MIAMI (CBS4) — Microscopic germs are everywhere and they can cause big misery. A new over-the-counter product claims to be a germ buster but can it really protect you and your family?

The newest weapon to fight colds and the flu is the inhaler called GermBullet. People who use it inhale three times, under each nostril.

Tom Irvin is a make-up artist who deals with a lot of strangers every day.

“You’re getting close to their eyes, and you’re touching their mouth and really all over the face. You’re coming in contact with a lot of stuff out there,” said Tom.

He frequently uses hand sanitizers but what about the germs in the air, the kind that cause respiratory illnesses? That’s what GermBullet is supposed to guard against.

“This time of year in particular, in previous seasons, I find myself getting sick a little bit. And I wanted to find new ways to prevent that,” said Tom.

Dr. Simon Murray, an internist, thinks it’s helpful. He recommends the GermBullet to patients who are around crowds, and are worried about getting sick.

“The GermBullet is a variety of essential oils that have been blended, put together in a special formulation to help prevent respiratory illnesses,” said Dr. Murray.

The 11 oils include lavender, eucalyptus and pine. They have been proven to help prevent airborne infections

“It gets right into the respiratory tract and is able to reduce the bacteria virus and fungi of inhaled substances,” explained Dr. Murray.

GermBullet doesn’t have to be approved by the FDA, and some doctors have their doubts.

“I would be skeptical,” said Dr. Rosalie Pepe, an Infectious Disease Specialist.

“I think there’s no way to predict exactly how much of each oil will be in the nose to block any virus or germ that might want to attach,” said Dr. Pepe.

But Tom says it worked for him.

“I didn’t get sick this year. I always get sick in January. It didn’t happen this year,” said Tom.

The maker says people can use it whenever they’re worried about germs, but should not exceed six applications per day. It’s available online and at some CVS stores for about $8.


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