MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – A roll over crash of a tractor trailer Sunday morning on I-95 in Miami-Dade created a major headache for drivers for hours, after it touched off 11 accidents as drivers tried to scramble from its path.

The Florida Highway Patrol just the driver of a Budget rental truck, who was heading north on the highway, lost control at about 9 a.m. and rolled over just south of 95th Street.

FHP Spokesperson Lt. Alex Annunziato said the truck sliced across lanes of traffic, and as the truck over turned it slammed into the concrete median barrier, sending debris everywhere.

Drivers trying to avoid the chunks of concrete and the overturned truck caused nearly a dozen other accidents from 79th Street to 151st Street. The FHP said there were six accidents in the northbound lanes and five accidents in the southbound lanes from 79th Street to 151st Street.

Several people were injured in the chain reaction crashes, none seriously.

Traffic was backed up for miles due to lane closures as the accidents were investigated and the debris was cleared.Traffic returned to normal about noon.

While 6 cars had to be towed because of the damage, the rental truck that caused the accident was totaled.

Investigators have yet to say what caused the truck to go out of control.

Comments (17)
  1. dr bied says:

    In it’s report of this accident CBS reports that the truck rolled over on the north bound lane. It is then reported that the south bound lanes are closed except for the shoulder and the northbound lanes are clear except for the express lanes. So what is it inaccurate reporting or CBS continuing sloppy fact gathering.

  2. lauren says:

    The south bound lanes are closed and the highway backed up to the Glades.

  3. DOMINGO says:


    1. Peter Schmidhofer says:

      We are already carefull around Trucks – tell them not to drive 70 miles on I95!!

      1. O'Connor says:

        You must not live in Miami if you write that “we are already careful around trucks” — I have never seen so many bad, careless, and downright stupid drivers as I have in this city.

      2. Matt Valestro says:

        Oh, yeah… very careful means cutting in front of 18 wheelers in missing them by inches. Do you drive a Honda Civic that sounds like a bumble bee and listen to Pit Bull loudly in your car?

  4. Ian curtis says:

    This is south florida , no one gives a crap about safety or fuel efficiency all they care about is being in front of everything else on the road or getting past everyone else in whatever way they can. oh and talking texting talking on their pointless cell phones and their pointless lives….

  5. darlene says:

    I see drivers of cars and even city workers on a daily basis talking on their cell phones and not paying attetion. We was almost hit by a homestead city truck the other day because he was talking and driving we honk our horn and flipped us off and cussed us out. Nice right .

  6. B Ohana says:

    Domingo people like you should really stop commenting without knowing the facts. The 18 wheeler that rolled over was headed south and he hit the median which caused the debris. The accidents that occured were heading north (me included). There were large boulders from the median that flew onto the north bound lanes. It was imposible to stop especially with cars all around, I tried swirving out of the way but it was too late. I was not on the phone and was not texting, there was another gentleman who was drivng a bakery delivery truck who also hit the debris..he didnt even have a phone. Things are not always what they seem…stop being cynical and realize that sometimes ACCIDENTS just happen.

    1. Phara Senatus says:

      That is soo true. I was a victim of that accident .

  7. raul gomez says:

    The worst drivers with the worst bad manners and no respect except for their own priorities are in Miami. almost all drivers think of themselves and not about the rules of traffic. This city is everiday worst to be driving on

  8. GAIN AND AGEIN says:

    BAD DRIVERS are everywhere in South Florida, as well as abusive parents, unethical politicians, and women STAGING fantasies…
    I LEFT THE AREA to all of those…
    My life is too precious to play games!

  9. Arthur Rodriguez says:

    These comments were the best and hit the nail right on the head. I have been saying that for years about these idiots in mi-jami, all they are concerned about is getting to the red light first, (even though it’s red) and talking and texting about their pointless lives and trying to impress other people. Nobody reallly cares that you drive a range rover or mercedes benz, jaguar because there are sooo many of them out there, it’s a common thing. I never got the point of cutting other drivers off to get to the red light first or getting ahead by one car to get to the liquor store??? Not only do they have bad manners on the road, but they have the worst manners when your at a store in line and these idiots try to barge in front of you to get ahead so they can buy their 2 week old churro. This town is a complete wasteland of fools, drunks, phonies and fakes that really have no regard for anyone else except themselves and how much they can scam from people and try to be good scam artists, if they spoke the ENGLISH language that would be even better, It’s definitely a fantasy land for most women in mi-jami, they envision themselves as beautiful but in relaity they look disgusting with botox inhected lips, fake boobs, fake butt and a brain the size of an ant,

    1. ian curtis says:

      Very nicely summed up , And all applicable persons please stand up!!

  10. Ian curtis says:

    Oh i forgot, they cannot they are too busy texting and droning on about nothing…

    1. Arthur Rodriguez says:

      Ian, your absolutely correct sir!! The people that should be reading these comments are busy texting there idiotic friends about what they saw on dancing with the starts last night and what new liquor bottles they got in at the liquor store. We definitely have a bunch of fools in mi-jami, and if I can leave I would get out of here so fast, I would leave dust behind. Those idiots that you see texting and carrying on a conversation with there hands are a bunch of brain-less fools that are carrying on about there pointless life and how they fried 2 burgers on the grill at BK, Now, I can go on and on about the stupid women in this town, but we all know they are completely brain-less as well.

  11. Jonathan Batrony says:

    This is terribly wrong. All the reports were wrong. I witnessed the entire accident there yesterday. It happened around 8 oclock in the morning not 9 as I was travelling to my church for Sunday School. If it was 9 i would have been an hour late and I was niot as i was making good timing that morning. But as we were driving, a little silver car jumped out of the express lanes on a fast break going at least 90 mph. It then proceeded to stop abruptly in front of one my fellow church members. My friend ran into the silver car not having enough time. The silver car kept on going and switched lanes and then the Budget truck began to swerve and then spin out of control, but not before crushing the front of the silver car, and then flipping to hit the wall. THAT’S what happened and I hope you people can understand what transpired.

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