their voter registration drives. The drives typically increased Democratic-registered voters. There were also sporadic incidents across the country of some workers registering Mickey Mouse and other fictional names to bolster their numbers.

The League of Women Voters and a group representing county elections supervisors oppose the bill and said it was nothing more than partisan shenanigans.

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Comments (8)
  1. Jon W says:

    More Republican garbage !! —lets get a real law passed ..one to remove elected officials from Florida and GET RID OF RICK SCOTT while we all still have a State left!!!!..LETS GET to WORK getting rid of this disgrace!! NOW

    1. GAIN AND AGAIN says:

      Ricky Scotty was BSing US?

      Nahhhhhhh HE DOES NOT HAVE THE BRAINS…..only the $$$$$$$$$$$$

      Jon W….please allow them to drown in their own DROOLS 😉

  2. Dan says:

    Where are the jobs? The national rate is down Florida is still 11% people are still looking for work here.

    1. CriticalThinker says:

      Ask Governor Snott!

  3. bckrd1 says:

    Maybe next time we vote, people will actually think and not believe slogans. The next four years are going to be rough. We have a bunch of idiot zealots making terrible laws.

    1. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

      yep, YEP, yep 😉

  4. lmmd says:

    uh huh – and they’re talking about deregulating everything else? WHAT HYPOCRITES

  5. Jon W says:

    At the rate they are going ( the GOP) they will sink their own boat!!. Nothing but constant bickering and partisanship….This reminds me of what Admiral Yamamoto said right after the attack on Pearl Harbor ….” I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant” This is very well the same thing that will happen to the GOP on the next election cycle. They are angering many in their own party as well as Independents as well as Democrats alike. The wave of backlash will be severe to the GOP I predict,,and rightly so!!

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