School Board Member Apologizes Again For Racial Slur

FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Broward School Board member Ann Murray has been asked to resign for alleged racial slurs she made back in 2007 and reportedly never apologized for making, until now.

The request came during Monday’s School Board meeting by Freda Stevens, the Vice President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Broward County.

“Ms. Murray you have failed the children of Broward county public schools and you are not fit to serve on the dias one more day. You deserve an f in character!”

The commissioner is accused of using a racial slur 4 years ago. Now, the democratic black caucus of Broward wants her out.

“The school board is no place for a racist, especially an unrepentant one,” said Stevens while addressing the school board on Monday. “Ms. Murray, I call upon you to do the honorable thing for the children of Broward County Public Schools by immediately resigning your position.”

Anne Murray Complaint Forms

“Instead of giving me any reason to believe that she was contrite or learned from the error of her ways, she told me she can’t make up for 400 years of slavery,” recalled Stevens “and that you people don’t know if I have black blood in my family. I’ve never even heard the term ‘black blood.’”

Late this afternoon…Murray e-mailed an apology saying, “In 2007, I used a word I should have never used. Minutes after saying it, I apologized to my co-workers and subordinates. Eventually, I received a very strong reprimand from my supervisor. To this day, I have the deepest regret for the incident and the pain I may have caused others.”

“I ask the African American community and all communities who suffer with the ugliness of bigotry to accept my sincerest apology. I pray for healing and forgiveness from those I have offended as we move toward a new chapter and forever close the old.”

Despite the apology, the Democratic Black Caucus of Broward County will ask the governor to remove Murray from office.


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