MIAMI (CBS4) — Little girls love to play mommy with their dolls but when it comes to teaching our daughters about the magic of motherhood, some parents are turning to a new toy. The doll is called ‘Breast Milk Baby’ and it’s causing quite a controversy.

The doll comes from a toy company based in Spain. According to a company press release, “The Breast Milk Baby lets young girls express their love and affection in the most natural way possible, just like mommy!” The Berjuan toy company wants to promote breastfeeding as the most loving, healthy practice for a mother and her infant.

“The Breast Milk Baby represents a revolution in design by teaching children the nurturing skills they’ll need to raise their own healthy babies. Just put on the fashionable top included with each Breast Milk Baby, bring the baby’s mouth up to the pretty flower, and enjoy the closeness, the loving bond between mother and child,” states the release.

Along with the baby doll, the Breast Milk Baby comes with a special halter top for the young girl to wear. The shirt has flowers painted on it to illustrate where the nipples would be and where the girl should guide the doll’s mouth to suckle. The doll even makes a suckling noise.

Click here for Breast Milk Baby Doll web site.

Comments (27)
  1. Tanya says:

    Really? This is too much! WTH is wrong with toy makers? Who would think that this is appropriate for a young girl????? WHY would you want a little girl mimicing breast feeding?????????

    1. DHL says:

      Maybe because it’s the natural way of feeding a baby?

      The whole point of the doll is so that little girls will grow up thinking breastfeeding is NORMAL.

      1. Kara Venables Dudley says:

        Same reason my 3 year old son mimics breastfeeding his stuffed animals….they’d be mimicing breastfeeding because they know that’s how babies are fed…

      2. Pat says:

        Kara, your son is well on his way to being a mental case who is unsure of his gender preference.

      3. Karen says:

        Haven’t we seen enough bottles for dolls over the years? This doll gets real and right on. Despite the new baby doll, when I was expecting over 11 years ago, my niece who was eager for the baby to come, put her baby doll up her shirt and made sucking sounds. The wise young girl new how to feed a baby. For those that don’t like it, don’t buy it. For those who embrace breast feeding and find no shame in it and want to teach their kids it’s what we were built to do, then it’s for them.

    2. The only way you can object to this is if you think that breastfeeding is a sexual act?
      What is the difference between a breastfeeding doll and a bottle feeding doll ( which are everywhere and no one complains about them). It is breasts. Well this doll and halter top has flowers to represent nipples. It’s not like they are real nipples or even look like nipples. Hell, the bottles you get with bottle feeding dolls are more nipple like than this. So what is your objection really?

    3. Tina says:

      “WHY would you want a little girl mimicing breast feeding?????????” eah, I know right, breastfeeding is soooooooooooo gross! Totally sexual! Weare sexualising these young girls too soon! Lord HELP US! *sarcasm*

  2. Tanya says:

    DHL yes it is I did not say it wasnt normal to breast feed. I breastfeed both of my daughters but not something I want my child walking around mimicing. ESP using a doll! Sex beween a man and a woman is considered normal you wna tthem to make a blow up doll for your child to mimic on?

    1. Michelle says:

      If you’re pointing out things that are adult activities, well caring for a baby falls into that category as well. Should we then ban baby dolls altogether?

    2. Miami Mom of 3 says:

      Tanya, adults or parenst do not go around having sex in public. BUT breastfeeding in public is noraml to do in pblic and LEGAL in Florida. Do not be ignorant, our daughters do not play house in public so she is not going to be walking around breastfeeding the doll.

      I am surprised that even after you state that you breastfed your own daughters you will have such a negative view on this.

      Breastfeeding IS NOT sexual or an adult activity!!!!

  3. Christine says:

    I breast fed both of my children and yes it is a natural act for a woman who BIRTHED A CHILD, not for a a girl to be acting out with a doll. The act of breastfeeding is to nourish the baby from milk producing breast, anything else is simply stimulation. Don’t water this down and say it is the same as feeding doll from a fake bottle!

    1. Michelle says:

      Alright, deal! I won’t water it down saying it’s the same as feeding a doll from a fake bottle. I’ll say it’s better, I’d like children recognize this as a normal way to feed a baby. Also, my kiddos did this with their dolls without such a toy, so the toy is sort of superfluous, but not nefarious. And if you’re gonna say it at least give us some kind of argument as to how it’s different.

    2. Karen says:

      Girls have acted out with dolls since the beginning of time! And across all nationalities! It’s what girls do. It’s in their nurturing nature.

      Breastfeeding is not sexual! So this is not promoting sex, but it does provide a great discussion with your young ones about others touching private parts. By the way, please don’t tell us your Barbie and Ken did not do some things they shouldn’t have.

  4. Dean says:

    Grow up people. It is a natural part of life

  5. Michelle says:

    Please don’t be so overly dramatic. It’s insulting to readers’ intelligence. There’s no reason to fear children imitating the way babies are quite often fed. In fact, it’s healthy for kids to mimic adults around them, and it’s healthy for babies to be breastfed. I promise you there are things to fear in this world, but this is not one of them.

  6. Val says:

    My 3 yr old SON mimics me breastfeeding out new baby. No doll needed! So I have no problem with this. Its not life its actually latcbhbinbg on to the childs nipple.

  7. carmen says:

    Wow..please tell your mimicking son that when he grows up, he will NOT be able to breast feed. Don’t want him to be angry or anything…

    1. michelle says:

      Should she interrupt all his pretend play that way or just the breastfeeding? I’m just wondering if we should stop all children in the middle of playing to let them know what’s real. If your son were pretending to be Superman, would you stop to explain that it’s not really possible?

  8. Lorel says:

    My comment got deleted, I suppose because I included a link that showed toddlers imitating their mothers. Yet comments chastising other members is allowed. Am I the only one who finds that twisted?

    1. Lorel says:

      Understood. Thanks for clarifying.

  9. Lorel says:

    Furthermore, when it comes to our body and it’s functions, children are a product of what they see. They do not come into this world finding the body shameful. We, as adults, impart that on them by the example we lead.
    By the nature of these comments, it is clear that we have a long way to go until human milk is the standard for human babies.

  10. monica says:

    this doll should be banned

    1. Miami Mom of 3 says:

      monica-please!!! Even without this doll they use their other dolls to imitate behavior. Didn’t you ever play teacher or mom and dad??!!! Breastfeeding is NORMAL!!!!!

      We all have to get over this. NO boy 2-3 years old is going to be confused of their gender or that they will have milk. Those comments are ridiculous. As a mom you need to praise them for imitating you and remind them that even though they areplaying the are like daddys…daddys do not breastfeed, PERIOD!!

      WOW!! This is the reason I do not watch Channel 4 the anchors reporting this showed ONLY one opinion on this amtter not both sides. I bet all the moms on the segment DID NOT breastfeed their kids.

    2. I’d love to hear your reasoning behind this comment.

  11. I find it sad that in Japan they have managed to genetically modify cows to produce human-like milk for baby consumption. This is where we are leading to folks, it seems like the sex industry has completely removed us from the true and natural function of the human breast. It seems like breastfeeding ( whilst being encouraged by some ) is now becoming taboo in general attitudes . How sad is that? This is ultimately a feminist issue. It seems to be that our breasts are only about sexual function and commercialism. Sex sells, so it’s okay to use our breasts as props to titilate ( excuse the pun) but not to feed our children. If we do feed our children we have to put up with this shame or embarrassment of doing so. Don’t think that the huge upswing of women having breast implants has nothing to do with this. Women are being disenfranchised from their own natural beauty and function. It makes me sick.
    The breastfeeding doll ROCKS !

  12. Elise says:

    The only thing that I see this toy possibly teaching girls is….that breasts are for feeding babies with! Wake up, People, WE ARE MAMMALS! If anything, the breast feeding doll could help girls have greater respect for their miraculous bodies that will someday be capable of making and feeding new people. I don’t get why people are so outraged over this.

    1. Thank you Elise, Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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