DeJesus, Charged In Child Beating, Kills Self In Cell

MIAMI ( – A Homestead man  facing second degree murder charges for allegedly beating his 2-year-old son to death last August beat the rap this weekend, but he had to kill himself to do so, has learned.

Miami-Dade Department of Corrections spokeswoman Janelle Hall confirmed  Lee Willie DeJesus was discovered dead in his cell Saturday night, an apparent suicide. Jail officials did not say how he killed himself.

DeJesus had been on suicide watch when he was first arrested.

DeJesus, 24, had been in jail awaiting trial. Police say DeJesus had armed his fists with 16 oz. boxing gloves and punched the child 15 times in the face, head, torso and shoulders. The child hit his head on the bedroom wall and the tile floor, police said, after being knocked off the bed where DeJesus had been boxing with the boy.

DeJesus had told police he was teaching his son to box.

The arrest report said DeJesus saw the child go limp and thought he might be having a seizure, but did not call for medical help right away. Instead, police said, DeJesus waited between 30 minutes to 1 hour and called 911, after the child’s lips turned blue.

He originally blamed a babysitter for the child’s death, however some family members had suspected the boy was abused. Apparently, no effort was made to report the suspected abuse.

A medical examiner’s report said the child was killed by ‘blunt force trauma’. In layman’s terms, he was beaten to death.

DeJesus’s mother, Maria, didn’t know all the circumstance but called the news of her son’s death, “a nightmare.”

  • m

    YAY!!! He killed himself. No all we need is for the rest of them (any one that harms poor little children) to follow in his footsteps.


    • leroy

      no you shouldnt be happy he killed himself.. Even thogh what he did was wrong.. Men might not have forgave him but God would have forgave him. So dont say that.

  • Martin Krawitz

    I’m ill…That poor child…He was supposed to love and protect him.

  • Jane

    Thanks for saving me some taxpayer $$$$$!!!! If only inmates would make suicide pacts so more money could be saved!

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