Sunday Night Gunfire Hits Miami 8-Year-Old, Mom

MIAMI ( – A woman and her son were hospitalized Sunday night after they were hit by gunfire trying the leave their Miami apartment building. Police say they were unintended victims, and believe the gunshots were meant for someone else.

The shooting happened Sunday night in the Town Park apartment complex, at 1700 block of NW 5th Avenue  in Miami.

“An innocent family leaving the parking lot, unsuspecting. Out of nowhere you have individuals that rode up on a bike,” said Miami Police Detective Keandra Simmons.

Detective Simmons said gunfire rang out, and the woman and her son were hit.

Police do not believe the shooter or shooters were aiming at the woman and her son, and said they got on their bikes and left.

“They weren’t the intended target,” Detective Simmons said,  “but unfortunately, they were shot as they were going about their daily routine.”

The woman and her son were not officially identified. They were taken by Miami Fire Rescue to Jackson Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police are still searching for the shooter or shooters.

  • Money

    This is terrible !!!! I pray for the victims !!! This is why we should support our police officers , instead of critizing everything they do . I guarantee you there’s less police in that area because of the resent rallies against them . They don’t want to get into anymore confrontations with these criminals in order to avoid more problems . The law abiding citizens are the real losers here !!!

  • Jane Doe

    Horrible things like this will only stop when the community gets together and puts an end to it. They need to decide enough is enough.

  • MiamiMex

    Get rid of drugs and you will eliminate a lot of horrible behavior.

    And every joint smoked, every line snorted has Mexican blood on it.

    So you would help a lot of people if you would get a life and stop taking drugs! !

    • MBindie

      I wish our local, federal and state government officials would spread that message.

      That would help us all.

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