BAL HARBOUR (CBS4) -A man Bal Harbour police are calling “a person of interest” in relation to a shooting outside of the upscale and trendy Bal Harbour shops earlier this week was arrested Saturday by Miami Beach police on unrelated charges.

Haider Zafar was booked into jail on charges of organized fraud of $50 thousand or more, grand theft in the 1st degree of $100 thousand or more, and 2 counts of grand theft 2nd degree in an amount under $100 thousand.

Bal Harbor police said the charges are unrelated to the shooting, but confirmed they are looking at Zafar as their investigation continues. However, they could not tell CBS4 why he has caught their eye.

The arrest comes after Bal Harbour Police said Ryan Hubbard, 32, was taken into custody Friday in Ohio by U.S. Marshals. He has been charged with two counts of attempted murder.

“He’s not involved in that,” said Krystal Hubbard, Ryan Hubbard’s sister.”How can he be in Dublin at 11 o’clock at a doctors appointment and here at 6:30. He didn’t catch a flight. It takes about 19 hours to drive from Ohio.”

The Marshal’s Service said their team went to the door of a home in Dublin, Ohio, where members of their Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team had spotted Hubbard on Friday.

US Marshal Cathy Jones said Hubbard did not answer the door, so members of the strike team forced their way into the home, and arrested Hubbard without incident. He is being held for extradition to South Florida, where he’ll face two counts of attempted Second Degree Murder.

Hubbard is from Miami Gardens, and had a long history with the state department of corrections. He was arrested twice in 2007, charged with carrying a concealed weapon, trafficking cocaine and aggravated battery. Hubbard is currently on probation.

But his sister said he had turned his life around in preparation for the son his girlfriend was about to give birth to next month. “He’s a good person,” she said. “He’s my brother. He’s done things, everybodys done things in their lives. But as far as I know, he’s a total 360. He’s been working helping his girlfriend trying to be a father.”

A check of his Zabar’s background shows he once had an address in Dublin, Ohio, where Hubbard was arrested.

In the shooting under investigation, witnesses report seeing two men arguing right before the gunshots were heard outside of the Carpaccio Restaurant. A man was struck in the knee, and a woman was struck in the foot. Both are expected to make a full recovery. It was witnesses who positively identified Hubbard to police.

Police say Hubbard jumped into an awaiting black car which fled southbound on Collins Avenue.

Police said there have only been three shootings in the area in the past 20 years.

Comments (8)
  1. MiamiMex says:

    Well she admitted it! “he’s a total 360”


    1. PhoneBill says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Since someone associated with this guy has made a comment on this article, maybe they can get this simple geometry lesson back to Hubbard’s sister: there are 360 degrees in a circle. If one is to turn 360 degrees they would be right back to where they started, facing the direction. So we believe her.

  2. Truthbtold says:

    Hubbard was at at dr’s appointment from 11 am till noon the day that this occurred. It is impossible to drive to Miami in that short time and if he flew there would be records of that. He has been in Ohio from last Sat. till now. I was with him at the time they say this happened. The police won’t even speak to anyone who has information that proves he isn’t there. Why would they want to talk to everyone who say this thing go down but not even be willing to speak to anyone who can prove where he actually was. I used to believe what I heard on the news. It is a sad thing ton see this side of things. The truth WILL come out and very soon. There are witnesses to show that he was in Ohio during all of this as well as video from various places that day. As far as Zafar goes, that info is false as well. Sad situation and my prayers go out to their friends and family.

  3. alex L says:

    He flew private. Never had a doc. Appt. So before everyone talks know the facts. There is NO defending a convicted killer

    1. PhoneBill says:

      Huh? Convicted murderer? What’d I miss?

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that he’s innocent just that there were no reports, that I saw, saying he’s ever murdered someone.

    2. Truthbtold says:

      Not a convicted killer or convicted felon!! Might want to check YOUR facts!! He was at the Drs off that day in Ohio and cameras showing him a few places in Ohio thru out that day. Its ok to be upset if someone was hurt and you are SUPPOSED to want to get to the truth…but making an assumption because somebody who was there knows RYAN…is wrong. If you care about the people that were hurt you would be getting on the police to SHOW the cameras from that day so that they can find out who really did this because Ryan was NOT EVEN in Florida at anytime during that entire week! There was no private jet!! Where is the video of him going in there?? Of the video of him arriving at the next airport??? There is NONE. In the end, you will be upset that the police have wasted all of this time on the wrong person while whoever did this walks freely!

  4. EbonyEyez says:

    Hubbard’s sister says “everybody does things”. You’re kidding, right? Everybody doesn’t have a long criminal history with the department of corrections.

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