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MIAMI (CBS4) — Want to get back into your favorite pair of jeans or slinky dress by the weekend? Believe it or not, there are legitimate ways to lose inches off your problem areas quickly without having to starve or work out around the clock.

“Be fit, be healthy in a hurry, it seems like it’s a paradox but actually, it’s not,” said nutritionist Nicolette Pace. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with tightening up your diet with a clean out phase, get the mid-section nice and slim.”

One of the ways that super slim celebrities do it is by adding certain foods to their diet, while subtracting others.

Fiber is key, according to Pace.

“Fiber will help the digestive sluggishness which is a real common cause of stomach bloating.”

High fiber foods, like certain breakfast cereals, have been proven to speed up digestion which is crucial to busting a gut. Potassium rich foods, like bananas, can actually help get rid of excess water weight and minimize your middle.

If you think all those sugar substitutes are helping your diet, think again. Too much in your system can actually have the opposite affect and cause bloating and puffiness. Be careful of excess salt too.

Melissa Roman says she made these small changes to her diet and in less than a week she felt a big difference.

“I feel less bloated, and more energized,” Melissa said. “I don’t have that uncomfortable feeling that I usually have.”

But what if you don’t have a week? Another secret of the stars is the body wrap. It’s billed as a quick and easy way to lose some inches.

It’s what Kasha Chikynowski’s is hoping for. She wants to slim down now, and this new kind of wrap promises a miracle in an hour.

“Overall, it would be about an inch and a half, enough to get into a dress,” said Marina Valmy, owner of a beauty school.

Unlike traditional body wraps that remove excess water weight, the inventor of this wrap says it also targets toxins in fatty areas like the thighs.

Marina says it works by removing toxins that build up around fat cells that can make fatty areas like the thighs even larger.

“You need to stimulate that blood circulation and get the toxins moving in that area and that’s what this product does,” said Marina.

First, Kasha is slathered with ingredients like ivy and sea water, that Marina says help draw out the toxins.

Next, she’s wrapped in cellophane. Kasha says she was thrilled to find she lost over an inch from her waist, and three quarters of an inch from her hips, in just one hour.

Kasha thinks it’s unbelievable.

“You’ll be able to get into a dress really nicely and have lots of room to wiggle around, and have a few glasses of champagne,” said Marina.

As you may have guessed, there a plenty of skeptics who say if the wrap does work the results probably won’t last, and those inches lost will return within days.


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