MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami police have arrested 19-year-old Diron Percy Andrew and charged him with the weekend shooting of a Miami teacher and her 8 year old son who apparently were victims because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Andrew, who lives in the 400 block of NW 4th street in Miami, was charged with aggravated battery and discharging a firearm in public after he allegedly fired into a crowd of people Sunday night, hitting Cody Brown and his mother, Barbara Smith-Brown.

“I’m really happy, so I don’t have to to wonder when they are going to catch him, if they are going to catch him because sometimes they don’t catch the bad guy,” said Smith-Brown, reacting to news of the arrest.

According to the arrest form, while neither Brown  nor her son saw the man who shot them as they were leaving the Town Park Plaza apartments Sunday, other witnesses did identify Andrew as the gunman.

One unnamed witnesses said Andrew fled the apartment building with a gun in his hand, while a second witness said Andrew was shooting into a crowd of people. Both witnesses identified Andrew from a photo lineup.

Sheldon Brown, Barbara’s husband said,” I am glad the community, those who witnessed it came forth and justice will be served.”

Smith-Brown and her son were briefly hospitalized after they were struck by gunfire police believe as intended for someone else. The arrest form released Thursday did not say say who that person might have been or why Andrew opened fire.

According to police, Barbara Smith-Brown was leaving leaving a family gathering on the 1900 block of NW 5th Place, when gunshots rang out.

Police say a bullet went through the passenger side door, striking 8-year old Cody in the arm and Smith-Brown in the knee.

Her other son, 12-year old McKenley who was in the back seat, was not hurt physically but has suffered emotionally.

“We’ll probably end up getting some counseling for them to make sure they can get through this,” Sheldon Brown said.

The shooter got away on a bicycle.

Smith-Brown, who has been a Phys Ed teacher and track coast at Norland Senior High for the last five years, said the shooting was life lesson she wishes her children never had to learn.

“He made a mistake and shot innocent people and I don’t want that to happen again,” said Cody.

Comments (5)
  1. Philip Scharfy says:

    Yet another product od our FAILED welfare state, another welfare slave who exists for the purpose of voting democrat.

    Where is the outrage from the professional poverty-pimps wgo are always whining when the police shoot some armed (and deserving) thug — like this murserous clown?

  2. MiamiMex says:

    Thank God no one was killed.

    We have to start making the families of these criminals pay for their insane crimes.

    These fools are costing us working tax payees billions in hospital & court costs.


    1. South Beach Guy says:

      “We have to start making the families of these criminals pay for their insane crimes”

      Yes I’m sure they are probably gross to, but they didnt do the crime. Everyon has some messed up person in their family. This doesent mean they should pay for theit mistakes. Come back to reality.

      1. junior says:

        Yeah, so sorry for the millions who NEVER commit a crime being FORCED to support the ones that do. I also think a family should pay for their POS relative incarceration, instead of me.

      2. Chet says:


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