LAUDERHILL(CBS4)- Shots shattered the stillness of night in a quiet Lauderhill neighborhood. When it was over, 21-year-old Cedric Telasco laid dead on the sidewalk.

According to the Lauderhill Police department, a 911 call came in around 2 a.m. Tuesday from a caller who said a man was wielding a knife on the sidewalk.

“Pow, pow, pow, and then they stopped, then I hear the old man screamed ‘no,’” his neighbor Marty Wright said.

But police are trying to figure if Telasco himself made that call.

“The cell phone the victim had on him, the deceased had on him, had been damaged by a bullet,” Capt. Rick Rocco said. “So if we’re going to try to recover that information we’re going to have to forensically dig through the cell phone somehow to see if that was the cell phone that was used.”

Police said Telasco had a history of mental illness. They said he was hospitalized at least twice before, and was on medication.

“Whatever circumstances led to his Baker Act, one of the things he was angry with was that, at least in the police report, was that he was angry at…I believe his mother for having Baker-Acted him some weeks prior to the January 2010 incident,” Rocco said.

Police said the officers who responded likely had no idea of Telasco’s mental state.

His friend Jared Taylor said Telasco wasn’t confrontational.

“I’ve known him since the sixth grade,” he said. “We graduated together, same class. I just talked to him last night. He was a very smart kid. He never got into any kind of issues. He was very caring. He was the kind who would do anything for anybody.”

Telasco’s family declined to comment on the shooting, but his neighbors wonder if police responded appropriately.

“They all have stun guns. Why didn’t they stun him?,” Wright said. “I mean, they Taser everyone else.”

The police department is conducting full interviews with the police officers involved. They are off duty.

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  1. Hebert Logerie says:

    I know the family very well. This is a tragedy. People should refrain of commenting negatively about Cedric. I knew him for a long time. We should pray for him and the family. His parents are very hard workers who want the very best for their children. Let’s pray for the family. I wish my sincere condolences to the family.Love and Peace.

    1. tt says:

      IF he didn’t want to die why was he outside and threatiing the police

      1. Georgie says:


        Cedric was no harm to anyone, BUT HIMSELF.

      2. tt says:

        Also then we wiped out a distrubed mentally challenged man so

      3. tasha says:

        because this is america and there’s no curfew in front of his house if you weren’t there then dont talk ur an ass maybe you’ll be next and we can celebrate .

    2. a says:

      You know what the POLICE are out of control they need to stop targeting african americans.

  2. Magalie Avril says:

    Hope to see only respectfull thoughts for the Telasco and Lanoue famillly, because they are verry good parents and Cedric was a verry good and respectfull kid.. PEOPLE THAT DON’T KNOW THE FAMILY PLEASE DO NOT POST NEGATIVE COMMENTS FOR THE RESPECT OF THE SOUL OF CEDRIC!!!!!!
    love you Cedric may you rest in peace.
    – Tatie Maggie , who will always love you. xoxo-

  3. Amanda H. says:

    😦 This is very sad. Cedric was a nice kid. I mean, it was obvious he had his issues, and quirky personality spikes, but I doubt he would ever hurt anyone. The kid just wasn’t intimidating at all. Like I said, he generally never hurt anyone, or even much said anything offensive to anyone. He probably wasn’t even threatening them. Makes me seriously wonder what some of these cops even get paid for.

  4. Georgie says:

    I went to HS with Cedric. He was always very friendly and never the type to provoke or inflict any kind of violence. Rumors are he battled depression….though I don’t have any valid proof of such a claim. Regardless, this kid was 130 pounds soaking wet with a blade…..what possible threat could he have been to a group of officers armed with stun guns.

    clearly we have another story of a trigger happy police force. Seriously 8 shots?….Go ahead and mimic the sound of a gun out loud going off 8 times to fully realize how ridiculous it is. If that isn’t overkill… then i have no clue what is.

    RIP Cedric…whatever had you momentarily disturbed, I’m sorry the police were absolutely no help. I am sorry that your cry for help was answered with brute force from malovent cops-shooting first / asking questions later.

    My sincere condolences to every friend and family member whom had the pleasure of knowing such a nice person. RIP.

    1. TT says:

      Not all departments have Stun Weapons why does everyone think the cops will buy a massive expensive item and learn how to use it right when a gun works much better

      1. Erich says:

        It even stated in the story that they were all armed with stun guns

      2. Georgie says:

        Since when is a stun gun a MASSIVE EXPENSIVE weapon… please play in traffic.

        There were several OBVIOUS way to neutralize the suspect that pumping him full of lead. Cops are suppose to protect and serve the public. They shouldve approached the scene with caution from A DISTANCE and analyze the situation

      3. tt says:

        So why leave some disturbed Crack head gang banger alive when you can help purify for the good of the city

      4. Farah says:

        Do us a fovar tt or whatever the hell you are and shut up!!!! you have ran out of words and this post here is not for you. you must be one of the cops…where does he say he was part of a gang? and what does his mental state has to do with him being murdered by those SOBs???? i see you have a literacy problem because clearly you were not able to read the story. GET A DAMN LIFE AND LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Marjorie says:

    My condolences to the Telasco & Lanoue family. It’s only words,
    and words are all we have to take your ache away. We are so sorry about your lost. Our prayers are with you and please know that we share in your grief and send you our love.

    Harry & Marjorie Etienne

  6. Robert Berry says:

    I’ve known cedric for a few years and he was very unique and funny guy if you ask me, he’s really not a violent person so im almost positive cedric had NO intention on trying to harm the police im guessing maybe his mom locked him out again and he was trying to get back in with the knife? im not sure but that has happened with him a few times prior..

    i still dont understand why police can’t just come out with the reason why they shot him to death that is VERY sketchy justice needs to be served cedric did not deserve that…

  7. george says:

    cops are getting out of control.hiding the truth at their convinence and if they do wrong all the punishment they get is a slap on the wrist and a few days off with pay..they cheat and lie to protect each other ant the law they enforce it looks it does not applies to them. we have to do something about it.maybe we need to create a new institution to protect us from the ones that are supposed to serve and protect……..

  8. "george says:

    “news”police officer kill on duty” one less to worry about

    1. te says:

      We should hold a massive state funeral for that fallen hero police officer for his effort against the dark hoods he was fell in combat

  9. smith,j says:

    My condolences to the family dealing with the death of a child is perhaps the most difficult thing. Let us stop passing judgment we were not outside to see what happen. A police officer has the power to change a person’s life. The thin blue line has an increasingly difficult job to do. Keep in mind several officers has lost their lives in the line of duty over simple calls. Remember the many shootings happening in such a short period of time. Already this year, 10 police officers have been killed in the line. Unfortunately, we have a lot of young men who are willing to shoot first.

  10. Riah says:

    Cedric was a great person as far as I knew him. His “crazy” moments were funny and were never perceived as harmful in my eyes. I’m still waiting to hear more on this “investigation”. Those negative comments that someone is writing is trying to evoke a bad response. All we can do is pray. R.I.P. Cedric. I knew you for a short time but nobody deserves to die like that.

  11. sg says:

    This story is completly devastating. i send my prayers to his family’s. for the saftey of the city those officers should no longer be on the streets. This is America Justice needs to be served.

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