MIAMI (CSB4)- Teachers, parents and students across South Florida and the state will gather in Tallahassee Thursday to try to persuade legislators to restore the previous cuts to education and make provisions for a stable source of funding for education.

The group plans on taking their message of “We are Watching – Fund Education NOW!” to each member of the Legislature.

Buses left from various schools around Miami-Dade County Wednesday to travel, most through the night, to arrive in Tallahassee on Thursday for the Rally at the Capitol.

Various schools across South Florida were the pick up locations, including Barbara Goleman Senior High School, John A. Ferguson Senior High School, Southwest Miami Senior High, North Miami Beach Senior High School, Miami Jackson Senior High School and South Miami Senior High School.

A group of Broward County school representatives traveled to Tallahassee Wednesday morning to voice their opinion on the state’s budget battle.

The group is hoping to talk to lawmakers about the impact the decision is having on teachers, school administrators and students.

Governor Rick Scott’s proposed $3 billion education budget cut would include eliminating more than 40,000 jobs in the state, many of them teachers. Two weeks ago, lawmakers kicked off the 2011 legislative session in Tallahassee when Scott gave his State of the State address.

Since then, public employees, including various interest groups, have been protesting the proposed cuts.

The Broward Teachers Union is trying to stress the need for additional funding for public schools. They claim that students suffer from the cuts.

“What we don’t like is what’s happening right now,” Pat Santeramo, president of the BTU, said. “Teachers are under attack, public education is under attack, public employees, police, fire fighters, government workers are all under attack. Even our union voice for working families is under attack.”

The group said they hoped to accomplish a lot before returning to South Florida Thursday.

Meanwhile, Scott has signed a bill that would put Florida teachers on merit pay while ending tenure for new hires. Scott went to a charter school in Jacksonville on Thursday to sign the new law that also will chip away at teachers’ due process and collective bargaining rights.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed a similar bill last year.

Comments (6)
  1. Pamela says:

    FLORIDA voted for RICK SCOTT, didn’t they?

    Now, relax, sit back and ENJOY his unjust and incomprehensible decision.
    To all of those RICK SCOTT voters, out there… GOOD JOB!

    Pamela ) 0:

    I hope TALLAHASSEE listens to the protesters… or else there goes our kid’s future. So sad that this is even a TOPIC! Good LUCK to all of Florida’s Educators. Please don’t stop doing what you do and THANK YOU for all that you have done…

  2. Harriett says:

    40,000 would lose their jobs! I thought Scott said he was going to create jobs. We must have misunderstood him as he was saying he would eliminate 70,000 jobs rather than create those jobs.

  3. LIL BRAN says:

    All I can say is wow. It seems that the educating of our kids is truly not a priority to Rick Scott! But thats what they get for voting for this crook.

  4. Joanne says:

    It is time that we go to Washington, DC and tell the President for Govenor Scott to be taken out of office since now he has taken our education away from our children and teacher, enough is enough the government needs to stay out of education and pay the teachers and fund the school right!! Stand Up Florida NOW!!!!

  5. CRAIG M says:

    I can remember a time when I was in school in Michigan that Teachers were not Unionized and there was never a shortage of Teachers or Money to run the school system. The Unions and the Union employees entitlement issues are the reason that we have to try to cut 3 billion dollars from the budget. As a Manager in our Company I have had to take a temporary 10% cut in pay in the last year, did I like it? No! but I understood it, as did the hourly employees asked to temporarily work 32 hour weeks. Mine and my fellow employees sacrifice of pay have helped keep me and them working and helped our Company stay solvent. It is time that the state and federal Union workers take the same hits that the private sector has. Who do you people think you are? look around the days of the Unions are coming to an end, and frankly it’s about time.

    1. ralph says:

      typical FoxBot. It is corporations(like lizardboy’s) and his billionaire buddies who are milking the country dry, not the workers who are earning less and less as the wealthy get wealthier on our backs.

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