LAUDERHILL (CBS4) – A Lauderhill father is in shock and disbelief after police gunned down his son in front of his home.

According to Lauderhill police spokesman Captain Rick Rocco they received a call around 2 a.m. from someone on a cell phone about a disturbance in the 71 hundred block of NW 49th Court.

“The caller described the male who was shot by his clothing and physical description and that he had a knife,” said Rocco.

When officers arrived to check out the report, Rocco said they were confronted by 21-year old Cedric Telasco who was wielding a knife.

“You have to approach the scene from a tactical perspective, meaning they can’t just put themselves out there in jeopardy. They have to investigate, they have to find out what the reason is for the disturbance, is it domestic related, is it someone who had too much to drink, we don’t know. They are going to assess the scene; they are going to view any person they come in contact with for possible weapons. If they see weapons they are going to have to act accordingly,” said Rocco.

At some point during the confrontation, the officers drew their guns and shot Telasco; he died on his front lawn. Neighbors said they didn’t know anything was happening until they heard the gunshots.

“I think I heard seven or eight shots,” said neighbor Jackie Alexander. “It was ‘pop, pop, pop’.”

Rocco said there were several officers on the scene at the time of the shooting but he did not indicate how many actually fired on Telasco.

Police are now reviewing a recording of the call to 911 to see if they can determine who phoned in the disturbance call.

“”We are trying to determine if in fact it was the victim who called it in himself or if it was someone else,” said Rocco. “Right now we don’t have any other information that anyone else called — inside the house or a third person.”

Telasco’s father said his son didn’t have a cell phone and the circumstances police described which led to them shot Cedric were very much out of character for him. Neighbors were also shocked. They described Telasco as a quite man who lived on the block with his mother.

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  1. JOSE RIVERA says:

    First is was Miami-Dade, not Broward county is having to deal with our own “Killers”. Not civilains, but these gun totting cowboys called the “Police”. A man weiling a knife cause an officer to shoot 8 times at that person?. What type of threat was posed to them that couldnt be resolved with a taser? What happend to non-lethal force? The captain said the didnt know what they were walking into. But he himself states… “The caller described the male who was shot by his clothing and physical description and that he had a knife,”. So they knew EXACTLY what the situation was, before they arrived. Therefore, they could have prepared accordingly.

  2. Jason Salistean says:

    I knew Cedric personally. Please God i pray for his death not to be made a mockery of. Clear irresponsibility on the cops, failure to protect and serve opening fire on a non-life threatening situation. That should’ve 100% have been handled differently using non-fatal ways to disarm the subject, which they all have been trained to do before recieving a badge. You are cops not soliders at war disarming terrorists. You killed someone’s son, my friend, and a contributing member to society.

  3. noiz says:

    lauderhill police be harassing the citizen of lauderhill, especially the younger male. i see them everyday doing nothing. some even smoke weed in there cars behind the lauderhill mall. there disrespectful and very unprofessional.

  4. Linda says:

    As a mother I feel very bad. I know Cedric and his mother he’s a very cool young man. We demande justice for the family.

  5. Magalie Avril says:

    It is been one year that Cedric been murder by that cop and i can not believe that another innocent black boy (Trayvon Martin) is familly going to the same nightmare. As a mother of to boys is scary. I may leave in Montreal in a nice neighbourhood it is the same problem. My 18 years old as been follow by the police often, by just walking in the street during day time going home. We have to do something. May god look after our black sons.

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